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Sony Xperia M2 Dual
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Rs 8,000
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Sony Xperia M2 Dual
Out of Stock
₹ 8,000
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Sony called it successor of xperia m,how can a 21k mobile be a successor of 12k mobile,nDuring launch at MWC,it was announced that 4g xperia m2 will be available for 220 euro(Rs. 18000) but it is available at 22k for 3g only in India.nSony Pls think a littlebit , R u really doing justice to indian consumers when there is MOTO G(Better Display, Water Proof, android 4.4 support from google) and lot of indian players(like micromax,karbonn,lava ,xolo) ???ntotally disappointed from sony...nnNo issues with Flipkart,nAs usual you guys are doing fabulous job.

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Here is why Xperia M2 is costlier than its rival

1) Its premium look. - It looks very nice in reality (Check out nearest store) its unibody design is awesome better than Grand2, new lg-L90 and MotoG.nn2) Less in PPI doesnt means its display is worst - All compares its PPI with grand2 and motog. It has nice vivid colors and nice viewing angle. Yes its you will find recognizable pixels if you will keep it distance of 5cm from your eyes. More importantly less pixality means less battery drain.nn3) Future ready phone: Though indian version of M2 is not LTE but it has great features NFC, MiraCast, and screen sharing technologies which present at high end phone. And its rival grand2 and motog don't have that. And it also supports OTG.nn4) Performance: 1 gb ram is more than sufficient for a normal user and it delivers good with it. Grand-2 has old oval body fitted with 1.5 GB ram still it hangs because its UI is highly customized where as for M2 its customized but retains many core android feelings.nn5) Camera: Its Sony not Samsung/Lg/Moto, so camera is great with great low light performance. better than MotoG and Grand2nn6) Review: Guys, every site shows below average rating for this phone, check out low rating review all are related with price nothing is related with its performance and hardware issue.nnThere are many points which describes why it is costlier..above are few to do justification with M2.. ;-)

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For all those HATERS out there > 'XPERIENCE' the differentness of 'XPERIA' then speak !!

First of all , IF I COULD RATE more than 5 stars I would have CERTAINLY done that . nI am using this piece-of-beauty from last 3 I have a fair idea about it coupled with the fact that I am a long time SONY user ....(i last had XPERIA L )nnSO For all those complaining about its price , 'only' qHD screen , old GPU , less power , this-that and all that blah blah blah..... You need the understand the difference between a local company and a brand like SONY . Some say that its only a qHD screen ...then what ?? what actually matters is the clarity to the eyes and you can simply compare it with any HD screen phone out there and XPERIA M2 will be equivalent to it . Its SONY's expertise that has been put into EVERY ASPECT of this phone ....right from its SLEEK DESIGN to its PERFORMANCE . nNot a single lag till date while running mediocre games , multitasking etc. Every thing is fluidic unless you are a geek trying to test this device with all those benchmarks etc. nnThere's a difference between THEORETICAL and PRACTICAL aspects , so though this phone seems on a little bit weaker side ON PAPER ....It will perform better and much better PRACTICALLY .....that's the beauty of SONY !! nnAnd those comparing it with MOTO G and GRAND 2 , go get a look at this beauty , FEEL it and then decide .......... the first thing that people notice is the design of the phone AND MIND YOU this phone simply STUNS everyone , looks just like a miniature XPERIA Z2 but very COMPACT and easy to use (practically).nnIn each department , SONY's special touch can be felt .....with features like NFC , Miracast , DLNA , OTG , EXMOR RS , HDR etc. this handset is atleast future-proof than MOTO G , GRAND 2 .....which just boast of good techs on PAPER only. nn###SO CONCLUSION is that though it may seem that XPERIA M2 lacks some things on will give a comfortable , hassle-free and a different 'XPERIENCE" altogether !! ###nnnnSO JUST GO FOR IT and enjoy yourself in the SONY ECOSYSTEM .... :P :)nnnP.S -- I read someone's review who was asking if SONY considered themselves as APPLE . My answer is that YES it won't be wrong if SONY does that .....n Even STEVE JOBS admired SONY and he had even proposed an idea that SONY VAIO series should run on MAC OS X .......that simply gives the answer in terms of PRECISION in engineering and INNOVATION in technology ..... !!

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Really, Sony?

Sony, get over with the qHD and Jelly Bean already. Your competitors are giving the real HD at half your price range. And just so you know, taking pictures with a big ass megapixel camera, is not the only thing people do with their phone... there is lot more to it.

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Default SIM selction for calling

Its a bad phone because it always ask ypu for selecting sim card and u can not select the default sim card for calling and tap again again for calling anybody (minimum 4 touches required for a single call..


all is same


single tap feture for calling and default sim for calling

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