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Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2
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Rs 5,999
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Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2
Out of Stock
₹ 5,999
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Samsung S Duos 2 S7582

Samsung has Introduced a Product in its Range of Galaxy Series nnSamsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (s7582) Upgraded Version :nn***First Dont compare this phone with High Range bcos its a upgrade to previous version Galaxy S Duos s7562 *** A budget phone is different from High Range phone. nncomparison it only with budget phone and the features and price quoted. nnFeatures :n1. 4*inch TFT Display ( same as previous version )n2. WVGA 480*800 pixels resolution with 16M color depth ( same as previous version )n3. Dual Sim ( same as previous version )n4. Weight 118g ( previous version 120g )n5. Dual core 1.2 ghz cortex A9 ( previous version single core 1ghz with cortex A5 )n6. Android V4.2 jellybean ( previous Android v4 icecream sandwich )n7. Rear camera 5mp cmos and front 0.3p VGA ( same as previous )n8. Battery 1500mah ( same as previous version )n9. HD (720) Video Playback & Recording 30fpsn10. GPU Videocore IV ( previous version its Adreno 200 )n11. Ram 768mb ( same as previous )n12. 4gb internal and Microsd upto 64 Gb ( Previous its 32 Gb )n13. Priced at 10k in Flipkart ( previous version 9k )nnFinally The changes from previous version not much but plays a major part in performance as previous version has many drawbacks in performance :nn1. Processor dual core 1.2 ghz cortex A9n2. Video recording 720pn3. Os Android v4.2 jellybean n4. Videocore IV GPU n5. Sdcard Upto 64Gb nand some little more n6. Ram must have been updated to 1gb but you dont need it since its dual core and you may not worry like before. 768mb is more than sufficient for moderate use with apps and games. nn100% you wont have lag and worries compared to its previous version based on updated configurations. nnConclusion : nnSince the previous version s7562 had many drawbacks in terms of performance , lag , restart , battery down , and many other faults .... This version is just a rectification for those faults and a pretty Moderate update and a price tag that is optimized to capture market when compared to other range at similar configurations ...nnWhen you search for a mobile at 10k at such configuration and i would suggest to go with Samsung Galaxy sDuos 2 s7582 and you can also update the Android version later.nnRegarding Flipkart :nnEveryone knows about their Best service to customers and discount in price tag for festive season ....... Order it now and enjoy the New year with Flipkart service. nnMerry christmas and Happy New year !!!

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Excellent Phone

Samsung S Duos 2 - S7582 I Purchased it from other Online Website . Feature Specifications:- 1)Real RAM working in Task Manager :- 717 MB 2)ROM:- 4 GB Out of which System Storage :-1.82 Gb (We Can't Use it) , 2.18 Gb Remaining Storage is User Available . 3)Dual Core Processor 4)Boot time :- 25 Sec only 5)Good Battery Backup 6)Good Graphics 6)Run Temple run 2 & Subway surf without lag 7)Support HD Videos. 8)Good Camera 9)Looks like High end S4 phone 10)Android Version :- 4.2.2. Jelly Bean 11) Overall Very fast & Excellent Phone My Rating to this phone in 10 K Budget :- 10/10


Good sound Quality



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This is an excellent entry level smartphone... Get it or regret

This handset is based on Broadcom's BCM21664T with Dual Core 1GHZ A9 (Core 0 @ 0.8GHZ & core 1 @ 1.2GHZ) at 2.5DMIPS/MHZ. The GPU is VideoCore IV, which is almost as good as Adreno 305, though with some glitches.nnComing to the handset, theoretically, one CPU core of S7582 (1.2Ghz A9) is 1.8 times faster than old S Duos S7562 (1Ghz A5), and being a dual core, it will offer more than 3 times the procressing speed than S7562, even faster than S Advance.nnAlso the GPU of this device (Videocore IV) is almost comparable to Adreno 305, which is massively better than Adreno 200 or 203 found in S7262.nnSo this indeed is a worthy upgrade.nThe only letdown is the RAM, 1GB was expected. but considering that it will sell for 9k in 2014, that's reasonable, but doesn't do justice with the powerful CPU pair.nnS Duos 2 over Xperia M dual :n> Better camera.n> Better display, viewing angles, sunlight legibilityn> Cheaper pricetagn> More funtional UI (arguably Touchwiz is the best in terms of funtionality, and I prefer it over mere looks of Sense and Timescape)n> Navigation buttons not in the screen area, physical home key is a great advantage, ergonomicallynnXperia M dual over S Duos 2: n> Slightly faster Krait CPU (3.1 DMIPS vs 2.5 DMIPS)n> More RAM, so better multitaskingn> Slightly better GPUn> Cute notification LED, and overall fresh design, though getting redundant, since no significant changes in designs elements of Sony since last year.n> NFC : i consider it a gimmick at this time.. maybe it becomes useful in near future.n> Battery : larger battery plus more power efficient krait cpu.nnSo overall, If you are a mustitasker, you should go for Xperia M dual, and if you want a utility phone that captures better photos and can be used in Sunlight, go for S Duos 2nAnd if you can wait and extend your budget a little, Moto G Dual 16GB is worth looking at..

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Whatta Phone!! Love it!! Grab it ASAP!!

I ordered this phone from Flipkart on 23rd March and it was in my hands on 25th. nI did very extensive research before buying this phone, asked friends, went to different mobile shops to experience it and compare prices. I had no restriction of budget but I did not want to go above 12000 as I did not require any super amazing features like a 42 megapixel camera or a large screen or even an extensive gaming mobile.nSome of my requirements were that the phone should be handy and not have slate like screen which you cannot hold in one hand and which possibly doesn't fit in your pocket, clear voice quality and reliable brand name.nGalaxy core was cut from my list as it did not fit my hand as comfortably as s duos 2 did.nI also researched on Xperia M but I it could not survive on my list as I personally did not like its design and I also believe Samsung is sturdier than Sony phones and I am not into fragile screens and delicate body.nSo after extensive research for around one week I ordered Duos 2. nThe phone arrived and was in perfectly sealed condition and it was a pleasant surprise to operate it. During my research I had read somewhere that the touchwiz interface of Samsung can make the phone lag and we should change it to nova launcher . . I did it and It is super smooth. nSoon I began downloading games like Temple Run and Subway Surf and they are working butter smooth like they do on iPhone. nOne major concern to me was the fast draining battery of this phone.. I would charge it all night and by evening it was done to 5 percent with minimal use. . So again here I downloaded DU battery saver from Google play store and changed the mode to 'long' also don't forget to optimize it from time to time. Another valuable tip that I got from a S4 user was to never charge the phone battery above 85% it is lethal to do that and you would swell your battery faster than ever if you daily charge your battery to 100%. I immediately paid heed to her suggestion and I don't know why but my battery seems to run longer when I charge max till 85%, try it.nGoogle Now works really beautifully and I am amazed by the leap in technology in the last few years.nOne more thing that is important is to not overload the mobile with apps that you don't use instead keep only the apps that you use at least daily so as to make your mobile work smoothly. Also install an antivirus and keep an eye on the websites you visit and make sure they are not malicious. And clear the RAM plus end all the applications before you start playing a game. . which helps immensely on not only running the game smoothly but also conserves the battery. Also don't forget to reduce the screen brightness to save battery.nCamera is also pretty nice. . Although I did not need a great or even a good camera as I already own a DSLR but this phone has a nice camera which is of course very handy and will not make me miss any moment where I do not have my canon.nGreat music player - Google music makes it even better experience and bright screen are some of the things that I like about this phone. Right now I cant think of any major cons (except battery) but will edit it if I come across some negative points of this phone in the near future (which I hope I do not)nAll in all, this can't be better with Filpkart giving it in 8829/- the least in the market (9800,9600 everywhere) Flipkart has captured the market and the mobile store owners are petrified of it . . one or two even told me that Flipkart sells fake stuff and stuff from grey market but had this been the case Filpkart would not have had millions of satisfied users. Also not to forget you get 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. (Would it give this guarantee had it been selling fake stuff? ) think for yourself and don't let go of this deal. . Heck of a phone and its a steal of a deal ! go grab it!

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Best Android Phone in this range

I bought this phone 3 days back. Also bought SanDisk SDSDQUA-016G-U46A 16 GB Memory Card. This phone is amazing. The reason I bought this phone is simple :n1. I want good after sale services.n2. Wanted a phone for casual/durable use. (Even if it drop 2-3 time - Nothing should happen.) n3. Should have decent Engine under the hood. (The processor is amazing.)nnI know there are many other phone in this range with Quad Processor, great Graphics but they don't provide good after sales service. I bought this phone from Local Store for 10800. When I was buying this phone in store - Someone called the store and was asking for Micromax Service Centre in Noida - so you can see why I chose this.nnI am not that much of gaming freak for I have Apple Ipod, PC and PS for that.I use phone just for talking, emailing/chating in case when I am out. I bought this phone just to experiment with Unix/Android Programming. Hope you get the Idea.nnWill update this review after 6 months again.

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