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Sony Xperia M
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Sony Xperia M
Out of Stock
₹ 9,990
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The 10,000 - 23,000 range has always been SONY's stronghold and the XPERIA-M seems to be Competition killer.nIf you think that Micromax and XOLO give better configs for the price, SONY is here to prove you wrong: nnHere is a step-by-step analysis of the Xperia M:n(The review is comparison based with contenders :n Xolo Play , Canvas A116, Galaxy Core, Ascend P1 )nnNOTE:n I am not mentioning anything about Micromax A116 or GALAXY CORE because these 2 phones are completely over-shadowed by phones I am mentioning here.nIndian brands : XOLO play >>>>>>>Micromax A116nForeign brands: Xperia M >>>>>>> Galaxy Core nnLOOKS / HANDLING :nXperia M is most certainly beautiful, and the best looking entry level device in my opinion.The 4-inch screen means it is extremely comfortable to use and is very light.n Xolo Play comes last in looks as having larger screen,Heavier and thicker body causing difficult handling.nAscend P1 is very light and thin, and is at par (or a little better) than Xperia-M in looks, but it's material doesn't really feel premium.nnnDISPLAY:nXperia M has high enough PPI (245) and display looks crisp with natural vivid colors.nViewing angles are a bit off, but nothing that you would particularly notice.nXOLO T1000: has a MUCH BETTER DISPLAY than Xperia M in all aspects.nIPS LCD 720-p is a real winner.nAscend P1 is a mixed bag...While having nearly the same 245 PPI , a pentile matrix causes it to be (a little) less crisp, but AMOLED makes colors very vibrant,(often too much, causing it to look unreal)nnPERFORMANCE:nXperia M has the best performance for an entry level device ever given by a foreign brand. It is snappy, runs all games flawlessly and movies run really well.nXOLO Play and the P1 give similar performances, each giving superb performance for price results.n1GB Ram ensures Muti-tasking is smooth.nHere are the bench marksn nnPhone......General speed..............................Gaming........Net Speedn...............Quadrant.....Antutu......Linpack.........Egypt HD......VellamonXperia--M...4200.....10,000...........216..................13................1800nAcend.P1..4200...... 7500............151...................18................1500nXolo.Play...4200......12500...........N/A...................15................1800nnAs you see most scores are very close, and there is no clear winner.n(these scores CRUSH scores of Galaxy core and HD 116)nnUSER INTERFACE /SOFTWARE:nXPERIA M and ASCEND P1 crush the XOLO PLAY in this department.nSONY wins overall with jelly-bean(android 4.1.2), smooth UI with superb features like Mini-apps while keeping true to Vanilla JB.nASCEND P1 has an awesome UI that is VERY DIFFERENT and also allows switching to stock if u dislike it...P1 is however launched with Android 4.0, but updates to jellbean are available.nXOLO PLAY has a very (surprisingly) sluggish UI and this is what ruins probably a great package....UI can however be changed with Launcher apps and ROOTING. nNote: Ascend P1 has a pathetic keyboard, be sure to replace it with another app (SWIFTKEY).nnMUSIC:nXperia M and the Ascend P1 are LOUD, and I mean really loud.nGreat music speakers and In ear audio quality make them both great mobiles for audiophiles.nXolo has average volume, in ear quality is average too.nnCAMERA:nHere is how it isnAscend P1 >>> Xperia M= Xolo PlaynAscend P1 takes magnificent photos and Great videos while Xolo and Xperia M are simple average in this department.nXperia M is definitely not a Camera-phile's phones.nnCustomer service and reliability:nXperia M takes the cake here. The Foreign Brand offer good service and Phones have a much better expected Life timenHuawei and XOLO have below-average support in India.nNote: Huawei is actually a very BIG COMPANY (A brand with value), that actually sold more phones than SONY,LG and HTC in 2012. However, most of it's sales occur only in china.n.......................................................................................................................................................nCONCLUSION / WRAP-UP:nnIf Known brands' mobiles are your only option, Xperia M kills all small fries of HTC,LG and Samsung. It Delivers excellently everywhere except the Camera.(only average here) while giving EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE.nA GREAT ALL ROUNDERnTHUS, IN BRANDED PHONES >>> XPERIA M IS THE BESTnnThe ASCEND P1 Hold really well as it stands out as a great choice for people looking for a great package with a GREAT CAMERA or a NEW EXPERIENCE. Display is however not as good as the other 2.nnXOLO PLAY remains the Spec-Thristy people's ultimate choice. Flaunting a LARGE beautiful screen, a great chipset for 3,000 it is a BUDGET GAMER'S DREAM. It's camera and UI are however Under-whelming.

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The Knight in Shining Armour

Peace be with you allnnAfter much research and review scan i purchased Xperia M and i must say i m very impressed with this black beauty. this is my second android phone. First one was Galaxy Ace.nn-> the interface is very fluid thanks to 1 GB RAM. i did not notice any lag what so ever.nAnimations and themes are cool.nn-> with dual core snapdragon processor multiprocessing is a piece of cake. open multiple apps and go crazy switching from one to another. it is much better than the cortex used in Samsung phones.nn-> Display, i must say is very good. i mean my friend uses HTC One X and when we held our phones in sunlight. his display was so reflective, it became a mirror but not my xperia m.nn-> user available internal space is low but you can free a lot of it by removing pre-installed apps and also you can move the sample media (videos, pictures) from internal to sd-card. it can be easily done via settings->storage.nn-> camera is average in low light conditions but performs very well in good light. remember to change the resolution to 5M in camera settings.nn-> after suffering from low battery of galaxy ace, xperia m is a big relief. nnTo sum up, this is the best budget android phone you can ever dream of. I got it for 12k from flipkart.nnAlhumdullilah. i am satisfied with my Xperia.nnnp.s. thank you all the people who wrote an honest review which made it easy to choose this phone. and for those who have not used the phone and post negative reviews just on assumption, i am marking there post as "report abuse".nnnUPDATE:nnUsing it for almost 6 months now. I m completely satisfied with Xperia M but there is one important thing I want the people to know who are thinking to buy this phone.nnAs u may know Xperia M has only 2 GB user available internal storage. That is fine but what most of us don't know is that u cannot move or install apps on sd card. Even the "app data" which can be very big in size like that of games u have to keep that on phone memory. So I would not recommend this phone for people who r into games or who install lots of apps. There is no doubt this phone runs even high end games smoothly but game size will suffocate this phone and soon it will be asking for u to free some space so that it can breathe again!nnSorry Xperia M I need to strip uvr 1 star. If u want to earn it back then Sony needs to provide us with a firmware update which enables us to move apps to sd card.

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Confessions of an AudioPhile...!!

Search for a VFM fone had begun as I was bored of my old Samsung Fit( it was a trustworthy fone though...) Budget was a constraint and so I was flipping thorugh Flipkart mobile page daily. But alas...none did catch my attention and the ones that did were out of my league.nn I was very stubborn about my requirments-n1. Not a big fanboy of 5+ inch fones...I needed something small and comfortable to hold and speak.n2. Good sound quality of songs as I am a big music lover. Constant travel during weekends had taught me that headfones are your next best companion apart from your friend who offers you free chips :-)n3. Casual gaming (Subway surfer, temple run sort) with which you could keep your pestering cousins at bay for a while :-)n4. Good call clarity with usual connectivity options.nnAnd then One day Voila....I was amazed by this sleek looking beauty during my casual surfing. This device was within my budget and the critics were also showering praise on this cute little gadget. My (curious mind + my impatient heart) went to work. Read reviews, watched reviews and ate reviews. Finally I was convinced that she was the one I want to spend the rest of my life with (atleast 2 years ;) ..)nnWent to a local dealer and checked the model. Suited each and everyone of my requirements perfectly.nn1. 4 inch screen...very nice to hold and slim too.n2. Superb audio clarity....different options like Clear Audio, Xloud and all....the headfones bundled with this are decent enough...Also got a Sony Headfone as Offer!!n3. Subway surfer, Temple run runs without any lags.n4. Amazing call clarity!!n5. Notification light...Oh how much I do love you!nnPlus lot of features like NFC and screen mirroring. Internal memory and battery may be quoted as a weak point but I am getting enough juice for one whole day with few calls, games , whatsapp and all.Trust will love every bit of this fone. For this price its a perfect companion for your hard earned money..!!nnSo I will modify Nike's tagline a bit and say... "JUST BUY IT." :-D

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Android as well as Sony has come a long way

My first smartphone purchase was HTC Explorer which i still rate as the best offering from Taiwanese manufacturer. That time android was fine but not refined. It had all the apps but few important things weren't great like notification toggles, multi-tasking and other small things that mattered a lot. nnI went on to Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 710 last year and fall in love with the OS. It was smooth, fast and almost hang-less. Then the sad departure of Windows 7.8 happened when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8. But, still the 7.8 OS had everything in place and had sufficient apps to keep you interesting. nnJust few days back, I came back on android and the change from Gingerbeard to Jelly Bean was quite refreshing. This OS is very handy and smooth. Notification toggles, recent apps are all good and handy. And the Google Now assistant is amazing. It genuinely recognizes Indian accent which neither Siri or voice commands from Windows phone could perform well. Hats off to google for this.nnNow, Coming back to the device in hand, Sony Xperia M, I must admit the reason i bought this device was budget as I didn't want to spend more than 13k. With such a modest budget and flagships tipping scale at 50k, my expectations weren't high. Anyways, but the processor and RAM had me interesting. nnAs far as looks goes, this phone is really pretty and sleek. 9/10 for it. Only iPhone 4 beats it which is a dozen thousand expensive. Turning on the display made me feel really good. I expected a dull screen but trust me, the screen is better than Xperia L or SP which are expensive devices than this. The screen is sharp and colors are nice and punchy. 10/10 for such a screen at such a price. The processor and RAM were the two most interested things. As expected, it didn't let me down and it runs as smooth and fluid as any other Android device would. Sony could easily earn 10/10 overall for the processor and RAM itself. The inbuilt memory isn't great and you get a mere 2 GB for apps and games as you can't use SD card for those. But, still I feel it's good enough as popular games always fall into 20-40 mb range. Meaning you could have around 50+ Games and Apps which isn't bad at all. Being a play station certified phone, the gameplay was great. No complains about that at all. nnThe only thing of concern was the camera but then again you are spending 13k only. BTW camera is good in day light but struggles a little in night and low-light scenarios. Low light imaging is costly affair so until you are ready to spend double the amount or go to Lumias, nothing can be done in this regard. nnAll in all, I am more than satisfied with this device. For everything including the camera, I give a thumbs up coz it's the money you should compare a phone with and not with other devices.nnWell done Sony and Well done Google

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Awesome and what the hell

As usual , Flipkart delivered it in just 2 days .. I bought the white variant as it has better looks than the black one , but you have to take extra care as it will get dirty.. nnThe phone is damn AWESOME! I earlier thought to buy the Galaxy Core , but it quite slow and has an old GPU .. nnDisplay : It is only 4 inches .. It's touch is good but it does get dirty ... I don't need a screen which is more than 4 inches , that's why I went for it rather than Xperia L and Galaxy Core.. It also has great viewing angles..nnScores 8.5/10 nnCamera : By default it is set on 3 megapixels.. You can change it to 5 megapixel but the resolution turns into 4:3 which is small ..For this I would recommend an app named Camera FX Zoom which will make the resolution 16:9 and 5 megapixel.. Low-light pictures are just fine, but the pictures taken in day-light are awesome with the feature HDR turned on .. It also has a front camera which can be used for video calling .. nnLow- light photo's = 8/10 nDay-light photo's = 9/10 nnLooks : It's looks are great .. It's back is slightly curved which makes it even better...nnScores 9/10nnProcessor: It's Qualcomm and Snapdragon S4 and has 1GB of RAM .. It is lightning fast and can easily run any kind of app with it's Adreno 305 GPU .. It can even run Asphalt 8 so Temple Run is a piece of cake for it.. nnScores 10/10nnSound Quality : It is just too loud .. It even beats the Xperia C and Xperia L which are almost 7-8 k costlier than this.. Music in headphones is also good with it.. nnScores 9.5/10 nnInternal Storage : To be frank , it is low .. Only 2.05 GB is not enough for me .. But there's always an option i.e., Rooting! nnScores 7/10nnBattery : It works for a whole day on average usage i.e., 1 hour of high graphic gaming , half an hour of calls and 1 hour of Facebook , WhatsApp and other random things ..There are also many battery saving modes.. nnScores 9/10 nnOther Features : This phone has NFC , which is seriously quite useful and awesome.. It also has awesome notification light..Small apps is also a good feature.. It is like the multi-window thingy.. nnBut there's one thing I din't like is that there has been no update ever since this phone has been released .. My brother has Xperia L and it just had 2-3 updates and it has been updated to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean .. Sony has also confirmed to update Xperia L to 4.3 Android .. But Sony is telling nothing about my phone and updates of it.. nnAll in all , this is a killer phone ..nn UPDATEn30th January 2014nnThis phone fell from about two foot of height and fell down and swoooosh! The display was TOTALLY SHATTERED.. The price to repair the display at Kolkata is 6,500 INR and the Sony people are having my phone for more than 2 weeks! They are saying that getting Xperia M's display is no easy task.. People keep saying horrible things about Xolo , Micromax service stations but have they ever went a Sony service center? I was there for almost 3 hours and tomorrow will be third week they are having my phone and they have not even received the part.. This maybe even badder than the Xolo things.. nnPhone is extremely sensitive and may break from a single fall so make sure you buy a case.. Believe me Sony service is the worst .. Next time I will definitely buy a Samsung one .. I guess Samsung's service and build quality would not be so bad .. Horrible experience this was .. nnBuild Quality - 1/10

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