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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Out of Stock
₹ 36,900
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"Rethink what a phone can do" Intro, ProsCons, FAQs

So, it's been more than 2 weeks with GS7E now. The review consist of a summary followed by Pros/Cons and then a small FAQ.nnLike every year, I'd watched the Live Release of the new flagship and was amazed and excited with the specifications/features of the same. Plus, the free Gear VR offer made me to make my first pre-order for a mobile. Trust me, this is undoubtedly the best you can get. The following Pros/Cons answers what you probably need to know about it. In addition to the pros, I couldn't resist myself adding few more details about the specs/features:nn• PROS:nn1) DESIGN - The metallic/glass body of GS7 with its elegant curves makes it damn appealing to the eyes. No images can define its beauty when seen physically. Please get to a Samsung Store to see how beautiful is the new galaxy.nn2) DISPLAY: I've always loved Samsung's AMOLED display and this time too with their 2K AMOLED display, you'll fall in love with its color reproduction and sharp images. Being AMOLED, 2K is far more battery efficient than a normal HD LCD display. GS7 display is something that eyes will love for years. You get 5.5 in screen with edge and because of its ergonomical design and less Body-to-Screen Ratio, being a perfect size for viewing, it doesn't feels so large in hands.nn3) CAMERA: S6 had the best smartphone camera in the world. So, here comes the Dual Pixel 12 MP camera of the GS7 that'll supress your need for a DSLR. Reviews said it captures more light than what human eye can and being honest, I couldn't believe it before I got my galaxy. And they were absolutely right! They decreased the pixels to 12 MP, increased their size and unlike other smartphone cameras, made 100% pixels to capture light. Have done plenty of low light photography and I tell you, you can't demand and expect more than what GS7 camera is capable of. Selective focus gives you a perfect DSLR level focus/blur effect shot.nn4) BATTERY: This is first feature-full android smatphone whose battery has ever impressed me. GS6e had only 2600 mAh battery but you could still have enough juice for a daily use thanks to Samsung's power efficient processor, RAM and display. And here you get more power efficient hardware with a battery capacity of 3600 mAh for edge. It never came below 30% after using it throughout the day (gaming, photography, chatting, 4G + WiFi, music/videos). Also, charging it is like a treat to your eyes when you see getting it from 50-100 in no more than half an hour. It's incredibly fast not missing that edge's battery capacity is of 3.6 Ah!nnCamera, Display, Battery and Expandable Storage are on the top of the plenty of stuff I love about GS7.nn5) STORAGE: You get 25 GB usable out of 32 GB with this model. I don't care much about the internal memory when I've a 200 GB expandable storage. This was the only thing that stopped me from buying even the 128 GB variant of GS6. nn6) PERFORMANCE: When you get the best CPU, 4GB RAM, Vulkan API and liquid cooling with a smartphone, you not need to describe much about performace. Exynos 8890 variant Scores 130k+ on Antutu, 7k+ on Vellamo Browser, 339 ms on Sunspider, 26 / 53 FPS on GFXBench Manhattan ES 3.0 / T-Rex ES 2.0 and 6.3k+ on GB Multi-core. I think this answer all for the geeks out there. nnIn simple words, with a PC-like gaming capable hardware of GS7, you'll love the butterly feel of the UI and notice no lags on the most graphics hungry games out there. nnn• CONS: nn-- NOTHING -- Please, anyone?nn• FAQ:nn1) Why did I choose edge variant?nn- Initially, I loved the innovation Samsung had done with the screens but was spectical about getting an edge. Samsung is giving more battery and bigger screen size with the edge variant. nnComing to the design, the screen is only slightly bent about edges that instead of feeling weird, feels more elegant. Once you get an edge, you'll see other displays as of older generations. Edge gives illusion of the screen popping out a bit and images/videos feel more real. nn2) What color should one go for?nn- Silver Titanium is the most loved one. I wanted a non-distracting color that is best for playing games and watching videos. Since I don't care much about appeal, I feel Black to be more classy and simple yet beautiful. Gold is for the ones who want to stand out of the crowd.nn4) Any case protector I use?nn- If you want minimal protection, go for Spigen Thin Fit Case (1k). I'm using Spigen Neo Hybrid Premium Bumber Case (1.8k) that has perfect balance between design, protection and bulkiness. It preserves the edge functionality while protecting your camera and screen with few mms of lip protection.nnnThanks for reading the review. Please rate it 'helpful' below if it deserves. It took me 4 hours to generate this one. Message or email me for any other queries you'd like to know. I'll add them here too. Have a good day. :)

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Excellent phone

It's a beautiful and powerful phone.

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Feel really sad that I have only 5 stars to give. Flipkart and WSRetail worth 10 stars both atleast

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The Best Smartphone in market so far!!

Got this beast delivered yesterday and have to say Samsung have really upped their game on this one. The phone looks magnificent and is very light. nnPros:n1) Camera : Best smartphone camera in the market right now. The autofocus is crazy fast and the pictures clear. Though what samsung claims it is good at low lighting, the low lighting photos taken on my friends Nexus 6p was better. Maybe I am doing something wrong.nn2) Battery life : For once this stat is moved to Pros for a Samsung phone. I know this phone is still new and yet I could get 19 hours of battery life with 6 hours Screen on time and soundcloud, youtube, redditting and basic gaming.nn3) Micro SD is back - The slot holds a sim card + a memory card or 2 sim cards. Though I wish they had given an option exclusively for dual sim option. nn4) IP68 - Water resistant and dust proof. Though I dont want to test against sand and scratch the glass, the water resistant feature I liked. I tested it out and it works great. nnCons:nn1) Touchwiz - The one thing that is actually stopping Samsung from being a great phone. Though now you can disable pre-installed apps and this touchwiz is better, it is still not as good as the stock android.nn2) Battery - Removable battery would have been the perfect option. But I guess we have to sacrifice this for the water resistant feature.nn3) Hardware - This phone (Black Onyx) looks gorgeous but a fingerprint magnet. 10 minutes of using this phone, the back looked like a sticky table you usually find in local bars.nnNeutral :nn1) Edge Display - I am coming from a LG G3 and the Edge display takes some time getting used to. I accidentally swipe the screen when I am scrolling through pages and stuff. It is useful to access some quick shortcuts and the colours bouncing when you get a call is nice. Is this a gimmick feature or of true help, I will only get to know in a few days.nn2) Game launcher - This neatly arranges all the games in a folder and while playing games you can set a DND mode where all the notifications are disabled. you can record the screen while playing games. I am not much into hardcore gaming, so I really did not find this feature useful.nn3) Always ON display - This should have been in the Pro section. The display sits neatly on the screen and will not consume much battery.The display is completely switched off when its in your pocket. The reason I am putting this here is because the AOD is not interactive i.e. if I have notifications, I HAVE TO unlock the phone to view the missed calls and messages. The notifications is only for stock apps from Samsung, though I feel this will change when developers include this in the future updates in their apps.nnVerdict : Should you buy this phone? If you are in the market for the best android smartphone - GO FOR IT. You can wait until LG G5 is released, but the modular design of G5 (I feel) will be more of a gimmick than of actual use. The other modules will be expensive and by the time it comes to India, they would have released G6. nnFlipkart as usual - great service. The status read "Tentative release on Mar 18 and Tentative delivery by Mar 21". The phone was delivered on Mar 18th at 12:31 PM. Now that's good.

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Cool phone, just not

Fantastic phone. Really. Everything about this phone is great. My first phone and its probably gonna be with me in another five years. n You really can't go wrong with pickingone up. nnNow here are my concerns:nThis phone has gotten quite warm ever since I booted it up. I'm pretty sure its not supposed to happen. Especially since Samsung has been boasting about their new liquid cooling system. My guesses are that Flipkart has shipped me a faulty product. Every since I booted it up, the temperature has been consistenly at 35 - 36C. I didn't even have any games running, or any apps at all. nnI'm hoping this will get solved by a factory reset. Or else , if it is a faulty device, I expect Flipkart to get it replaced pronto. nnUPDATE: So Its hardly been a month since i bought it and i nearly died of a heart attack today when my phone froze and suddenly went black. The capacitive buttons wouldn't work and the device wouldn't charge. Also i have to mention that the phone is in pristine condition. Never been dropped, or hit or subjected to any "Unnatural conditions". The phone also consistently stays warm. ( 35 - 36C ).

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