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Sony Xperia T3
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Rs 16,990
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Sony Xperia T3
Out of Stock
₹ 16,990
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Snapdragon 400 and 1 gb ram for 27k. Worthless. Please don't waste your money on this, Get a nexus 5 instead. nnPS. Moto G has the same specs and only costs 12 -14k

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Everyone Review after buying the phone

I think 90% of 33 reviews posted here had not bought the phone.. The price is for the design.. Ultra Thin Mobile... I agree the price part.. but I think now every one are giving reviews only for prices.... nIf you are crazy with price.. then I think flipkart should start two categories -- one for product and one for price....

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Wished i could rate it half

Neways.....the phone sucks any 12k-14k phone and u will surely get a better phone than this..........people paying 27k for such a piece is nuisance.

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Much better alternatives.

I suggest to get a Nexus 5,lg G2 or even the mi3 nall these phones are top notch on specs and seriously why would anyone wanna pay almost 27000 for a processor which is 2 years old.nnAlso that smartband is of no use the only useful feature is play pause music xDnnI would have appreciated if it was a better earphone or a smartwatch :D

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Decent phone though overpriced

I had purchased xperia T3 just 15 days back , on third day after its launch- It is available on flipkart & others at 26500 . I had just purchased it because sony has high standard better than other brands, its shape is good and looks very pretty having steel frame and my desire of having a smartphone is most important which can't be compared with price.nIam using it for past 15 days and i find the phone is excellent . The main attraction is that it is very slim phone just 7mm . screen size is good enough to watch movies & enjoy video recordings, u will really find it comfortable to hold it . For first 4-5 days u might find it a little big but after using it for few days u find it comfortable.nNow come to specifications- nPositive:-nultra slimnscreen size goodncamera goodnkitkat latestndecent battery backupnnNegatives:-nprice is high , it should be somewhere around 20-21000nwhen compared to xperia z I find T3 lags.nThe major drawback i find is RAM should be 2 GB , (xperia Z has 2 GB) , Since iam not fond of games so i sacrifice for that,nInternal memory should be 16 GB which is very useful ( Z has 16 GB). Anyways u can expend it through memory card .nCamera i find is good as compared with 13 MP of xperia Z since T3 has triluminous display.nBattery should be atleast 2800 mah for 5.3 display. while Z has 2330 mah -even xperia Z lags in battery . nproceessor -- It should be 1.8ghz around snapdragon 800 keeping in view as offered by other brands like nexus & htc. nRest i was having 5 options in price range of 26000 approx.-n 1. xperiaZ n2. Note3 neo n3. xperia T3n4. nexusn5. htc desire 816nnAll have suggested Xperia Z, nexus or desire 816 because of its specification. nNo one has suggested note 3 neo.nT3 was my personnel choice since it is latest mobile, ultra slim big screen , very pretty looksnI don't like shape of HTC Desire and nexus plus there thickness, so i rejected them.nNo store keeper suggested me note 3 neo , previously my first choice was note 3 neo so I rejected it.nFinal choice left was xperia z & xperia T3nI find xperia z better in as compared to T3 . But lookwise & displaywise I find T3 much pretty , sexy and excellent set .nSince iam not addict to too much games & internet , so I sacrifice for 2 GB RAM and heavy processor .nXperia Z processor is 1.5 GHZ snapdragon , T3 has 1.4 snapdragon which is at par with Z???s processor & is very fast .nBattery can be made better around 2700-2800 mah.nCamera quality I find in T3 better as compared to Z .nnRest I like shape, slimness , screen size , metal frame very much so I opted for T3nBut believe me T3 is very decent mobile if u can compromise for RAM & very heavy processor which depends on your use for games , internet and heavy application.nRest I would suggest to buy it on price drop to somewhere around 20-21000.nIf u purchase from dealer u can negotiate with him to deduct the price of band available with T3 which can further reduce the price by around 1000 to 1500 Rs. This option is not available on online buying.nPurchasing a mobile is personnel choice and having a decent set which u would like to hold in your hands matter much more as compared to price u pay for it.

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