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Sony Xperia J
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Sony Xperia J
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Sony Xperia J Best Buy within 16.5K !!!!!

Hi I have been planning to buy a smart phone for a long time and My ideal phone was Samsung Galaxy SII but due its high cost its out of my budget, but I would love to have a phone with almost same features but within 15K, that is rubbish its not possible....nAfter a lot of research reading about all the aspects, hardware configuration, Android OS version, GPU effects, Screen size, camera configuration. I wondered why there cant be a single set from every manufacture which could satisfy every mentioned quality to be present in that set and that should be the ultimate in its segment, then i wondered if that set is launched in the market within a range of 20K then every other set will not be sold.nnSo 1st thing prioritize what you want from your phone and believe me if you want it within your budget YOU would have to SACRIFICE/COMPROMISE with some less graded other features.nnPROS:n1. Screen Size 4", looks good in hand.n2. OS Android v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) most probably up-gradable to Android v4 (Jelly Beans)[butter project of Google, to improve the graphics, include google voice search, google maps of cities can be downloaded, Unlock screen will be changed etc]n3. Processor is fine and so is the User interface(Timescape)n4. Scratch resistant screen and Sony Bravia engine.n5. Within Range under 16500rsn6. Camera for still photographs is good, with LED flashn7. Secondary camera(VGA) for video call over VOIP, internet.n8. Battery is 1700mAh... provides better battery backup.nnCONS:n1. GPU (graphical processing unit) is ADRENO 200, this atleast could have been ADRENO220, if not MALI400MPn GPU-> helps in playing heavy games, HD games, higher the GPU lesser is load on processor and RAM.n2. RAM 512 idealy should have been 1GB, but then it would have become an IDEAL phone.n3. Video recording is not HD video, for me its not imp aspect i don't make that much videos but i guess VGA videos are not that bad.n4. Internal memory is fine as you can buy an external memory card and ICS allows user to save and run applications from memory card.nnI have decide to buy this phone but it is not available in retail stores.nnThis is a good buy.nnU can buy it in cheap prices from other sites but they won't be giving Manufacturer's Warranty, they will give you Dealer's warranty.Google about this you will understand.

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J is for Jealousy....

Lets start from Flipkart. Once again quick and reliable delivery. got my phone delivered within 3 days of its release in fully protected packaging. nNow the phone. One word - WOW. The Xperia J is definitely one of the smartest-looking smartphones in town at an affordable price. The finishing touches on the phone are excellent and that makes J a comfy fit in the palms while using it. The 5 MP camera does great justice comparing it to the price it is available at. Though the video capturing could have been better than the VGA recording provided. The 1ghz processor makes multitasking easy an slag-free. Most of the games run perfectly smoothly despite the single core. Music is heavenly. The Walkman app integration is a thumbs-up to sony. It definitely enhances the music listening experience and makes it easy for the user to listen to all their favorite tracks in a conveniently sorted way. The LED Notification Light is the best part of this Xperia. It not only helps in alerting the user of incoming calls, messages or notifications, but also gives an edge to its appearance and appeal as a whole. nXperia J on the long run would definitely be a buy for people with 15k budget and having one of these is a pleasure. I am completely satisfied with this phone as it is all i wanted in a phone. nP.S. It definitely was made to make people JEALOUS of you.

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best in segment... do buy sony xperia j looking better dan all... so undoubtly u can go for j... its a great phone well after using the SONY SL for past 3 weeks,,,i would lik to say MY VIEW ( this all of my own TESTS ) & it can vary frm others view too, depending on how they use .nnThis phone is GOOD for the following tat i think,,nnWell in terms of Browsing its way faster ( even in 2g too) nnMultitasking went pretty good,nnGaming was fluid ( i played good graphical ones lik batman my fav , shadow guardian, 9mm, and sme few decent graphics plus high downloaded lik temple run, angry birds, agent dash,) it all worked to its best wit no glitch.( even while in middle sme txts came & resuming back the game which did good)nnMy earlier phone was my cute phoenix ARC(my standard using phone) & still hav , nso i can clearly see the diff in HD resolution in clarity in SL so watching videos is at its peak very sharp i can say ,,, 720 p worked very great, were as 1020p worked good but nt all movies ( my 6gb sized inception 1020p lagged also some anime too,,a bit i mean lik the audio was skipped off, bt Bourne series bluray worked grt,) it may be due to codecs,nt sure,,, bt all 720p movies did very sweet and the colour depth compared to my frnds s3 i think SL beats up n( no offense to s3 xcept in video playing only i said, as per specs i know its quad series & much more so dnt think of comparing whole phone to it ) thAnks to Bravia engine did grt job. ( but dnt depend on default player ,as it wont support all formats ,as many would know)

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Perfect phone for casual Droiders

Comparing the current generation of Xperia lineup, this device stands pretty low in the performance segment. Dont expect a powerhouse with 1 Ghz Cortex A-5 and Adreno 200. For decent gaming go straight away to U/Sola/P.nnComing to Xperia J, having experienced it personally at stores, i'l surely recommend for people who need every bit of android experience to moderate levels. A spacious 4" screen, curvy design, great image and audio clarity, dual cameras is more than enough a casual user can ever ask for. Expandable storage (32 GB) is rare add-on coming from Sony.nnBattery is huge! 1700 Mah capacity is something no Thumbsup buyers! :)

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a nice one overall

first thumbs up for the flipkart for delivering the product on just the third day... so u all r doing a grt job.. keep it up.nnow about the xperia j... well for the last 2 months i was researching for a android fone within the range of 18000 and which cud justify my money spending, earlier i nvr used but i'd seen some of the android fones with pathetic battery life, here's j catches upp on all the cons.. awesumm battery life, on very heavy use it will give a day of back up.lags a bit on hd games but games like angry bird and temple run r running smoother. fone resolution is up to the mark means very gud, luks just the perfect as u can expect this from sony, sound again no one can beat sony, their walkman app will keep ur music exp stand alone, sometimes u can find screen hiccups but nvr created any problem, ok for me, camera is again very gud, colour and visuality are sharp compared to samsung fone cameras, so if u are luking for a style statement within a range of 16k, i think no other fone can replace this, been using it for 5 days now, and i m very muchh satisfied with the xperience,

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