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Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
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Rs 11,980
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Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
Out of Stock
₹ 11,980
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Good phone with few cons

This version is more or less similar to that of its predecessor(Galaxy Y). It has increased its RAM for better performance but uses the same 832 Mhz processor. But, remember that it has to handle two sims on standby, so I won't expect much higher performance.nnPros: n1. 3.14 inch screen.n2. 3.15Mp Camera.nnCons:nn1. No camera flash.n2. Dual standby sim, not dual active.

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Galaxy Y or Galaxy Y Duos

I personally do not see anything special about this phone. Quite disappointing product from Samsung. It has :nn1. Dual SIM which is NOT ACTIVE...... quite useless.n2. No Front Facing Camera... so no Video call.n3. No LED Flash ...... comes in quite handy.nn4. Only 0.14 inch bigger screen size than Samsung Galaxy Y with same resolution.n5. Only 100 mAh more battery power..... but also 2 SIM.nnIf it does not give at least one of the features mentioned above from point 1-3, then what is the point spending about Rs. 1600 more for this phone. There is hardly any substantial difference between Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Duos other than the price. nnRather buy Samsung Galaxy Y (which comes in at least 2 colours and 3 different coloured back covers and lots of accessories) than Galaxy Duos.

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Good Phone with less battery

I bought it 3 weeks before. Some features that I like of this handy phone are:nSMS is showing as gmail threads and is interesting.nI installed MX video player and was able to play movies with very good gesture controls.nIt gives 127 ppi screen, which s better than laptops ~112 ppi.nIt is able to play avi, mp4, mkv and a lot.nwhile playing mp4, player is using hardware decoder and feels betteer.nAlso since resolution is 320x240 converted file will be lower size.n(Convert files to mp4 with Xvid decoder for good clarity)nI think it'll be good if samsung comes with 3.5" screen with same form factor.n(they can do if they remove the company name from front view as Apple)nI installed MyMusic player for playing audio with lyrics.nnOther things marked with following gradenn-no, y-yes, 1- worst, 2-bad, 3-normal, 4-good, 5-excellentnntabbed call log -nnthreaded cal log -nncall record -nnvoice quality -4ntext editing easiness -5nvibrator -2nPC suite -ynbattery % indication -nnbattery backup -2n(stays 1 day if calling 2 hours)ncell info display -nnback key -ynoption key -ynenable-able menu -nnfolder creation -nnvol keys -ynplay/pause -on headphonenfwd/back -nnn_Issues:ndelivery report not shown as symbol on each msg. but it is shown in details.nUSB mass storage not working with Win7 even after installing Kies software.nIf keeping network on, automatically trasfer data, I dont know which app is the culprit.nWith 3.14" screen pdf reading is difficult since word wrapping not supported in pdf. Doc and txt ok.nmin. voice level is high.nSwitching back from flight mode is not working some times.nn_Improvements expecting:n3.5" screennmore battery lifengorilla glassnindividual sim activation could have shown in power key optionsnn_Interesting appsnMX PlayernMyMusicnTask ListnChecklistnMoon+ ReadernWordWeb DictionarynSimple SpreadsheetnText EditnX-plorenDual File ManagernGoogle Docsnn_Interesting gamesnRaging ThundernBlock PuzzlenBubble ShootnGlow HockeynUnblocknPool Master

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A Decent Dual Sim Phone

I got this mobile couple of days back and it met with my expectation. Before purchasing this, i heard like, switching the sim is difficult etc. nnBut switching between is very easy, it just two touch! nnPros:nVery good touch screen. (Its fast)nSound Quality and Network capacity is good. nWifi, Net access is easy.n3.14 Inches touch screen (Which is very cool actually)nGood Battery life.nnCons:n1. I dont believe it is 3 PM camera! Its not that grt.nnNo Flash, No front camera.. Wokey.. 9.2k.. we cant expect it should work like a Laptop!.nits a cool phone. 15 days over, not facing any big problem.

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this is a form of encapsulation of all necessory features which is avialable in any expensive galaxy phone so it is an atom bombnbut it have some problem like unexpected memory card remove prob.nand if u instal much apps then mobile goes to hanging problem

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