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Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo
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Rs 13,499
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo
Out of Stock
₹ 13,499
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s3 neo vs moto g2

now enough of specs of s3 neo. let us compare it with its closest competitor moto g2. i have both of them for a considerable period of time.nn1. display : although s3 neo shows super amoled display but i found display of moto g2 better than this phone. g2 has true colour IPS display and the colour combination is mich better than s3 neo. admitted that s3 neo has got better brigthness but g2 has has edge gor its true colour.nn2. RAM : s3 neo has 1.5 gb while g2 has 1 gb. so neo beats g2 in this.nn3. PROCESSOR : both has almost the same processor. you cannot notice any difference.nn4. SIZE AND BUILT UP : neo is lighter and slimmer than g2. but g2 has little big screen of 5 inches and neo has 4.8. but neo has an advantage that its bottom buttoms are not on screen while g2 has on its screen. so 4.8 is fully utilized. but neo is made of cheap samsung plastic material and g2 is hardy.nn5. USER INTERFERENCE : samsung has done lot of tweaking in android and has make it more user friendly while g2 is pure android.nn6. CAMERA: i am not a much camera person so I dont find much difference between the two.nn7. BATTERY : both gives almost same usage, although bettery of g2 lasts little more.nn8. MEMORY : both 16 gb internal. neo external is 64gb while g2 is 32gb. this should not be a deal breaker unless you keep lot videos and audio songs.nn9. TOUCH : touch of s3 is much better than g2. g2 touch does well when its in your hand but does not work properly when kept on a flat surface like bed, table etc. such problem is not with s3 neo.nn10. HEATING : g2 has no heating problem even hours after game usage, but s3 is heated even in internet surfing. this does not effect our skin, i fear it may destroy the motherboard soon.nn11. SPEAKERS : g2 scores much more than s3 neo in this. the front speakers of g2 gives a lot louder and clear sound than s3. g2 gives a much better experience of using speaker while talking than s3. if u listen to songs or talk over speaker phone. than s3 neo is not for u.nnso finally lots of comparison between the two. in my view comparising everything, s3 seems to be better. if u can spend a few more bucks I will highly sujjest to go for SAMSUNG E5 as it is latest, wiill receive lollipop soon and probably the problems of s3 is rectified here. nnIF U FIND THIS REVIEW HELPFUL, DON'T FORGET TO SELECT THIS REVIEW AS HELPFUL

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Got the best handset...but only after replacement!!

I wont be wasting ur time regarding specs...but this is the best fone from the bes t(atleast in asia) brand.nnThe most imp thing I need to tell you about this product is that, I got the handset which started to heat even after basic use of whatsapp & browser. The heat was not that much, but still if u r using a fone for basic purpose, it shouldnt heat at all & I am a Electronics &Telecommunication engineer so I know that. Also I am not a gamer so a fone heating is not a good sign. nnI immediately told the flipkart persons & my replacement was accepted. Hats off to Flipkart for such an excellent service. nnI received the replacement handset in 2 days. Now I am using this handset for 4 days now, I installed heavy apps, used for video calling on Skype for 1 hr, tried the best to squeeze the fone, But trust me guys, this handset heated not even a penny. So overall I want to say that if u get this model which is getting even slightly heated,, go for replacement immediately. nnPros:n1. Brilliant display (IPS + AMOLED )n2. excellent design which fits to ur hand easilyn3. great looks (I took pebble blue)...probably the best looks of any samsung seriesn4. True 8mp camera. Front cam is also good for selfies & video calls.n5. crisp & clear earpiece sound for voice callsn6. Flawless performance & zero lagsn7. 1.5Gb RAM is its best part. 573MB RAM is free even after I installed so many apps.n8. Wifi Hardware is awesome. I get gr8 signals where I usually didnt got on my previously used handsets.n9. I can keep writing n writing n writing....nnCons:n1. After 4 days of usage, still couldnt find any. But if I came to know, I will post it.

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Mind Blowing Deal.. This is the best you can get in 12500

Excellent Mobile, Totally Flawless Processing.nBest Things Are - n1. Excellent Displayn2. Superb Camera(Both Front And Back)n3. Flawless Performancen4. Amazing Battery Backupn5. Dual Sim nNo other phones can compete with its display quality. Now a days every phone comes up with HD Display but believe me you can't get a better display then Samsung's Super Amoled. nnThis is a mind blowing deal from flipkart. This mobile is far better then MOTO G2, Asus Zenfone 5 and all other current running models of various brands.nI did not find even a single con of this device. Everything is just perfect. nnHere are my ratings - nn1. Display - 10/10n2. Camera - 9/10n3. Processing - 9/10n4. Battery - 9/10n5. Calling - 8/10n6. Memory - 10/10 nDon't Think, Just Go For It. Its best for this price.

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Heating from Back side

I have used this phone, it heats from back side while using internet. This may burn motherboard and can harm you also. Seriously needs to be checked by Samsung team for health hazard apart from feature. Overall features are good and look of phone is also great. Flipkart service is excellent and 5* to flipkart.

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A good phone definitely

Disclaimer: I dislike Samsung phones. I still do. Their hardware design could no be more uninspiring. That said, I had been hunting for a phone for a good time. I had very specific requirements.n1. Dual SIMn2. AMOLED display onlyn3. Reading heavy use (Kindle, Flipboard, mails, FB, Feeds)n4. Skype should work well in not on top (some phones dont work that well)n5. Decent storage (if not, expandable)n6. Decent font size changing capabilities n7. Secondary noise cancelling microphone (for good clarity in noisy conditions)n8. Decent screen size that i can carry in a formal shirt pocketn9. Decent screen size that lets me read without pinching zooming all the timen10. Price under 20k.n11. Latest OS and a decent upgrade roadmapn12. WiFi hotspot for a good 4 hours at least without chargen13. Battery that lasts all day (12 hours at least) on 3Gn14. Gorilla glass (I dont use covers and put it in my pant pockets now and then along with car keys)nAfter searching all over, only LG L90 came close but did not have a secondary mic. which was a deal breaker for me. I finally met a good sales person in a Smart Cafe who showed this phone to me. Met all my requirements except #10 & #11. I compromised and went in for it. Been using it for a good 3 weeks now. I've put in an enamel cover on top to hide the uninspiring Samsung Hardware design. nI hate to admit, being Samsung and all, I must say that am impressed. The phone has been rock solid. People compare tech. specs all the time. I does not matter once it meets your needs (use cases). I met mine. I must say that its worth that little premium that we pay for the phone. Hope it lasts a good 3/4 years of abuse.

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