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Sony Xperia Z2
Out of Stock
Rs 35,990
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Sony Xperia Z2
Out of Stock
₹ 35,990
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Awesome Phone!

I had been using this phone for the last couple of days and below are my comments. These are not very detailed but just thought would post which may help your decision making process.nnPros:nScreeen - IPS makes it stunning than many of the other flagship models as well Z1. nProcessor - Ultra Fast due to 801 Chipsets. Never hangs or heats up. nRam - 3 GB ram which makes the device super fast. nWeight - Extremely well built and you really feel this phone lighter even in pockets. nBattery - 3 Days in Stamina Mode (very useful) and 1.5 days on normal usage with 3G, Listening to songs and other regular activities. No problems faced. Very impressed. nLED Indicator - Well placed and very useful. nSound Quality - Amazing with and without headphones both for calls and audio. nWireless connectivity - Awesome. nnCon'snNothing much. nSome may feel the phone to be little larger, this definitely smaller than a Note 3. nnSmartbandnVery useful accesory that can track every moment of your life. nGetting used to it only now. nTracks how much walk, speak, listen to music, sleep, burn calories etc etc.. very useful if worn 24/7. nnThis phone is definitely worth the investment against the other flagship models that are currently available and this includes S5 and HTC M8 (One 2)

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The Best Android of 2014

And here comes the REAL thingnnXperia has defined what Xperia-nce is all about in android. This has been much awaited and sony did not disappoint at all.nnWe all know about the snapdragon, the screen, cam and other great features of the phone but what makes it a winner isnnConstant innovation in the design unlike plastic band aid design that looks like 5 thousand rupee phones. You really feel proud to carry this around. It looks premium and has a strong accessorial quotient. nn3gb of RAMnnNo bloatware stuffed UI that some korean companies are trying to sell as path breaking innovation. The Sony UI is simplistic and oriented with respect to convenience and fast operation.nnIt is really waterproof and not just spill proof unlike a plastic phonennMusic and movies, i mean especially the sound is a SONY thing. You need to experience itnnImage stabilization nnLot of available RAM coz UI is not an overkill with bloatwarennNo cheating in internal memory. You get almost 16 gbnnnIt is said that making a brand is about making great things and a little talking. However some leading companies are doing the opposite and thinking they will survive forever. No, they have already started to go down and hard work and a will to make something good, will only survive and this is what Sony has done with Z2. nnZ2 is not a phone, its a story of triumph. It is a story that describes how to win a market that was flooded with cheap plastic phones being sold at unreasonable prices with people going mad over them. nnFrom having almost no market to having a significant market share and respectable position; this is what Sony has done in the last 2 years in India.nnMarketing without substance does not last forever. Don't think that Indians can be fooled again and again with nonsense plastic phones. One needs to respect their customer and give them the best they can make. They should learn from Sony. nnI still feel the price is a bit more.. but looking at the popular competitors, a premium and genuine device priced little higher makes sense.

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Bye Bye galaxy S5.. Sony is here

So finally Xperia Z2 is in the market. It's late because Sony's had some trouble getting the Xperia Z2 into stores, missing its original early April release. Anyway, talking about the phone it's one of the best android smartphone you will get.nPros-n* For photography enthusiast this is must buy. It has excellent camera. The Z2 provides lot of customizable camera feature more than any other smartphone. And also 4K recording is possible.n* The screen has improved a lot. Not only it has bumped the size from 5 inches onnthe Xperia Z1 to 5.2 inches, it's alsonimplemented IPS LCD technology which gives much better viewing angles & provides much natural colours unlike the Galaxy S5's over saturated display.n* Top of the line snapdragon hardware. 3Gb RAM! No doubts in the performance. All graphics intensive games can be played without lags.n* Waterproof/Dustproof. Incredible battery life. Excellent design of glass & metal. But there is not so much improvement in the design but it looks premium.nnCons-n* No cons. nIt's a simple smartphone. It has no headlining feature which will make it stand out. But In comparison, the S5 don't have snapdragon & even S5 lags a lot in performance. The Z2 beats the Htc one M8 in camera. M8 lacks of 4K recording. So over all Z2 does excellent job. Well packaged. A free wearable device, Case & free Michael Jackson's latest album which makes this deal pretty sweet actually. If you're looking for an all round top performer, the Xperia Z2 is great of all.nn** But if u already own an Xperia Z1 then you will hardly notice difference except the camera,screen & little bit performance. **

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Awesome phone but...

Ok first of all, if you have a Z1, no use upgrading to the Z2. It's very expensive but hopefully the prices will come down after 2-3 months. If you still want a beautiful phone like this under budget, you can always choose the Xperia Z. It comes for under 28K. The display of Z is also good unless you plan to use it some crazy viewing angles. Phones this pricey will not sell very well in developing nations. Sony must learn something from their past mistakes and get the price down to under 40K. Or else they will surely lose to the competition. Also I recommend not buying phones as soon as they arrive because most of them have some sort of problems which will be corrected after a few user complaints.

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Worst ever smart phone

I was using Galaxy S4 for a year and just thought to change my phone with no issue what so ever with the existing on. I did lots of RnD between Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 and went ahead with Xperia Z2. I think that was my worst decision ever. Within 2 days I got to know that this phone is a piece of shit compared to galaxy S4. The Z2 hardware is great, but the Sony ROM (Sony Costumed Android) is absolutely dumb and pathetic. The software so worst that it spoils the total overall experience. Let me tell you what you get is Samsung Android and will not get in Xperia Z2.n1) No Video Call (Yes , can you imagine in a 50,000 Rs top line phone you cant video call based on 3G)n2) Notification center of Samsung is far far better than this Xperia Z2n3) No Voice Recorder inbuilt , you will have to use android appsn4) Favorite contacts are shown like a very very crude way like a 500 Rs phonen5) App shortcut positioning (when you create an app shortcut and try to position in on your favorite screen is 1000 times better in Samsung. This Z2 will let you drag-holding the shortcut over the edges till you reach your favorite screen , whereas Samsung show all the screen at one place, very old style of placing shortcuts, this was in the early versions of android phones.n6) No brightness control on the pull down notification window.n7) Wi-Fi Has got lots of issue, it doesn’t work with NFC and Bluetooth onn8) WORST PART, YOU GET THIS MESSAGE very frequently while using camera “You Xperia need to be cool down” and camera will get off. You can search this issue over Google. Did I spent 50,000 Rs for this type of camera? n9) Walkman the Sony app for playing movies is just a kid , as compared to Samsung Muzic app and very BAD cluttered GUI.n10) There is no app that can run music videos back to back, I bet you there is really no app in Xperia Z2, e.g. if you have 10 music videos the “Movies” app just run the current one and stops, there is no setting or an app I found till date that can run all those 10 videos 1 after the other. In Samsung S4 this was piece of Cake.n11) Streaming movies from phone to TV (DLNA or Wi-Fi direct) is a joke , most of the time connection gets disconnect , or can’t play at all the biggest shame is my TV is also top of the line SONY 3D TV , So Sony to Sony communication is that bad, can’t imagine about Sony to other TVs over DLNA or Wi-Fin12) Calculator is basic and doesn’t get converted to scientific calculator on rotating the phonen13) No Option to “Re-Start” phone, you can only “shut down”n14) Cant autocomplete a previously dialed number e.g. in a Samsung phone say 10 days back you dialed a number (not saved) 01135348695, now once again while you start keying in the 0113534…. It will show you the list of matching numbers like this and eventually you will see 01135348695 in the list. There is no such thing in this idiotic phone.n15) Samsung phone remember your last shared method like what app, or Facebook or twitter and make its icon available on the top whenever you want to share anything, in this phone anytime you want to share anything you will have to do many click to reach to app. This phone cant remember my last used app for sharingn16) Sony Xperia Z2 native keyboard layout is very bad, the space bar is so small that every time you press it you will press some neighboring keys also along with it, I am so fed up with its keyboard that I had to purchase another 3rd party keyboard to avoid Xperia keyboardn17) No Temperature sensor (Very basic these days)n18) You can’t make 4K Video, phone gets hot and camera gets off, you can search this issue over Google.n19) Call logs are shown like today, yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, 4 days ago , 10 days ago. That means no date wise. You will have to check how may days ago a particular date was to check the log.n20) Proximity sensor is very poor celebrated or poorly controlled, it gets on –off – on while making a call, or while on speaker phonennAll in all very much disappointed after purchasing a top line Sony phone for almost 50000 Rs, if I would have been in US or UK I would have returned this phone for sure to get my money back but unfortunately it’s India. So my advice is don’t just go for looks , I have used iphone for 4 year and Samsung (Note 1 and Galaxy S4) for 2 year and I still can’t find a better phone than GalaxyS4nBut this piece of shit you want a phone that looks good and is total idiot

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