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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
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awesome camera (16)
poor phone (3)
awesome battery backup (9)
average battery backup (1)
bad battery backup (10)
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awesome display (15)
awesome phone (41)
value for money (8)
amazing performance (4)
great sound (2)
hanging issue (1)
heating issue (32)
awesome performance (1)
fast charging (6)
wireless charging (5)
fingerprint sensor (7)
build quality (7)
low light (1)
camera lens (4)
selfie (2)
wide angle (4)
dolby (2)
reading (4)
features (41)
gaming (14)
beautiful (10)
slow motion video (1)
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Kidney or phone ?

I sold my kidney for this phone, it's very good 100/100 would recommend. The best Android experience.

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Pricey Headturner with some significant Flaws

The Good.Absolute Head Turner.Brilliantly Calibrated Display (Really a joy to use).Awesome Camera with significant improvement in samsung color science ..Spen, Again Awesome Experience with decreased latency.256Gb on board only thing better as compared to snapdragon version..Haptic feedback ( Next Level).Screen to body ratio ,gorgeous .Sometimes while watching Netflix and YouTube you will feel that you are holding a futuristic full screen with nearly no bezels..120hz LTPO Technology, its good, but to say the truth ,I don't see a significant change from 60hzPlethora of features, you will need atleast two days to figure it out in fullThe Bad.Heat,Heating and More Heat, don't really know why (probably the only reason Exynos, to make matter worse,i haven't put the phone to heavy use) Jerry rig in his tear down video has found out that there is no copper cooling inside the Exynos variant.Battery Discharge ,serious drain especially if the phone heats up.Be ready to plug the phone quite frequently if you buy it.Now the price,pretty hefty, it should have been a maximum of Rs 80000 especially with the exynos inside it. Samsung better not reduce the price to 40000 after 1.5 years.

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Not at all worth the money spent

Why Samsung, this time rate is all time super high but no protective case and usb dongle included....Why the heck did you included empty boxes for it in package. You could have saved more money by not packing those empty boxes also.Not at all satisfied this time by way Samsung is moving forward

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Excellent Note is a note so everything is really really big screen , camera bump on....battery is not the best but good it lasts whole day ......there is no question about the camera one of the best video has 120fps video recording support which is insane .....smooth screen and surfing ....speakers good ...display is the best in any smartphone......the phone is simply amazing but has the most obvious disappointment..that is the cheaper cooling system...the phone gets really hot and drains battery even on Wi-Fi usage which is really embarrassing for a 1lakh phone...hopefully Samsung will make some updates available to address the issue. Camera: 5/5 Display:5/5 Speakers:4/5 Battery:4/5 Design: 5/5 Cooling system: 2.5/5 (phone gets heated even on minimal use) Which is really disappointing... Price is a bit unfair. Overall one of the best Android smartphone out there easily.

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Good One!

Good One, go for it if you need mobile in this range. No comparison between 'Jhoota Apple' and Note 20 Ultra.

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