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Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami)
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Rs 15,999
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Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami)
Out of Stock
₹ 15,999
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Eye Opener !

Hi Phone Maniacs,nI walked into the CROMA store today to check out both the phones inside out. There is a saying guys "Everything that glitters is NOT GOLD". There is no better way to describe NOTE 3. The moment you look at it the first thing that comes into your mind is 'wow' but the moment you start using it, any smart and sensible guy will take a decision in 5min whether or not its worth the price !! TRUST me guys, I was in the STORE for more than an hour. They all asked me to buy NOTE 3 (for obv reasons) that is PROFIT ! Now see the irony: when i started questioning them and put a few Qs if its really worth spending so much for only a few small changes? believe me they were quiet ! nI think Samsung has lost TOTALLY IN THE HEAD. . Its main focus now has become to make people get addicted to the brand and nothing else. LIKE APPLE ! Moreover, Samsung has not learned anything from its shittiest production: i/e S4. . Just like S4 guys, NOTE 3 started heating up with normal usage. I am not here to downgrade the brand but whats there is there.. I myself had S3 which I truly loved but had to sell for some reasons and then got S4 which i proudly sold cz i did not deserve that piece of shit ! dont know about you guys bt i personally get totally freaked out if my device is heating up even with normal usage. ITS is obv that any smartphone will heat up if u run heave applications on it.. point taken.. cz at the end of the day its a machine. but if that happens with a normal usage like message, browsing, chatting,, something is really wrong !!!!! NOTE 2 is the best example ! Use as much as u want and that beast would just not heat up, unless used extremely heavily !! games etc.. I experienced the same with NOTE 3, hardly with 10min of usage the fone showed its true colors. n2) The back of the phone is so fake and local.. its not leather.. its still plastic and feels ever cheaper than earlier phones ! complete plastic back was way better. God knows why samsung went too proud about the cheap leather like panel. 3) Lets ADMIT one thing : Do we really need a phone like this? I mean what the hell is so out of the world about it? according to me NOTHING ! Do hell with Spen guys .. by the time u will take it out and put it back ur work will already be done ! i mean who the hell type a message, save a contact or calculate stuff by taking out a Spen? I DONT ! NEVER WILL. its there unnecessarily ! I am not a business tycoon and my hands work fine ! Another thing: even the spen is not as responsive as you may have seen on videos. Screenshots, sharing data/pics, writing a note, saving contact details or searching a file.. All of this can be done thru ur fingertips and u dnt have to pay 50k for that ! NOTE 3: To conclude, I will never pay 50k for a fone that heats up like shit,. I am not a clarity freak honestly.. i m happy with anything that is nice to look at.. as long as my phone does not lag and gives me a clear view of pics i am a happy man.. A bit of extra clarity, 13mp camera .. and 4.3 OS i dont thnk its worth spending that much. 4.3 update will any be pushed out by end of the year, a standard camera like 8mp is also very good unless ur a camera freak .. and if u are your objective should be to buy a CAMERA not a PHONE !! NOTE 3 was a complete turn off ! nSony Xperia Z1 : Folks, the moment I held it, i swear to god, i just could not put it back and i did not ! The phone is so comfortable, EXCELLENT glass make at the back and fits your hands completely. Its a simply one handed fone !!!!! OVERALL, Z1 turns out to be a better phone ! Amazing camera, video clarity, super comfortable, dust/waterproof, standard 5inch screen.. and most importantly looks like a phone not a TABLET.. Fell in love with it the moment i used it ! The speaker is not as good as samsung but i dont care.. its way ahead in front of NOTE 3 any day.. i took an instant decision ! nnI REAPEAT: it just gets on you from the moment you hold it.. you just dont wana put it down. its totally the opp with NOTE 3: u just wanna put it down asap.. unless ur Yao Ming or gifted with super big hands.If ur really looking for an economic option guys.. just close ur eyes and go for NOTE 2. its a BULL ! but if u want something a lil more newer and stylish.. buy Z1. I spent a lot of hours finding negative reviews for NOTE 2. . Honestly people i did not find any.. i mean NOTHING AT ALL. its an absolute blessing ! Hope my review has given a some of you a reality check ! Sorry for a long one but just trying to help people out there ! nnCheers and stay safe !

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A detailed Review The Best AllRounder

Sony has really pulled a capable winner here,nTop notch specs coupled with the best hardware= WINnnDISPLAY : 9.5/10 ( THE MOST MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT)n-Really natural colors ( Htc one = G2 > Z1 =*S4)n(*S4 Amoled screen Colors are too vibrant,Good or bad depending on person)n-MASSIVE improvement in VIEWING ANGLES (Others a still a little better)n-No pixelation (all are awesome)n-As good as any flagship out there, HTC still a little betternnDESIGN/ FEEL : 10/10 (Best looking phone out there)n-It is the same OLD Z and some more aluminium, what could possibly go wrongn-Comparison: (Z1 = HTC one > G2 > S4)n-Extra marks for water proofing (EVEN HIGHER THAN Z)n-A little heavynnPERFORMANCE :10/10 (Fastest phone on the market with SNAPDRAGON 800)n-Highest score in all benchmarks, tied with G2 in most placesn-UI is silky smoothn- (Z1,G2 > HTC one,S4)nnCAMERA :9.5/10 (Best Android camera, Lumia 1020, I-Phone 5S still better)n-Really high detail (1020>Z1 >S4 =G2>>One)n-Low light and Normal lighting (1020>Z1 >One >G2=S4)n-JUST AWESOME OVERALLn-Lacks OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZATION (if u really need it)n-Video camera is good but not impressivennMUSIC: 9/10 (Superb Quality, not very loud)n-Loud speakers ( One >>> S4,Z1,G2) (one wins this hard)n-Quality (ALL STAND AS EQUALS)nnSOFTWARE/ UI :9.5/10 (Beautifully and Minimally customized UI)n-Super fastn-I LOVE IT (since UI's are generally subject to choice)n-Not at all bloated, Really good custom Appsn-RANKING (Z1=One > S4 >G2 ) (G2 really needs a face change)nnBATTERY:8.5/10 (Should Last a day, but not the best)n-Best TALK-TIME score out theren-Movie watching drains the battery faster than other flagshipsn-( G2 >>S4 > Z1 > One) (G2 is a battery king)nnCONCLUSION :nZ1 is well rounded and excels in every department.nnOther choicesnChoose G2 if you are gonna ROOT immediately,Want battery, and love plastic.n(G2 is more like S5 than G2)nChoose HTC one if you want the STEREO SPEAKERS and MPs are not a concernnChoose Iphone 5s is you can pay for apps and want a smaller screennG2 is better than S4 in all aspects(as u are buying plastic and bloat anyways)nnZ1 is a Great phone....definitely worth the buynn(note to flipkart : a similar review exists on my blog (on wordpress by phoniac)...since both users are the same I don't believe a loss of credibility might occur...You have my permission to use the contents of that particular review..if a problem still exists, you may please inform me)

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I loved this phone for the first two months, I treated IT like my own first born child. The camera is excellent, no lag after kit kat update even, big diplay lets you view videos very well almost feel like watching on television.And then without me dropping it or mishandling it, the screen of my Z1 cracked, I was shocked. When I googled I saw blogs and Facebook pages devoted to the self cracking screen. Sony refuses to acknowledge the defect in India(developing country). In the UK(developed country), Sony replaced the phones of people with this defect free of cost whereas here they refused to do mine. I'm very upset with this crappe company and its service. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE AND WASTE 35K ON IT. SONY IS A LOSER COMPANY WITH NO CARE FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

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It has many problems and sony's servicing is bad

I've had problems from the moment i bought this phone. Sony's authorized service centres do not care at all about their customers. When my phone got wet, the touch did not respond very efficiently (all flaps were tightly closed) the service centre refused to repair it and claimed that i need to get it replaced and i will be charged 20% less than MRP for a new Z1. I cant spend 32k again on this crap. I'll probably get this repaired from an unauthorized repair centre and sell it off and buy a new phone. Don't buy this phone guys.. If you do like it a lot.. You better take a hell lot of care..

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Z1 ! the best in all smartphones.. !!

Z1 is no doubtly the best smartphone available in the market..nIt has 2.2 GhZ Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor..which is the fastest and best processor in the world..n>>Waterproof..n 20.7 megapixles of camera..u can have underwater photography! n it will be like ur dslr camera if u have tht extra lense..!!n>>perfectly priced..actually u can say its cheaper @42500 compared to its specifications..n>>best deal on flipkart as it gives 5000mAh protable charger for free..nIf u compare it with Note 3 , note3 has better RAM (3GB compared to 2GB of Z1,which is more than enough) else Z1 beats Note 3 in every aspects..

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