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Sony Ericsson W8
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Sony Ericsson W8
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abt w8

u cn increse the battery life by installing advance task manager and then stop the processes that u are not using ...nnor if u want to use phone heavily u cn purchase 1500 mAh battery...nn.....nscreen clarity - Awesome.. , nsound quatlity & operating speed - is very good...nnnonly problem is with camera which has no zoom & no flash & walkman player has no equilizer but sound is v. good.... And in android market other players with equilizer r available...nnfor messaging u have to install Handcent sms(freeware) because inbuilt messaging app is not customizable and does not support group sms...

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About W8 Waste of money

This phone is just a waste of money and that is it. I purchased this phone with an intention of getting a good music phone, compromising on all other features. But this phone is not good at that too; other ordinary phones have better sound effect than this one. I am terribly disappointed and frustrated about my choice. So, please do not buy this phone at any cost. I also suggest flipkart to remove this item from their website.

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A Good Starter Droid

I came from the Nokia s60 non-touch wagon and this was my first Android phone. At the time I was considering buying this, the only competition was the Optimus One and the Galaxy Pop. The W8 cost me 11K at that time.nnDesign & buildnnIt's an X8 with a different paint job. Distinctive, chunky, comfortable and friendly.nGlossy front panel looks good when clean but gets soiled and greasy pretty quick. The battery cover has a matte finish and looks like anodized aluminum from some angles. nBuilt pretty solidly and has sustained meter high falls 3-4 times. The battery cover does creak a bit when pressed hard. The hardware buttons are reasonably sized and are quite tactile. Overall, it's pretty well designed and well built.nnDisplaynnIt's a 3 inch HVGA (320x480) display with warm color rendering. I personally like displays that render warm colors but those who don't should try it out to see if it suits them. Viewing angles are pretty good and it doesn't lose brightness or contrast that much when viewed at awkward angles. Sunlight legibility's pretty poor like most LCD-s.nnUInnThe stock UI (specifically the stock launcher) leaves a lot to be desired. It ships with the ancient 2.1 Eclair version (the competition has moved on to 2.3 GB) that does not support installing apps to the SD card. The Four corners UI is similar to the X8 and the X10 Mini. Adding insult to the injury is the lack of multitouch.nnSo, I went the custom ROM route. FroyoBread is the best 2.2 ROM and GingerDX is the best 2.3 ROM.nnMusic & VideonnThe Walkman Music app's just a re-skinned version of the stock Music player. The worst mistake was the omission of the equalisers. Pretty much a deal breaker for many who buy it due to nostalgic memories of the older Walkmans.nThe Gallery's also lackluster with its grid layout. The video player's pathetic with its weak format support.nnRegarding music playback, the first thing that catches your attention's the clean, distortion free and loud output over the headphones. It's got some juice as it can drive my Grado SR60-s. When using the DSP Manager with a GB ROM, the W8 can perform like a champ. From being flat and clinical sounding, it turns into an entertaining little booger with hard hitting bass lines (with the bass boost enabled) thereby delivering the true Walkman experience. The highs and mids are of acceptable quality.nVideos look sharp and crisp on the small 3 inch screen but prolonged viewing might be fatiguing (I haven't tried it).nnCamerannThe 3.2 MP snapper doesn't have autofocus nor a flash. It's just there for the sake of it. The stock cam UI is bare bones. Pics look okay on the screen and horrible on a PC. Videos are recorded in VGA res. I'm not wasting more words here.nnConnectivitynnIt's pretty well covered with 3G, Wi-Fi, BT, GPS and the works. There's no front camera for video calling.nnBattery LifennLess than a day with the stock 2.1 Eclair UI.n2-3 days easy with 2.2 FroyoBread.n1-2 days with 2.3 GingerDX.nnUsage Pattern: Autobrightness turned off, brightness at lowest level, GPS off, 3G off, data connection off, a couple of hours browsing over wi-fi, some gaming, moderate e-book reading, about 4-6 hrs music listening, an hour of roaming about the Android Market. Used the advanced task killer to kill unwanted tasks. Did not use Juice Defender.nnConclusion: The Highs-nn1) Distinctive and playful design. Rear Panel and chrome keys look classy.nn2) Nice display. Good enough for its class.nn3) Nice audio quality. Quite fun to listen to while using the DSP Manager on GB. Comfortable and decent bundled in-ears.nn4) Well rounded connectivity.nn5) Good battery life when running on custom ROMs.nn6) Lots of custom ROMs exist- X8 custom ROMS works perfectly fine with the W8. Easy to root and mod.nnThe Lows-nn1) Outdated stock UI. 2.1 Eclair is geriatric. No future updates either.nn2) Pathetic excuse of a camera. A strict no-no for those who like quality mobile cams.nn3) Walkman Music Player is poor in features. Lack of an equaliser isn't funny.nn4) Piss poor video player. Lacks features as well as format support.nn5) Inability to install apps to SD Card. No issue if running a custom Froyo or GB ROM.nnThe W8 is a great choice for those looking for a starter Android on a budget. When modded with a custom ROM, it's great.. but if you intend to use the stock UI, prepare to be disappointed. It's no Walkman while it's stock either.nnFinally, I'd like to thank Sony Ericsson for not releasing any updates for this phone. If they had, I wouldn't have learned how to root and mod my phone and also appreciate how great these custom ROMS are.nnSorry for the long post, but hope this helps.

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W8 Rocks

Everybody here says that this phone does not have a good battery life. . . .nhere is my question. .nnIF YOU BUY A MOBILE WORTH RS. 9000/-nTHEN DONT BE MISERABLE TO BUY A ORIGINAL 1500 mAh BATTERYnnTHE PHONE SURVIVES 10 HOURS WITH IT

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As compared to similar price phone its not so goodnncamera is good only plus point but if you compare with LG p350nLG p350 screen is better than w8nSound almost similarnLG p350 have Android 2.2 Sony w8 2.1nLG p350 cheaper than sony w8n Guys LG p350 better than Sony w8

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