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Samsung Galaxy S Advance
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Samsung Galaxy S Advance
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Great Phone for the price.

I was confused whether to take Moto Atrix 2 or S advance.The reason why I went with S advance is that due to lack of proper support from Moto in India(Samsung are having a good time in India and are releasing phones even before US) and 16 GB internal memory.nnBuild Quality:nIt is Usual Samsung design,may be all plasticky but very light weight,and there is not sufficient grip and little slippery on the sides(An case would solve this and of course you would definitely buy a case to protect your near 20000 bubble).nExcept the home button all physical buttons are having good tactile response and are placed well.nNotice that 3.5mm audio jack is placed at the bottom of the handset and sometimes irritates when you are listening music you need to keep the phone in bottom up position and then if some notification comes up and when you take it out your pocket and you will be confused a little.nnTouch responsivenes:nAs expected from Samsung,delivers the goods.nnNo connectivity issues with either network(didn't use 3G) or wifi.nnDisplay:nAt this price range,the best display you will get.nBut the sunlight visibility can be improved(even with full brightness,the display seems to be dim,typical of AMOLED display).nIndoors zero brightness is enough.nnSound:nForget that external speaker is there,the output is very low.nThe provided earphones are good,may not have bass,but clarity is nice.nnPerformance:nAndroid 2.3 runs without any issues.Have downloaded many apps but didn't lag at all,till the user accessible 512 MB RAM is full.nI am not much into games,but i played Dead Trigger without any issues.It's GPU is same as the S2.I sided with S advance because the processor is latest compared to atrix 2 OMAP 4430 and Novathor architecture are very similar to Exynos.I am satisfied with the processor and the performance of the phone.npinch to zoom and double tap are working in the browser without any issues.nnMultiMedia:n11 GB is user Accessible,and it spoils you,It supports All most all codecs.Install MX player and you are good to go with even .WEBM formatnI didn't convert any videos and I directly copied them directly and plays all 720P without any hiccup,If any format is not supported use MX player SW decoder(H/W decoder saves your battery life).nWatching Videos on this screen is a joy.nDefinitely it exceeded my expectations.nnCamera:ngood performance in sunlight.nMeets the expectationnThere is no zoom functionality(Might be rectified with the next firmware update..Samsung how long will it take to update the phone to ICS,already Jelly Bean is out there)nnBattery:nDon't Expect miracles here,It can last one and half day of moderate usage.On Sync continously in 2G,it was down to 30 to 35% from morning 8:00 to evening 8:00.I used 2x battery saver and it improved battery performance a lot.nnMisc:nI didn't find any page in XDA for this device,and Still not popular in the modding community,Given the processor capability definitely modding will start for this phone).nIf your having a wifi connection download dropbox,and instant camera upload in dropbox is awesome.nI didn't keep any memory card,it uses MTP to connect to the computer and don't rely on kies to load multimedia on to the phone,it is as usual CRAPPY.Just Drag and Drop.nnnI would definitely recommend this productnnUpdate: I am using Indian Jelly Bean Update.Some core functions like Dialler, Contacts, Camera and gallery are lagging.Seems like Samsung have not optimized the update for this phone because I have seen Galaxy duos,a single core A5 run smoother than this phone's dialer and gallery. I am using alternate contacts and dialer apps like Ex-dialer, Go contacts etc to negate that. Zoom function came back. Samsung's added jingle bells are taking up more RAM compared to GB and not allowing to properly mutitask in JB.nnThere are many custom ROM's and root are available for this phone and Cyanogen MOD is in beta with camcorder not working. Remaining Custom ROM's are Samsung stock based, so RAM issue will be there. nnTemple Run 2 lags in both JB and GB. Subway surfers lag in JB only because of less RAM.nnSo, if you will be content with GB or comfortable with beta custom ROMs, you can buy this device. But better devices are there in Market for almost the same price range like Xperia L.

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Galaxy S Advance I9070 updated to Android 4.1.2 XXLPZ Jelly Bean

Update of Android 4.1.2 with base firmware XXLPZ-has been released for theninternational version of Samsung Galaxy S Advance with model numbernI9070. Yet in India not available I had downloaded the UK update and it works well...So, why to wait for an update for India...just go ahead and download UK updaten n1- Now, after updating the phone's camera is capable to zoom which was not present in Gingerbread and was a main cons.nn2- Another feature which I notice is Motion Sensor...if any contact or message of someone is open and you take your phone to the ear then automatically a call goes to that personnn3- The whole look and feel of the phone has changed specially the menus and icons...etcn n4- The processing speed had increased too....nnAwesome phone..................!!!

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Too costly !!!

The has decent specs but is way too pricey I guess ....nAt the same price you can buy a HTC Sensation which is better in all ways.....nBetter camera quality. ...bigger screen ....led notification ...and ICS as well....nSamsung hasn't even assured this phone would get ics or not ???nwhich is crazy for a dual core phone released now.....nThe xperia sola and the xperia p blow this phone off according to me....nI think this will be again one of those samsung phones which they make and forget to takencare of its users by providing support they did with the galaxy s and the galaxy r ..nnBetter phones at same price range or even less according to me.....n1. HTC sensation n2. HTC evo 3dn3. Xperia sola n4. Xperia pn5. Motorola atrix nnAll phones are dual core and have ics already or would get it soon as promised by the company ....nHope the review helps .....

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Hello everyone..nfirst of all please please please dont look at any other review against this phonenBecause,evryone tells that this phone is pricey...nSO SORRY TO ALL ABOVE ONES..nU all are talking so that this is not a bang for the bucknEVERYONE... you are suggesting xperia sola ,xperia p,desire x,desire vc.....BWAHhhh..nPLEASEnthese phones dont even fit in the price range.Moreover some of them have good displays but lack at performance.....whereas some good at performance and screen is TFT and is SMALL sized..nPLEASE noten1.Super amoled at this price is the main tag..n2.moreover 768 MB ram,the main thing for multi-taskingn3. the A9 cortex ,DUAL CORE processor...multi-tasking as well as gaming donen4.the graphics....MALI 400... best best ever for intense gamingn5.the very main thing internal memory 16 GB.....for high end gamers,and high level downloaders.....your needs satisfied!! :) EXPANDABLE 32 doubt... the 5 MEGAPIXEL camera is fab..with led flash...followed by fr. cam.1.3 MP 7. ANDROID upgrade available to ANDROID 4.0.4 ICSnnRest you all know 3g,edge..bla bla bla....nso..rise up and give a hand to this one...its just awesum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n:)

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Shuts off automatically, poor customercare, pathetic after sale service. Stay away from samsung..

I recently purchased a Galaxy S advance phone, GT I9070, The phone is just 9 days old and for some reason switches off on its own. nnI Have been a fan of the Apple series of products and have an Iphone and an Ipad. I purchased this phone to get familiar with the Android atmosphere. however I regret my decision for the following reasons. nn1.) Of the 9 Days that i have had this phone it has spent 3 days in the service station. nn2.) There is no procedure of providing the customer with a replacement phone when the phone is taken for service. nn3.) Whenever I ask what is wrong with the phone, the standard reply is '' The phone is on Trial''. If you want the phone on trials please dont launch it in market. nn4) There is no reply to emails to your customer care centres. THIS IS IN STARK CONTRAST TO MY IPHONE AND IPAD EXPERIENCE. ALL MY EMAILS WERE PROMPTLY REPLIED TO AND THE PHONE NEVER EVER HAD ANY HARDWARE PROBLEM! nnI really regret the day i purchased a Samsung phone. While I will take all possible recourse, including legal to get a serviceable phone, this has really left a bad taste in my mouth and i am extremely put off by samsung quality and feedback.

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