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Sony Xperia Z Ultra
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Sony Xperia Z Ultra
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Why Sony, why?

Trust me guys, I never wrote reviews on Flipkart ever, but this one really deserves it.nFirst of, this phone has a 1080p screen with Sony's Triluminos and OptiContrast display (they normally use it in their LED Televisions), also Adreno 330 (stock frequency as 320) with Snapdragon series 800 chipset which packs 4 Krait cores at clocked 2.2 GHz each. Only these specs are enough to justify that this phablet is nothing but a Multimedia Package. Needless to say, your Blu Ray movies, 3D games and overall feel of the GUI will be like smooth as butter.nnI only wonder WHY in the World, WHY did Sony not even bother to add an extra speaker to the phone? It has a monaural sound (only one speaker). And I agree that the camera does not require a flash, still an LED flash would have been a needful addition. With so much money in, you can't let yourself compromise on anything. Hats off to the engineers at Sony for creating a literal benchmark for Android phones (at least for this year), but I bet they must have thought about this. Overall, a good phone. But people giving importance to battery life, external audio and flash, beware.

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Great Phone

Yes you read that right PHONE. I was fully aware what I was going to buy and use as my daily driver. Currently on 4.4.2 kitkat.nnNow let's get on with the review: nnI (anyone) would give 5 stars for its build quality and premium feel. Glass and metal just feels awsome(don't forget to put a screen protector on it).nnBattery life is nothing extraordinary, but it will easily last one day.(get the magnetic charger cable to protect the water proof flap from wear and tear).nnThe major criteia on which the selection of my smartphone depends upon is PERFORMANCE and then PRICE then comes other things like build quality, screen quality,manufacturer reputation, battery life etc.nI'm not a big fan of smartphone cameras.Only smartphones whch have good cameras are either the expensive flagships or or other phones which lack in other important departments. Coming to the point, I must say I wasn't amused with the quality of the camera but it certainly produces decent photographs in good lighting conditions and also do some nice indoor pictures.I do not miss the flash from my previous phone. I used it's flash for two major reasons:nnAs a torchnnAnd for capturing images of a notebook or a document in below sufficient indoor lighting conditions. nnThe z ultrahas some good low light features. So now I do not reqiure a flash at all and.the photos come out decent too.nnThough video capture is a bit noisy.nnComing to the SCREEN quality:nnGnRnEnAnTn!n!nYes, it's that good. Very accurate colours and very good(rather excellent)white levels Screen is tack sharp at 344 ppi. Well anything is good above ~310 ppi. The large screen makes for a great gaming experience(even asphalt 8 or real racing 3 does not lag even at their highest settings) and watching movies is a treat for the eyes. Large screen means more content is able to display at a time(usually, in this case it is a definite yes). You can read full fledged desktop sites with ease without any zooming. nThe ability to use pencils is great. It is pretty accurate though it lacks palm rejection:-/. (use a 6b pencil to avoid scratches. A 4b pencil is also good)nTouch response is great. nnCALL QUALITY:nIn contrary to some reviews on the internet, the call quality is great. When it on full volume you can make out wht others are saying even without sticking your phone to the ear(that's in a relatively quiet environment).nThe ear phone speaker quality is very good.nnPERFORMANCE: nsnapdragon 800. Yes that's all. It's crazy fast zipping through menus and settings will put iphones to shame. Don't expect even a single game to lag on it. Not even one.nnIssues: nNot faced anything problamatic yet.nnThe cover which flikart is giving with it is NOT worth 2999(definitely). That movit flip covers bought for 699 or 599rs. But the quality is still good.nnFAQs: 1) does this has self cracking issues?nAnswer: no the z ultra has none of these self cracking glass. Though the original Z, Z1, Z2, Z3 has it. n2)how do I know it?nI have played very demanding games while the phone was charging enough to heat it and then left it to cool.nn3) does the box contains magnetic dock/cable?nAnswer :No,You will have to get one from either eBay or your local dealer. I selected the rs 390 one on ebay and then used ebay10deal to get a 10% discount. What I got was an original sony magnetic charging cable:-D. nn4)how's the front camera?nAnswer: good but not great.nn5) Will it get lollipop? nAnswer: The z ultra gpe already has one. This one will be getting soon.nn6)wifi range?nAnswer: goodnn7)Sound quality? nnAnswer: external speaker is not so loud due to water proofing. But the audio through the headphone jack is very good.nnHoping that I helped you make an Informed choice

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Faulty & Used product

I ordered Xperia Z ultra from flipkart on was delivered on promised time but product was faulty & it used to hang sometimes.. on 15jan 2015 phone died automatically ! I tried all kinds of hard resets mentioned in user manual but it wont turn on, notification LED just blinks 3 times but phone doesn't turn on (some users call it sudden death)... i took phone along with flipkart invoice & all accessories to sony's service center... but after checking phone for basic resets & IMEI number, they refused to take phone saying this phone has been activated a year ago so it doesn't come under warranty, but we will check and let you know... its been 3 days and i haven't got any answer from sony... looks like filpkart has sold me used product, if flipkart had delivered a brand new product i wouldn't have gone through all this frustration... Requesting flipkart to look into this matter and solve it ASAP ...

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Awsome phone but never buy it

This phone is great in every respect.once u buy u will be in love with this device.but always keep like ?12k in ur pocket for a replacement of ur cracked screen.the screen of this mobile is so fragile even the vibration of ur own mobile can crack the four months old is currently at Sony service centre and they are asking like 12.5k for the replacement.

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Dont even think of buying Sony's Mobile products!!

Dear friends, Dont ever think of buying this product nor any mobile products from SONY.nI have reasons :n1) Product quality is poor. Especially, Glass and Display which will crack without any physical damage by the user. Possible root causes : Improper assembly, Excess pressure fit of components, susceptible to crack due to heat. Just google and find out how many people have reported "Single Line crack". n2) If you approach for, the so called "Authorized service center", the response that you get is standard " Your Warranty is void, since its physical damaged". n3) If its water proof mobile, you cant repair and you have to replace. And it will cost another 50% of MRP. In case, you are out of warranty, you will have to throw the phone and buy another one. This might be the case with other brand mobiles, but the why sony is worst is because SONY products are with high number of manufacturing defects. Anyone in mechanical engineering field would understand that atleast 100 products will have defects if 1 million products are made. "100" may be reduced but never be zero. But SONY never take accountability on this and put the burden on Customer. One time sony can fool us, not every time. Friends Beware! Dont Buy this company's products. In case, you land up getting a defective product, you doomed with that and no support whatsoever from SONY. IF there is a zero rating, I would have given that.

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