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Sony Xperia SL
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Sony Xperia SL
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go for it

i dont have this set but m having xperia s for 1 month now and i m loving my phone. Lets not go to specs.. u could find it anywhere..nwould jst talk about how it feels to use it.. ni m not owning this but m using xperia s which is more or less same... so telling u xperience of 1 month with xperia Snnn**SCREEN** nfirst and most amazing feature HD screen 1280*720 p that gives a whopping 342ppi pixel density which is best in martket. not even iphone5 is having this much ppi. Watching movies and videos is just awesome and crystal clear. I showed it to my frnds and every1 was saying wtf on picture clearity. phone has sony bravia engine which enhance graphics.nn**CAMERA**nthe camera is 12 MP and best available in market whether you talk of stills or video of 1080P , you can also get 3D picture with it.nfront is also goog with 1.3MP does what it is reqd. to donn**Sound**nthe sound is awesome.. Its walKman certified phone. headphone is good(ear in plug) but could had been better in terms of luks.nn**PERFORMANCE**nIt gives realy good performance. play HD video smoothly, HD games easily with no lags(remember its play station certified). Ram is 712Mbn this could had been better(Sl hav 1 gb :) ) but you dont feel any problem with it generaly 99% of time. jst keep an eye on useless apps consuming ram and it wont b a problem.nn**User Interface**nThe UI is pitty good. the feel of the phone is awesome.Added graphics and live wallpaper With HD graphics is a pleasure. Samsung is years behind in this aspect.. its a shitt.... u wont get the feel of using a smartphone with them once u use sony or htc.nnnnn**Battery life**nwell many people have an eye on this segment.nthe battery is 1750 Mah.. works okk with daily requirements of a normal user. U should know that having a monster processor and HD screen eats up battery so dont Expect it to last for a week.npersonally i had a close look on the battery aspect and let me tell u in detail..nn * if u continuously play HD games then expect it be around 4-6 hours.nn * u get browsing time of about 8-9 hours on 2g and 6-7 hours on 3G.n get connected on wifi it wont it eat up battery, auto sync will take around 7-8% of battery per day :)n *while at stand by it takes 10% for 8 hours that means could last for 4 days in thatnnoveralln10 hours for heavy users; (gaming of 2 hours + music 4 hours + browsing 1 hour + cals 1 hour)n15-18 hours for moderate users (1 hour gaming, 1 hr browsing,4-5 hours of music and 1 hour call)n20-30 hours for simple user(jst for sm calls and 1-2 hour of other activity)nnnjst remember the screen takes majority so screen on and battry gone (6-8 hours)nndoes well for get 1 day morning to night. that enough for a regular user. :) nnn**overall**nnice phone with good screen,camera,performance what else u require..nnit has Hdmi port nice to watch on big screennother than that its a walkman phone also,plays live tv with flash on my airtel 2g, ICS is great to use,smooth touch :)nnAt last its a good phone, gives u value for money and i quite happy.. go for it :)nn9/10

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Xperia SL !!!

The redesigned Xperia S, now Xperia SL is undoubtedly the best phone available in the market in this segment. At 31K this phone deserves every dime u put into it. It is 1.7GHz, 200MHz faster than its predecessor, it has 26GB user accessible memory vs the earlier 13GB. 50GB cloud storage for a liftetime, Android OS V4.0, and bluetooth V3.0, which is 6 times faster than bluetooth 2.1.nThe Sony Bravia Engine in the display + 12MP camera produce exceptionally crisp images with amazingly high resolution, better than Apple's retina display also !!! Sony is even giving an HDMI port which no other brand except Nokia is giving. The new Lumia 900 is good but doesn't deserve the 31K !!! It has only 8MP camera and 512 RAM, so don't even think about it !!!

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sony beats samsung all d way.....

as this phone is sony so:n1. u got d best display(with mobo bravia engine)n2. u hav d best camera .....12.1 mp so its obvious tht it rocksn3. u got d best sound as its a sony phone so nthin to doubt on itn4. well a good 1.7 ghz scorpian dual core proccesor...dont compare it to quad core proccesor of samsung as whts d use of quad core when d phone still hang....more over there are very few aaps in play market tht use more than 2 cores at most it can go to 3 so no use of quad core n.n.n. nwelll comin to other features u can compare n judge nn uif u r a samsung lover ...u wont get any other phone dis osun in dis price range in samsung.above ol sony experience is totally different after buyin a sony phone u will nvr go for other phones (exceptions r always dere) do buy it n watch movie on big screen wid hdmi cablenit totaally worth buyin belive mi...:):):):)

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Go for Xperia S

Xperia SL , is a slight refresh of Xperia S. (Deja Vu, Arc and Arc S). Basically what you are getting is overclocked Qualcomm S3, same chipset as found in Xperia S, and ICS out of box. Apart from it Basically phone remains same. Go with Xperia S, why shell out 2 grands more, when you can overclock processor yourself by rooting and installing cyanogen, and you hav got an ready to seed updated for the later. Also, Xperia S is getting the AOSP support from Google Devlopers, so it might be a very good buy. While I suggest wait for while till sony officially announces Xperia T and Xperia TX in India. A Qualcomm S4 would be a hugh upgrade over S3. And it might just be priced somewhere near this price range only.

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Sony Xperia is great!! HTC is not!! Pathetic service from HTC!

I must warn you before buying any HTC phone! The kind of service I have received is absolutely shocking considering it is such a big brand!nnIn the past 1 year that I have owned my htc desire z, I have had to give it for servicing 2 times. First time they took a month to repair and the second time, I went to collect it after almost 2 months, and while checking the phone at the service center, it started giving a completely new problem!! So had to give it back immediately for another repair!!nnTheir network is so bad that nobody knows what is the status of the phone. They have outsourced their front-end service to the most useless people who never cooperate. The customer care is just some call center who sweet-talk you into believing you will get the phone while the actual service center is somewhere in Bangalore and everyone bluntly refuses to provide the contact number for that!!nnI have wasted so much time & money on making calls trying to follow up and I have even had to go till their higher management but its of no use...nnIf you are buying htc, then you're just asking for trouble.

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