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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos
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Rs 15,049
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos
Out of Stock
₹ 15,049
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Overpriced !!!

So high price for a Mini Device with lack of many features!!!nnNo HD DisplaynNo 16GB internal MemorynNo 2GB RAMnNo Wi-Fi 802.11 ac supportnNo NFC nNo 13MP rear cameranNo Dual shotnNo Air View and Air GesturesnNo Smart pause and Smart Scroll and Optical ReadernNo Octacore or Quadcore CPUnNo Multi-WindownNo high end graphics like adreno 320nNo LED notification indicatornNo USB OTG supportnNo 2000mAh+ batterynNo Barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture sensorsnNo S-Health...etc .So,nNo Need to Waste 28k for it.nnAt the same price anyone can get better options like SG S3 , SG Note 2 and Xperia ZR, Xperia SP(cheaper when compared to s4 mini)nnI feel,Its price should be under 22k.nnEDIT:nPrice Slashed!!nnNow its around 22-23k.(Not overpriced Now)

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I don't want very high end phone. My requirement was -n+dual core processorn+at least 1GB RAMn+at least 8GB internal memoryn+at least 8MP cameran+at least 720p video recording. Thats it..nnWhen I looked at this phone... I decided, I will buy it whatever be the price.. [Actually I thought it would be Max 20K] nnBut what the hell samsung think it is doing? 28k for my "basic" phone?nnDefinitely NOT BUYING THIS CRAP!nnEdit :nIf micromax can build and sell their phone of same specs at 15K, then why the hell samsung is charging so much? Ans : Bcoz we are fool. nnI'm not comparing samsung brand with micromax but hey, look... Neither micromax nor samsung builds their processor (whatever qualcomm snapdragon ARM etc..) They just assemble and sell it.nNow both have Android which is opensource. So actually Android devices should be cheaper. (And yes they are, just look at other alternatives.)nnAnd if you look at the bones of this phone, build cost for this phone is not more than INR10K. [just google it]. nnI would have bought this phone if it was price below 20K max. [I'm still giving 10K extra on it's build cost but thats okay. they deserve it.. But 27K.. ?? Just Get the - - - - off...! ]nnAnd one more correction here : I'm not saying that this phone is expensive! I'm just saying that this is overpriced phone!nnThere is a difference in "Expensive" & "Overpriced"..nI'll never say that Ferrari is overpriced!! Ferrari is EXPENSIVE!!nBut S4 mini is not expensive, it is OVERPRICED!!nnEdit:nQuite Okay Pricetag now. But still expecting 20K MAX!nEdit : 11thDec : Bought the phone from flipkart at 20600/- I'll share my experience soon.

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Over Priced

Samsung is fooling, robbing and cheating Indian people.nnThis is totally waste of money,.....spending this amount on a phone which is not at all s4nwhat s4 features ? .....nnNo HD Display No IPS Display No 16GB internal Memory No 2GB RAM No NFCnNo 13MP rear camera No Optical ReadernNo Quadcore CPU No Multi-WindownNo high end graphics No 2000mAh+ batterynNo Barometer, temperature, gesture sensorsnnNo Need to Waste 28k for itn4.3 inch phone for Rs. 27000/- In year 2013 ???? ..Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha..nnRs . 12000/- Price range phone....nnkeeping name as s4 mini ???? Totally FAKE !!!!!

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Product might be good but your are better off purchasing it from somewhere else!!

I ordered a S 4 mini. I opened the box and the phone does not even get charged, no notification. Raised a query on the toll free number and was told that I would be provided with a resolution within 24 hour. No response from Flipkart. Raised another complaint and was given another 24 hour deadline. The person who attended to my complaint was not interested in listening to issue I was facing and was hell bent to replace the charger which can only be provided in the next 7-10 days. Don't know what I am supposed to do with it for the next 10 days. In addition, he is asking me to refer to the fineprints of the replacement policy. Wonder where is the BUYER PROTECTION and 30 day returns!! While you may be excellent in providing the product in the first place, the customer care and follow up response is disappointing. Purchased from WS retail thinking its one of the trusted seller (previously owned by Flipkart). I have doubts whether the product is genuine. I can not understand how such a product be sold. I am actually wondering if Flipkart is only good enough for purchasing sub 5000 rupees products so that just in case if I decide to write-off the purchase if its faulty.nnIn all while I have purchased a 22000 product this time (no price advantage compared to outside), I guess its better to take the pain to visit a reliable store and buy from there.

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I had purchased online one samsung galaxy s4 mini on EMI. On receipt of the product the box had come with a broken seal where as the Box clearly mentions that the product not to bought if the seal is broken. Also the phone is heating. The same was inform to the customer support on the same day. nnIn order to avoid replacements, FLIPKART is due fraudulent acts with the seller Ambe Enterprises JUST TO MAKE MORE MONEY and denying replacements inorder to sell all their defective pieces or forcing customers for a refund in order to buy the same product at higher prices.nnWhat wrong I did, that I trusted FLIPKART. Dont I deserve a replacement. All customers / would be customers dont ever buy goods from Flipkart and especially AmbeEnterprises who has been doing such frauds.nnI want to give a negative star rating. However the system does not give me that option

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