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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
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Rs 34,980
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
Out of Stock
₹ 34,980
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Highly recommended

camera quality is not so good, but for s pen lover can afford this in low price, battery life is poor.

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Does the job

1. It's been 24 hours now that I have been using this device and it's a Decent device strictly only & only if you want to experience the S pen. If you are not into S pen, simply choose other. 2. You can have much better performance at this price point with likes of one plus or even at less price from other Chinese makers. Samsung has really missed the trick with performance and hence device feels underwhelming. 3. Camera struggle in night big time, lots of noise, hoping software updates will fix the image processing problems, Day time it's good. So nothing in the phone is "Wow" except for obv. If you just want to have a S pen in hand (my only reason to buy this). 4. It is certainly overpriced to what it is offering, should have been under 35K.

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This is not a review, this is my experience with the device. I was so confused among the Note 10 Lite, the S10 lite, the Nord and the A71. I always wanted a Note but the price was too much. The Note 9 was down to 43k during the sales, but I was hesitant to spend so much on a one year old phone. The Note 10 lite was thus the best option for me. But again I was confused because of its using the exynos 9810. I compared the 2018 flagship processor with 2020's upper midrange processor, the Snapdragon 765G. The general performance is more or less the same. But there are 3 key differences. 1. Ex 9810 is built on a10nm process Vs the 7nm on SD765G so the 765G is more power efficient. 2. SD 765G is 5G capable so it is kind of future proof. 3. The GPU performance of Ex 9810 is twice better than that of the SD 765G. The online reviews of the device were mostly good except for 3 things, the front camera, fingerprint reader and the battery. But since I love the idea of a Note so much I went ahead and bought it. Now coming to my experience It is a beautiful device. Does everything and more than I imagined a Note can. The Spen is simply magic. I take down lots of notes on the go (very useful at work) and I draw occassionally. I am even using it to write this review. The experience is very smooth. The price you pay is not only for the hardware but for the software experience as well. I would say it's worth it. Recently Samsung has said that it's S, Note and A series released in 2020 will get 3years of major software update. The rear Cameras are awesome especially the night time shots. I have read somewhere that this phone uses the same Sensor as the legendary Note 8. I don't care if it is a 3 year old sensor as long as it takes amazing pictures which it does. The display is gorgeous and the performance has been very good. Now to address the issues most of the people say about this device. 1. Front camera. Well it's good and bad. Daytime shots are pretty good. But indoor shots are.... well... it's like some kind of filter is on even though it's not. The skin becomes pretty soft and looks over processed. The confusing part is, in lowlight when the night mode is activated the selfies turn out to be good or even better than the competition. 2. Fingerprint reader. I didn't find any issues with it. I am on August update maybe they have improved it. I am using a tempered glass and even then it's fine. You may have to place your finger for about 1 to 1.5 sec but that is fast enough for me. 3. Battery. I updated the phone right away. It used to warm up even on regular usage. Then I reset the phone, after that it's fine. At home I use wifi and at work I use mobile data. I am on single sim and when I turn on mobile data, the phone gets warm and battery drains faster. I use mobile data with data saver ON except for Whatsapp and gmail and I don't use any other power saving feature. I only use the AoD at night and I don't play games. I usually use my phone between 20% and 90% charge and I get a screen on time of around 6 hrs. Using mobile data only, playing graphic Intensive games and using the camera a lot will definitely reduce SoT. So i think thats it. No phone is perfect but some phones can be perfect for our needs. This is such a phone for me. Edit : It's found that a beauty fiIter was on after all. Tuned it off and selfies are now much better and detailed. Still... in indoor shots the white balance seems to be way off. Gladly I can fix it in the photo editor. : Now that I have installed lots of apps, the SOT I get has reduced to around 5 hrs.

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Pretty good

The Phone battery is Fine... Gave me over 7 hours of avg. Screen on time or even More. Performance is Great. Check on YTube Videos for all note 10 lite pubg test. U will know. But in my phone strangely I see that My camera are not in center. Seems a manufacturing defect. Its working FINE but how does this happen? OR IS it normal I am not sure. Its the most underated Phone. FLIPKART did also cheating , i wanted A71 but couldnt get due to fake sale.

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Rear camera is really awesome 5/5 S pen feature in this price tag best option 5/5 Battery backup one day 4/5 Display 5/5 Value for money 5/5 Build quality 4/5 Sound quality 3/5 not for music lovers Front camera very average not for selfi lovers 3/5 Performance5/5 not for gamers Speaker 3/5

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