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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200
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Rs 26,094
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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200
Out of Stock
₹ 26,094
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Galaxy S3 designed for humans! mega 6.3 designed for apes!!

Regardless of all the cool features it might have or not or to talk about its looks. My concern is quite different. Its size!! this phone! its just so massive!! People will laugh at you when you make a call using it. Its just a whisker away from the tablet borderline region making it so hard to fit inside your jean pockets. Don't even think about bending or sitting on a couch, you probably might end up tearing your pants or get yourselves hurt. It happened to me with the samsung note 2 and mind you this is way way bigger. Consider buying only if you're okay holding it all the time but then again its not light weight either. I seriously doubt if many would like carrying this mega thing in their hands 24*7 be it chilling with their friends at a mall or at their respective work places. I certainly won't, arm aches is just the last thing i need. Hope this phone doesn't bring the men's shoulder strap purses back into fashion!

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Ack thoo on plasticky SOMSUNG

Please compare Galaxy mega(GM) 6.3 with Huawei Ascend mate(HAM).nn1.Android v4.2 vs v4.1----Winner GM.nn2.User interface--Touchwiz vs emotion-----Winner GM.nn3.Processor--1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, Dual Core vs 1.5 GHz Hi-Silicon K3V2 + Intel XMM6260, Quad Core.......HAM is way ahead..GM with advanced but a dualcore processor is no more before Hi-Silicon processor n will suck..nn4.Graphics--Adreno 305 vs 16core OMG!----HAM all the way.nn5.TFT vs LCD..Thumbs up for LCD and HAM had IPS display of toshiba with C Gorilla glass------GM seems to be a lame duck in this dept.nn6.Battery--3200 Mah vs 4050 Mah-------Clearly Huawei done a fab job..with 0.2inch smaller screen & 850mah more battery,HAM is a clear winnernn7.RAM :1.5gig vs 2gig---HAM.nn8.Price--GM 6.3 is Rs.30,900/- and HAM is Rs.24,900/------Biggest plus of everything.nn9.GM had plastic finish whereas HAM had it with matte .--HAM stands tall.nnI just compared the important specs which people look for..nnGalaxy mega 6.3(2/9) and Huawei Ascend mate (7/9)....nnThis Huawei beats Galaxy mega 6.3 on any day...spec wise..performance wise..Specially lookwise....If you are wishing to go with large screens, then go with Huawei Ascend Mate....nnOnly advantage of GM is front camera of 1.9Mpn nDownfall of SSUNG started..

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Walking Tall!

I have been using this beast for the last 4 days. I was very apprehensive about buying this device, owing to all the negative comments (especially on Flipkart). But all of that was quickly out of the window, the movement I got a chance to experience the device first hand. It is big, yes! Extremely Big! However, that's the beauty of it (compare it with any device, side by side, and you will realize what I mean). Here's my review:nnPros:nn1) 6.3 Inch HD screen (Although S-LCD, packs in brilliant colours and brightness)n2) Super Smooth Performance (Check the benchmarks, this beats the S3 and Note 2 in majority of the tests)n3) Great Camera (Top Notch, excellent HDR mode)n4) Android 4.2.2 (Works great on Touchwiz) nnCons:n1) Difficult for single handed operation, risk of handlingn2) Slightly lower pixel density (only if you really hold it close to the eyes, which 99% of the times isn't the case)nnA truly unique device, contrary to popular belief, this can be easily pocketed (in Jeans or trousers).nn-Sumeet

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just go for galaxy note 510 if u want bigger screen phone nno aamoled no quad core , only tft screen nnote510 is much better than thisnbecuse it has s pen,quad core, 2gb ram, 8inch , better resoolution , decent camera nif u want creativity or performance then go for note 510 nu can get note 510 for 1k less nmy advice is to go for note 510

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Mobile Bazaar is a Thug!

I never thought Flipkart allowed rouges and thugs like Mobile Bazaar to sell on its website. Unsuspecting and loyal customers like me place immense faith in the brand called Flipkart even while dealing with third party vendors who have listed their products for sale on the portal. However, I am really disheartened at the harrowing experience I had with the aforementioned seller. nI have invested more than 25 grands on a gadget that had been on my wishlist for quite some time. I received a defective piece, and after having made umpteen calls to the seller, I was told that the seller is not in a position to replace it, and if I indeed want the device in an up and running condition, I need to go to the Samsung service centre and haggle with them! Wow-imagine the plight of a moron like me who trusted Flipkart, made a prepaid transaction, blocked more than 25 grands on a gadget around 10 days ago, and still I am expected to run from pillar to post to get the defective piece replaced. I have now lost count of the number of times I have made phone calls and written mails to both the crook seller as well as Flipkart, which I believe does not care a wee bit about its reputation, and leaves its loyal patrons stranded. nIt is certainly my fault that I made the transaction, so the onus of getting the issue resolved (if ever it gets done!) lies with one is really bothered. This is simply BREACH OF TRUST...nFlipkart appears to be hand in glove with such fraud sellers as no one from their good offices has bothered to reply to my mail or call me. If you guys cannot value your esteemed customers, why should fools like me treat your portal as the preferred one for all sorts of shopping, and keep giving you idiots business round the year. I am flustered, and would warn everyone out there to steer clear of such fraudulent sellers as Mobile Bazaar, and such so-called 'respected and trusted' sites as Flipkart-once you are stuck with a defective item that has cost you a fortune, neither of these two shall be willing to take any responsibility. nFlipkart-please tell me if I should write off my 25K as bad debts, or should I waste an entire day of mine haggling with the Samsung guys and explaining my plight to them. I doubt if I will ever be able to get the service for which I prepaid well in advance, only to be harassed now!nnKeshoo Sharma (an absolutely harassed customer)nOrder ID: OD40315041243 (if only any of you cares!)nPh:0 9650723809

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