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Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual
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Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual
Out of Stock
₹ 13,990
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Sony made me believe ;

First of all kudos to Flipkart for prompt and timely delivery.nnThis is my first ever review for a phone and I’m taking this pain to write because this phone deserves to get reviewed. nn1.Camera: n Many people are complaining regarding noise and overall image quality with the stock camera. I installed a third party app i.e. Ucam and believe me photos are awesome in good light regarding night capture noise was always a problem with Sony camera but in manual mode if you adjust the settings accordingly to the conditions believe me noise will be reduced to great extent. I’m sure people facing issues with stock camera is due to some software issues which I can say that Sony will resolve in future updates.nn2.Battery: n Well this is one of the major reasons I fell in love with this mobile. 6” screen and with the most beautiful display I was not expecting anything but 2-2.5 hrs of screen on time. But to my surprise I got 5hrs 38 mins of screen on time with brightness at 75%-80% still 10% battery is remaining and the total discharge time from 100% to 10% is 1d 0h 3m which is miles better than any 6” phones today previously I needed to charge the phone every evening. Finally I feel I’m using mobile previously always connected to charger felt like landline (:-P). Also I did not use any stamina mode my Google sync was on for entire testing along with Wi-Fi and GPS too.nn3.Performance: n Did not install any games but did not feel like using 1GB RAM the experience was flawless no lag at all. People complaining about the RAM are the ones who are heavy gamers and do lots and lots of tasks for them it will surely be an issue. But for moderate users like me using WHATSAPP, GPS and Google, this device is more worth to what it has been priced. So overall performance is very very good all credits to Sony for their good software optimizations.n4.Display: n The first thing you will notice about this phone is its awesome display. IPS display has done the magic. Viewing angles are also very good. Images are crisp and clear even though the pixel density is less but it stands out when compared to other phones displays. And Bravia Engine 2 adds further charm to the display. Overall a killer display.n5.Body: n Very sturdy and well-built with good positioning of headphone jack and charger port. It feels royal and the glossy finish at the back adds more glamors to the phone. About the weight if I do not mention it then it would be unjust for the phone, it is so light weight you will never feel you are keeping a phablet in your pocket.n6.Sound: n Yes I agree the sound is low compared to the speaker size given at the back. But who listens to songs on speakers or watch movies using speakers for me I have never done that I always used headphones to listen anything be it songs or movies. The loudness is low which I think can be overcome with some software changes after getting root access to mobile which I hope to see soon on XDA Developers. I had Xperia S prior to this and I used Xperia S headphones with this mobile and trust me the beats and sound is much much better. Overall not a major drawback it can be overcome by time.n7.Call quality: n I did not use two SIMS tested only with single SIM with 3G activated all the time and no call drops ever and clarity was good even in places where signal was very weak. Also used the speaker during a call it is good if you are not in crowded area as the speaker is not very loud but it is good and can be lived with.n8.Connectivity: n No issues at all in this department let me tell you that both SIMS cannot have 3G SIM1 supports 3G while SIM2 does not. No data connection lost for the entire testing period. Wi-Fi is also very good and captures signals even if signal is weak. Did not get time to test file transfer using Wi-Fi direct but I’m sure it will work fine.nnThat is my experience for this phone and I’m very very happy with this device. nnI saw lot of people facing issues with restart and hardware related issues so I kindly request them to get the piece exchanged because I and there are many others who are not facing these issues. Why I’m saying this is because lots of people look for reviews and decide to purchase or not. Also I would say if anyone who is looking for mobile with price range of 22k this is the best phone to go for there will be no regrets at all. And after all it’s SONY and they really did “Made us believe”. nnHave a nice and wonderful day ;-)?

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Xperia T2 Ultra

Using this phone for last 2 days. Bought it from flip cart. Ordered it on Sunday & got it on Monday (hats off to Flipcart!)nnThe best part of the phone is value for money.nnPros:n~ Good display.n~ Nice surfing experience.n~ Superb camera.n~ Gorgeous look.n~ Fantastic sound quality.n~Awesome battery lifennCons:nHardly found any. Initially suspected 1 GB RAM may become an issue. But, for users like me (not avid game applications user) it's perfectly fine.

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T to T2

Well as all we know this phablet is an upgrade to Sony's last years "XPERIA T", as an upgrade Sony has tried it's best to satisfy their users, so let's go to the PROS and CONS straight away without talking much about Sony and their last year's device.nnPROS:n# Great Build Quality. n# Best in class Camera with Sony's XmorRS Lens which has the highest camera resolution in its class. 1080p HD video recording.n# Best in class HD display - Sony's TRILUMINOS display for mobile and BRAVIA Engine.n# Lightest, Slimmest and most compact phone in its class.n# 3000 mAh Batteryn# Near Field Communicationn# Expandable memory up to 32 GB.n# XPERIA User Interfacen# Easier One Handed Usage feature.n# Unlimited Music Streaming and Downloads using Sony Musicn# 50GB Free Cloud Storage with BOX application.n# Lost Phone Tracking. (myxperia dot sonymobile dot com)n# Multitasking using Sony Small Apps.n# 1.4 Ghz Snapdragon 400 Processor.n# Adreno 305 GPU.nnCONS:n# Android 4.3 JellyBean OS. (Upgradable to 4.4 KitKat)n# Plastic Body (finger print smudges on the back of the phone).n# Not Dust proof, Water proof.n# No High Definition Media Interface.n# Awkward placement of Charging port and 3.5mm Headphone jack port.n# 8 GB on board memory (4GB Useable)n# Mushy Camera and Volume Rocker keys.n# Less Pixel Density - 445Pixels Per Inch. n# 1 GB RAM.n# Speaker Placement.nnWhy buy this phone?n If you watch a lot of videos or read books on your phone this is the one that you have to go for, because of its bright and vivid 6 inch display the videos look crisper, brighter, richer and all thanks to the TRILUMINOS Display for mobile. And if you are a gamer you'll love this phone because the gaming experience is really great even with the Adreno 305 GPU all the games run smoothly without lag. The Camera: No comments about it. Best in Class. nnWhy not to buy this phone?n This is not a tough phone that can survive falls, water and dust because this is completely built using plastic.

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Excellent hardware, poor execution on the software

LATEST UPDATE:nThe new 4.4 Kit Kat update underclocks the CPU to 1.2 GHz to reduce battery drains. You may verify this by using the CPU-Z utility. You can separately verify the same by checking the Antutu Benchmarking score which is higher for the 4.3 Jelly Bean version than the 4.4 Kit Kat.nnNow this phone is totally worthless!nnPros:n1) Excellent displayn2) Very fast processor, no lag at all even with heavy multi-taskingn3) Some might tell you the RAM is insufficient but such self-professed pundits know too little themselves to make any informed opinionn4) Wifi antenna is exceptionally good, manages to latch on to very weak signals most other phones cannot.n5) The battery is the most awesome part of the phone. It lasts forever - you may even sometimes wonder if it goes below 30% so you can finally have it charged back up in time for the next day. Mine lasts typically for a full 2 days at least and my use is very HEAVY.n6) I do not use the camera much, to me all phone cameras are equally worthless, but my friends tell me the camera on this phone is quite goodn(Why worthless? google: "true camera resolution" "dots per pixel and camera picture quality" "megapixel resolution versus camera sensor size"nnCons (few, but grave):nIf you have no qualms about it, you may root your phone with a custom ROM and probably get around these seemingly trivial problems and the phone has nothing to be complained about (but very few might be brave enough or possess the expertise to do that and risk the warranty on a new phone)nn1) Phone crashes unexpectedly over open networks and sometimes even when the network turns off due to a router reset. There seems to be a software bug with the WiFi handler application. Although it reboots really fast, something of this sort is not expected. This problem is recurring but cannot be recreated at will which makes it all the more difficult to pin-point and avoid. I have been in touch with the online Sony Customer Care Center and they don't seem to be aware of this problem. Even the guys at the Customer Care Center admitted mine was the first phone of the model to fall into their hands. I'd recommend you wait for the software updates with these bug fixes to be released before buying.n2) The Sony Walkman player that comes with it is buggy too. It causes the phone to reboot or freeze and you have to press the little blue "Power off" button with a .5 pencil head (hidden inside the SIM cover near the SIM1 slot) to turn it off since there's no option to pull out the battery. However you may circumvent this by disabling the app completely and using a 3rd party app.

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Need Info abut chipset of this device !!

Those who are using please confirm whether its SoC is nQualcomn Snapdragon MSM8928 (as mentioned on Flipkart) or nQualcomn Snapdragon MSM8228 (Dual Sim Variant w/out LTE)nnMSM8928 is LTE version which I highly doubt in India.

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