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Samsung Wave Y
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Samsung Wave Y
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Great phone that fits your budget.

Samsung Wave Y is an amazing phone. It's almost a clone of Galaxy Y but without the OS. Moreover I'm really not an android fanboy.nnTo begin with, The BADA OS is pretty decent. It's fast, hangs very rarely and is very responsive.nnThe 832 MHz processor is sufficient for multitasking.(But please, don't overuse the RAM, it will get really slow!)nnThe screen size is sufficient... although i had a bit problem with the keyboard initially, but now i'm used to it(however it has slowed down my chatting speed bit, but no regrets!)nnonly "DRAWBACK" that some ppl find with this phone is the lack of millions of APPS! But the fact is 90% of the Android Apps are useless,. So, I'm really not willing to stuff my phone with thousands of apps which i will never use in the future. I'm happy with the handful of good apps the Samsung has provided. But I would really want them the develop some useful apps.nnPS: there is no secondary camera in this phone. That is just a sensor, not camera. There's only one primary camera at the back.nnCONCLUSION: go for it, you won't be dissatisfied. Moreover, it's a break from the Android monotony!!

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Great buy for the price tag

I got this phone just 2 days ago. Great delivery service by Flipkart people. nComing to the phone.....its great!! Bada os is nascent in the smartphone arena but still its competitive enough! Even though the no of apps that bada has is pretty less compared to the android or the ios, the existing apps are more than enough for what you'll require for the daily usage. The phone runs on both the 2G and 3G netowrks (its supported upto 3.5G). The capacitive touchscreen is good for typing messeges and the virtual qwerty keyboard is totally hassle free. It rotates according to the orientation of the phone. The touchscreen is very responsive and you wont have any problems regarding it! The phone also has a front facing VGA camera for video calling (which is not mentioned in the flipkart description). The dolphin web browser works just fine and has no problems in loading the web pages in both the mobile as well as regular full web page view. GPS/GPRS too works finely. The phone has no issues detecting the wifi networks and also has works well with it! nThe 2 mp camera is pretty good for a fixed focus camera and the images are crisp clear. However it lacks led flash and hence pics in dark are not up to the mark.nThe music player also works very well.nOver all a very good smartphone for the price tag of 7000!

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For some1 lik me who wanted a smartphone frm his pocket money, At this price this phone is a gem.. the brilliant touch screen with brilliant response and the gr8 resolution which no other phone at this range provides, this one is stake higher than the other phones... the UI of the latest BADA v2.0 is eye-candy.. way improved than the prev versions of BADA, multitasking is a piece of cake in this.. with support for HTML5, u also get high speed browsing.. the screen size is also pretty gud enuf with a 3.2" display...nThe only drawback is the lack of numerous apps like the android.. but dont let that alone dissuade u frm buying this fone, there're still many apps and the latest version of bada is better than android in many instances.. jus compare it yourselves to be more satisfied.. :)

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Awesome Phone....!!!

I bought this phone on 14 Feb 2012 and i must say i m truly satisfied by this awesome....the touchscreen works perfectly without any hindrance and smoothly (feather flow) player is good and sound quality is decent in loudspeaker and excellent in earphone with 5.1 surround sound capability....the two virtual buttons on the bottom to receive and end calls are highly sensitive to touch and a slight touch will do the work....the phone never hanged till now (touch wood) ....and the battery life is excellent as compared to android phones which runs out quickly....but battery runs down when playing videos on you tube and bufferingnnNegative:nnOnly and only one negative is that the Samsung apps store is not very goods and lacks decent and good apps ... although saying so it provides all the necessary app.... Facebook apps is not installed and u have to download it from app store...but it provides a App called "Social Hub" which has all the social media like Facebook Twitter and Linked ..nnNext problem is regarding NFC(Near Field Communication) the phone has NFC but it is Carrier Depended and i don't get the meaning out of that.nnnPositive:nn1- It has WI-Fi direct that means u can transfer files and other medias using WI-FI of Your phone to another WI-Fi direct device much like Bluetooth but more fasternn2- Bluetooth comes with v3.0nn3- Separate folder creation optionnnIn All a very good phone for a price like this...i bought it from my local store and not flip kart because it provided me a your budget is flexible and up to RS 10000-13000 then other options are Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Nokia C6nnPeace

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Great substitute for android entry level phone for youngsters wit a price limit....A must Buy!!!

Positives:-nn1)3.2 Inches very smooth & responsive touch screen wit good resolution .n2)The 832 MHz processor is pretty good and sufficient for multitaskingn3)Way Way !! Useful & awesome!!! than any Android entry level phone for First Time SMART phone user.n4)Bada 2.0 is a decent OS with an android like UI..n5)Secondry camera:no but!!!nTwo versions available (Samsung Wave Y S5380 &Samsung Wave Y S5380K)nPS: only diff is 5380k comes wit secondary camera for video calling and chat .n6) U have separate folder creation option,which is useful.n7)All necessary required apps available in Samsung APP store...Most Of android apps are useless!!n8)Excellent battery back up(Unlike power hungry android phones).nnnNeg:-n1)2 mp camera (pretty good in 2MP range),However it lacks led flash.n2)Music quality in spreakers ,i felt let down (But samsung managed this with excellant MUSIC Quality in earphones(gud quality earphones provided are really Awsome!!).nnVerdict :G8t option for budget minded youngters who want want a smartphone with very good features & stylish which has the "it" factor for a price like this...ITS A MUST BUY!!!!..(Better than most android phones ,in my view)

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