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Sony Xperia E1 Dual
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Rs 7,490
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Sony Xperia E1 Dual
Out of Stock
₹ 7,490
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The Worst Phone money can buy

The Sony Xperia E1 dual is the worst phone that you get after paying your hard earned money. There are lots of problems in the phone with only few advantages, but the advantages fades with the long list of issues. The issues are listed below. This is review is after using the phone for 3 monthsnnLack of RAM makes multitasking a headache. The performance went worst after the KitKat Update.nHeating Issue while connected to 3G network.nFreezes randomly.nRandom restart during call, standby, using app. No change even after KitKat UpdatenCall log takes a minute to load.nGoogle chrome just washes out to white screen in between browsing and then the phone freezes.

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Sorry I can't give a Catchy title. First Review you know! 3.5stars!!!!!

I bought E1 dual about 1 week... Before rewiewing , Know this ,"BE SURE WHAT YOU WANT IN A PHONE AND WHAT YOU DON'T" Here is what i liked about it.n1. The dedicated walkman key can be used to open music player, play pause next and play a random song right away without taking phone out of your pocket .n2. Feels good... review says its flipcover is cheap plastic... yes its cheap but not that much that you would notice...n3. Good music enhancements with clear audio equalizer....etcn4. you can download original songs for free from sony jive.n5.Display is averagen6. "Quick" is the word best suited for the phonen7. Plays 720p at a good speed and 1080 at equal speed but might lag depending on the ram free in the phonen8. Snapdraqon 200 is goodn9. Dual sim of this phone can make you use 3g from either of the sims at a time. nand Here is what i don't like about the phone.n10. It's SONY!!!!!!n1. Ram is 512 mb so there are little problems when you install lots of app(personal experience, when you open chrome to browse, when ever you open a new tab, phone slows a little down... and if you lock the screen then, phone wont again unless you take the battery off... so be patient).n2. Though snapdragon 200, long time playing game (2-3 hour) can make your phone lag(personal experience, i played a 47mb game and after 2.5 hours playing, the game speed slowed down 1 sec... with constant lag. i tried to lock the screen and unlock it again but failed to unlock it so took off the battery... dont know if i should take it to service center... suggest me solution. n3. No mods or custom rom released yetn4. headphone with the phone is not that good but you can adjust...n5. My friend sometimes says my voice is getting faint...n6. 3mp camera is average but i dont consider it as a camera and i don't consider using itnnTips:-nTry to use 1 app at a time and be sure you exit every app after usenI bought this as I am a music lover and no phone can be compared to sony in terms of music "yet"(i feel it) and you might not feel the same while buying the phone... you may say snapdragon is good for games so you will play games flawlessly.. yes you can play but the low ram will hit hard on your head if you play for a long time. So again Be sSure what you want in a phone and what you dont.. cuz it's sony and you cant get everything in a phone of that budget(actually you can... go for chinese phones like Gionee Pioneer P3 or try Lava Iris 406q{my personal opinion... just check the specs from flipkart). but if you want the same things in a phone as i did,(MUSIC!!!!) then go for this phone.nSee ya!!! and congratz on your purchase in advance!

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music player with smartphone capabilities

At this price point it is not a bang for buck device. But Snapdragon 200 Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 with Adreno 302 is good for a low end device...addition of 100db speaker makes it loud...also on headphones it sounds superb..android4.3 out of the box is welcome....but 512mb ram is less for the SoC to supply full juice...768mb was needed if 1gb was too much to ask for...also front cam and flash go missing...3.15mp camera won't be so bad bcoz sony has a history in camera though lumia 525 and s dous 2 got 5mp...the battery is good at 1700mAhnnthis phones goes out to compete with samsung galaxy s duos and nokia lumia 525....S duos 2 has its advantages in camera,flash,ram...but sony got a qualcomm soc which according to me is better and reliable than broadcom soc(used in s duos 2) and mediatek counterparts...while lumia 525 shares cpu with xperia m,has 1gb ram and 5mp cam but is in a different league but a better vfm product...nnsony made this phone keeping in mind the upgradation of xperia e which is still a sell out device...its specs were also badder than that of s duos but its performance was far better than s duos...i still own both and xperia e is much better, so specs do nothing...its actual performance to check out..nalso keep in mind that this product ships with 4.3 and has fair amount of chances to go 4.4 and according to google, 4.4 can run smoothly with 512mb ram when compared to jb and ics...and probability of upgradation to 4.4 is too high looking at how sony treats its smartphones with upgrades....nthe phone has a very good built quality with scratch resistant screen...and music offering are of high end level with ClearAudio+ and xLoud features....also STAMINA mode in xperia devices ensures higher battery capabilities(experiencing with xperia m and is awesome)npeople who will buy this device should be hardcore music lovers with good headphones in their stock and sony fans...this is a music player with smartphone capabilities...nwho wish to buy it but think price is a hurdle wait a i know sony, there will be new lesser price tag in a month for this device in around 8k to 8.5k....PEACE

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sai mahesh

I am using more than one month....its ok...but with following drawbacks and goods...n-720p and 1080p format videos are stucked during use normal format(560X240) videos only.n-512 ram most of time hanged and restarted...n-3mp camera was average and burst image..n- Brightness was not adjusted automatically during daytime and night adjust yourself....n- Sony Account Manager ApP not open at least.. n- music sound Reduced in Headset mode..nn+ music quality and detail was best ...n+ light weightn+ graphics detail was nice..239 PPI pixel density..n+ Powerful external speaker really sound louder and clear..nnIf you Want good music and display quality in budget below 10000....then sure you pick this mobile.

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It has only been a month since I purchased a Sony Experia E1 Dual (Black Colour) and the phone has started giving trouble. The 'S' from the Sony engraved on the back cover popped out leaving only the 'ONY' shining. The phone reboots every now and then sometimes even during a call. The battery life is pathetic and needs to be charged after every 8 to 10 hours even with minimal usage. Something is wrong with the touch screen and feels like it has been wrongly caliberated. We need to touch slightly on the side of the icons / buttons and not on them to function. nnI did not even get the free headphones (mentioned on the box pack). Wonder what happened to that.nnIt is my worst SONY nightmare and I have lost my trust in Sony completely. I have sweared never to buy a Sony Experia ever again.

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