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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Out of Stock
Rs 13,000
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Out of Stock
₹ 13,000
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Don't review before knowing technical terms, Specs do not decide performance

Hello Geniuses!nn1) Don't compare it to Note 2. It leaves note 2 in dust in almost everything. Its a real hexa core device, not upto Snapdragon 800 standards, but still able to hold out on its own as all 6 cores can work simultaneously.nn2) There is no lag on the device, don't make assumptions just by looking at the spec sheet. Any device with 2 Cortex A15s is easily able to pump out enough juice to get android working smoothly, let alone 4 Cortex A7s joining it.nn3) Due to lower resolution, the device gives exact same battery life of real Note 3 (74 Hrs with 1 hour of browsing, video watching, calling per day).nn4) Also the gaming benchmarks EXCEED original Note 3, mainly because of the beefy GPU (Mali T624 can handle 720p resolution at breakneck speeds). Note 3 (1080p) gives 24 FPS in TRex and Note 3 Neo gives 25 on-screen. In Epic Citadel, Neo again tops Note 3 by 2 FPS (49 vs 47).nnSo the only downsides of Neo are 720p display, and lack of 4K video recording. 720p display is a blessing in disguise actually, its reasonably sharp (Damn, its a Super AMOLED) with punchy saturation at 267 PPI. Not upto Retina standards but still its very decent even for power users. Besides lower resolution display is much less of a hog on both battery and GPU, due to which they both give exceptional performance while keeping the costs down.nnAlso, 4K video recording is probably of no use for anyone buying Neo as someone who can not shell out another 6K for Note 3 isn't likely to have a 4K television at home either, 1080p is exceptionally sharp for almost all occasions and 8 MP snapper is more than enough for anyone but a photographer. Remember, in still shots, its not megapixels which determine quality (they determine size), its the quality of sensor which does and thankfully, Neo's camera quality is pretty good.nnSo stop comparing Neo with Note 2. It blows away Note 2 in literally everything. Both are in different leagues and hence the price difference is there.nnIf you want an estimation of raw performance (gaming, snappy navigation), never go on specs, always look for benchmarks of that particular smartphone. Then make a point about its power. Note 3 Neo is a Note 3 sans a few blings which result in lesser price and I think its reasonable enough.nnEdit - Before comparing it to LG G2 / Nexus 5 / Z1, remember, they do not have that S Pen. Its not a fancy bling, but a highly useful tool for a lot of people, mostly professionals.... Also, as far as the status symbol is concerned, Nexus 5 / LG G2 won't get you as much attention as anything related to a Note 3 will. In India, Note line rules and gives one a lot of respect.

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Shocking purchase!!

I orderded a white colour of the note 3 neo as i researched a lot on this phone,nThe delivery was quick but when i opened the package the mobile was like full of dust and the screen film was dusty as if someone has removed the film many times and then stickd it, was really upset with the product, then i booted to see wether it is a defective product my mind was concious though evrything was working fine only the battery was draining too fast this was not as per my research it should stay long ......really upset the battery pouch was also like someone has used it ......Flipkart one day snapdeal is gonnna overtake u for sure u are loosing faith of your customers.

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Samsung and its Exynos BullShit Not worth buying

Samsung is cheating Indian people with its mediocre Exynos processors. Dubbed as Octa Core, Hexa Core and other crap, these processors are worst in the market. With Note 3(selling model:N9000 in India) and Note3 Neo, the story continues(and will continue still with Exynos version of S5). Imagine, you pay for a premium phone and end up with a handset which normally works with a 1.3GHz dual core or quad core processors. They say that it will switch over to 1.9GHz for Note3 and 1.7GHz for Neo. This will happen only with their so called definition of "Heavy APPS". But what about daily tasks: They will run at a slow speed with lag, coupled with heating problems with this processors. nnTo hide this issue, Samsung have kept all Note3 with Snapdragon processors(which has four cores at 2.3GHz, Model Number:N9005) in all the shops. What do they think, are we Indians Stupids and Morons? Do we have no Intellect? I spoke to many shopkeepers about this issue and they tend to hide this fact. Here is what some of they said upon getting caught:n1. There is no difference between N9000 and N9005 versions of Note3.n2. N9000 version is for sale, just for display we Samsung has given us N9005. If you have any issues, tell Samsung, not us. And there is no major difference.n3. The last store was cleverest of all and provided the most ridiculous answer. They have kept N9005 version and have cleverly labelled it as N9000. When I checked the "About Device" option under settings, it was N9005. When I asked them, they said N9000 was better than N9005, and Samsung had provided N9005 as a display device because they had manufactured these in huge numbers. When I asked why they are not selling the latter if they manufactured in "huge numbers", they said "Don't waste our time". nnWhat a cheat of a company and what a cheat of the stores. Though I am an original Note user, I have pledged not to purchase samsung devices unless they stop cheating us Indians. No other cellular company does that, like Sony or LG, and lately, LG devices are getting better and better. Samsung is being Arrogant, and this WILL eventually lead to their doom if they don't put their act together and stop Cheating people. Its my Humble request to people to stop purchasing these shitty devices, and have a look at LG G2, or wait for superb LG G Pro 2. Don't pay ridiculous amount for mediocre devices, just with bigger screen and shitty processors. nnI don't know why they even released Note 3 Neo: its worse than Note 2 (see the specs for yourself), and they are charging a stupid price for it. If the price was Rs. 22000, it was worth buying but not at the current price. Please Compare the specifications before you think of purchasing, or else you will be disappointed. nThere is no option to give Minus rating for this device, otherwise I would have done so.nnRegards,nTazz

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Pleasant monster

Pros:n> Good looking and sleek: Having used their first ever galaxy and xperia p i can say this is a better looking phone from samsung.. faux leather finish and bezel look and feel good albeit not premiumnn> Amazing Battery Life: With my regular usage where my xperia p failed to last a day at work,. this squeezes up to 35 hours.. mind you my usage isnt that great but my network provider sucks which means my phone does a lot of work behind the scenes to get hold of network, all day. With normal day to day usage it still lasts close to 25 hours for me which, even in the age of portable chargers and wireless charges, is a boonnn> Good screen: No need to complain based on specs on paper. At 720p and 267ppi this screen still does the job well, even in sunlight. Its by virtue of this 720p that battery stays longer and even for a 5.5 inch screen this is MORE THAN ENOUGH.nn> S Pen: Total delight, looks and feels good, functionality is excellent. With a little bit of usage youll understand how tactile and handy it can be for certain functions.nn> Extendable memory and Removable Battery: With a lot of phones looking to slim down , im glad note 3 neo boasts both these features while still being pretty lightweight and slim in its own.nn>Pricing: What was once a con has now been turned into a pro with samsung drastically reducing its price.nnCons:n> Camera: Though not a con at all, i was hoping for a camera with a higher resolution. Also, front camera couldve been better even though im not complaining one bit.nn> Bloatware: Samsung comes with its share of bloatware, and even though some apps like Watchon, Link, S Note, Story Album, Scrap Book, etc. are extremely handy at times, a lot of people would prefer a phone without bloatware.nn> Accessories: Until recently there was not even an S View cover. A downgraded version of one of their flagship range of devices and Samsung has no accessories yet, which is poor.nnAll in all im glad i didnt go for Nexus 5 which is an amazing phone in itself. Im not commenting on the processor or the chipset because im no hardcore gamer (i dont believe phones are for gaming but hey thats me) Gladly recommend this phone for ones looking for a big screen, plenty of battery, regular camera and excellent functionality.

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Amazing Phone at this Price Point

This phone offers incredible value for money !!!!nnThese are the highlights :nn1. Gorgeous 5.5." Super Amoled display, 720p display looks very crisp and sharp.nn2. S-Pen : This alone makes it a phone worth the money - Samsung gives feature rich software to unleash the capabilities of S-pen. The S-pen works flawlessly, its almost like working with paper on a page, but better.n 2.1 Galaxy Sketch : This piece of software from Autodesk works so nicely with S-Pen, you have all the pencils, brushes, sprays, tools at your disposal. Multilayers to work with and it all comes free with your phone. Just Brilliant!n 2.2 Action Memo : Great feature to note anything on the fly.n 2.3 Scrapbooker : Extremely handy if you like saving something you like on a webpage, you can also include your own handwritten notes along with it. Awesome..!!nn3. Hexacore processor + Mali GPU : Deliver superb performance, No stutters lags whatsover, Playing games is wonderful experience on this phone. Watching any multimedia content makes you immerse into the screen and you forget that you are watching on your mobile.nn4. Touchwiz : There are many skeptics who feel that touchwiz is bloated with unnecessary apps, but trust me I have used stock android and a million other roms on my Galaxy S 2. Touchwiz offers superb functionality, with minimal memory usage and great battery life. I found the interface very neat and beautiful. I especially love the lockscreen. The colours are just amazing.nn5. Battery Life : The battery-life on this phone is just through the roof. Currently you will not find this kind of battery performance with any other phone, not even note 3. Note 3 has 100 mah extra but it has a more power hungry processor and a higher resolution screen. It last a day of heavy usage with plenty to spare.nn6. Reading/Net Surfing: Gsmarena has declared this the fastest phone ever when it comes to rendering web pages. I could test this out, as we already have limited internet speed. However, reading on this gorgeous display is a treat. Specially with the chrome browser, you get the whole screen and it gives a very comfortable reading experience.nn7. Camera: The 8 megapixel camera on this phone offers incredible detail and is easily the best in its class. Heck, it even challenges cameras in 13 MP range. The camera app is fully featured and offers tons of functionality. Even low light performance is respectable. (Samsung has worked on this, their cameras usually have poor low light performance).nnKitkat Update : The update is in works and will roll out soon.nnnWhat does it lack ?nnThe only thing that I would have liked this phone to have is Gorilla Glass. But you can always use scratch guards. Heck, I have even seen people use scratch guards on Gorilla Glass. So, if your are one of them, this shouldn't bother you.nnThe community support on xda developers is very limited as this phone was launched at a price which was very close to Note 3, so very few people bought it. But, I am glad that Samsung dropped the price and it is a steal in this price range.nnAccessories : for this phone are quite limited, but you can find the essentials like S-view cover, Ncase bumper, and screen guard. So, this was not an issue for me.nnPS >> Please don't pay much attention to the reviews of people who are neither certified buyers, nor have purchased the phone from anywhere else. They just come and give pathetic rating without having any knowledge about the phone.

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