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Sony Xperia ZR
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Sony Xperia ZR
Out of Stock
₹ 22,990
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awesome camera (45)
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poor camera (3)
poor phone (9)
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bad battery backup (21)
battery issue (4)
awesome display (23)
average display (2)
display issue (1)
good voice clarity (3)
connectivity issues (2)
poor voice clarity (3)
awesome phone (266)
value for money (16)
average performance (3)
amazing performance (14)
great sound (8)
hanging issue (23)
poor performance (4)
heating issue (84)
poor microphone (1)
awesome performance (11)
poor front camera (3)
average front camera (1)
poor sound (1)
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Yes, the phone is good. But false advertising and poor customer service on Sony's part.

I have to complain about the loss in faith I have had in this company I once trusted, considered reliable. I own a Sony Television, a PS3, Music System, POS Camera and now a Smartphone, the Xperia ZR. But the business policy and Service to Consumers have changed over the years, and this has caused a great emotional and economic distress to me.n nI had bought an XPERIA ZR(C5502) on the 11th of September, 2013. After a month of use, suddenly the screen of the phone would not turn on. Other functions were working perfectly as far as my knowledge goes, (i.e. camera button, volume keys etc). A few days ago, it stopped booting altogether.nnOn contacting the Sony Service centre- Accel Frontline Ltd., 601-604, 6th Floor, Ashok Bhavan, 95, Nehru Place, he informed me that I have done water damage to my phone, and therefore void my warranty. I repeatedly asked him to open(unscrew) the phone and check for any damages, but he told me that he wont open it, because some litmus paper inside the phone had turned red, indicating water damage. I persistently said that the phone has undergone no water damage, and is not turning on, so to please check for any damage inside and fix it as it was just a month old and was under warranty. I repeatedly told him that I have not brought the phone under water contact in any manner, to which he replied that then it was my fault during purchase, that I didnt check the water indicator strip, thereby asserting that I AS A CONSUMER AM NOT ASSURED A DEFECT FREE PIECE UPON PURCHASE. WHY DIDNT YOU PUT A CLAUSE FOR THE CONSUMER, THAT "PLEASE CHECK THE WATER INDICATOR UPON PURCHASE" ? THAT INDICATOR HAS BEEN RED AS FAR AS I KNOW.n nADDITIONALLY, THIS PHONE IS IDENTIFIED AS "WATERPROOF" BY SONY. But he said I had to pay 80% of the phone's actual cost, to get a replacement, and he will NOT REPAIR IT UNDER WARRANTY. ALSO, HE ADDED, THAT HE WILL ONLY OPEN IT TO INSPECT IF HE GETS A SPECIAL EMAIL FROM SONY INDIA AUTHORITIES, INSTRUCTING HIM TO DO SO.This entire routine has aggravated my grievance to such an extent that I decided to go public with it.

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From a sony hater who migrated from samsung to sony, its AWESOME...

I have used Samsung Galaxy S, S Duos and S advance...and my friends have Grand Duos, S3 and Nexus...So I have a fair idea about all these models as well...nI have been using this phone for almost 3 weeks...and now I feel I am in a good stage to give a comprehensive review of this phone and help others who are contemplating of buying this phone...nThis phone is AWESOME with its fair share of cons...and the thing which surprised me most was - people who have not used the phone are talking about the cons of this beauty...nSo let me do one thing and start with the cons and point out what is misconception and what con you might actually feel -:n1) Front camera is VGA - seriously front cam is used for video calling and no video calling app supports HD its camera is gud enuf to make video calls and that won't be a big problem..also it works pretty good for face detection..n2) Call volume is low - This con posted by some users of this phone really surprised either they are using the smartphone for the first time or they are pretty DUMB...Actually sony has provided an equalizer setting within call setting and if you do not feel the voice is loud enuf then change it to "bright' mode and call volume will increase and everything will be crystal clear...n3) Camera quality is not as per expected by 13 MP - If you leave the setting in default (superior) mode you may get average indoor pics but outdoor pics are will have to flirt with the camera settings to get good indoor and low light pics...I did it and am pretty satisfied...and its far better than Nexus...n4) Heating problem - If you play heavy games and do multi-tasking then any android phone will heat up...I personally checked and it heats pretty less in comparison to Galaxy S3/ Nexus 4/ Xperia Z...and you guys know that its water proof so when its over-heated put it inside water for sometime and you would be good to go again...n5) Internal memory - hmmm...being an avid game player and a techie I felt that this is a little con of this wud get only 4.5 GB available...but you have the option to have external micro sd card and after that 4.5 GB is enuf for android apps or even big games...and you can root the device and change settings so that the apps will install on memory card..n6) Its not water proof - literally I was completely shocked to see this con...well guys let me tell you when I received the phone from flipkart, the first thing I did was to start it and then put it in the water and check...and me & my friends were shocked to see that its really water-proof...BUT sony says that its flaps (audio and usb) should be closed properly and the back cover also fitted properly then only it will work in water and sony do not give do use the phone in water but be very careful...nnI think that's all the cons I came up with and hope I cleared some confusions here...nSo let me not go into specs but give you perfect idea what are the practical pros of this beauty..n1) Battery Life - its far better than Xperia Z, Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4...easily lasts a day and more with the normal usage of gaming, surfing, whatsapping and calling...n2) 2GB RAM - that's one of the best thing about this android phone...anytime you will check, you will find more than 800-900 MB RAM is free...that leads to multitasking and not worrying to kill any app to launch another app...I have played lot of heavy games and it works like breeze....n3) Processor - well you are getting the hardware of Xperia Z in this you should know that this phone works like has lot of power and you would love hang or lags....n4) Display - its better than Super Amoled display of S3 as its very natural and rich in colour depth...and it doesn't hurt your eyes even after watching it for 4-5 hours continuously which is the case with super amoled...and full marks to Bravia Engine 2 as it really enhances the picture and video would find videos or picture quality better on this phone than you laptop!!!!!!!n5) Build quality - though back cover is of plastic but it doesn't feel cheap as of samsung phones....its sturdy and feels pretty good in hand...and so you do not have put it inside any other non-sense cover to protect it...But anyways I would suggest to use a Screen Guard for extra protection...even though it has gorilla glass and the Best Part - shatter-proof film...n6) Music quality is far better than samsung or nexus phones...and you get a sony headset which does not feel premium but still its a lot better than samsung...nAnd seriously it looks pretty good...and thanks to sony that they did not put glass layer at the back as in xperia z otherwise a back cover would have become a necessity...nnSo overall its a very good phone...its kind of futuristic phone and you would not regret it for another 5 years or so....So if you are dangling between S3 , nexus and ZR then go for ZR....

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Go with this

Nothing much difference between Z & ZRnnPros of Z over ZR.n1.ZR's Display is smaller than Z's 5inch.n2.But Z had 442ppi but ZR had only 319ppi.n3.Z had 1920 x 1080 but ZR had 720 x 1280 resolutionn4.2MP front facing but ZR had 0.3MP.n5.16GB internal memory than ZR's 8GB.n6.Difference of 30 mah in battery which Z claims.nnPros of ZR over Zn1.Ideal display size than mighty 5'..wonder how people are using plastic mega's which look monstrous while taking with someone.n2.IP55/58 than IP55/56 of Z' additional protection under water.n3.With the difference in display size, the battery works better with this smaller one ZR than Z.nnAgain Z deserves those extra bucks for those additional features....n(1.k for ppi+1k for memory(Internal)+1k for size+1K for 2mp camera+1k for battery and the remaining for Katrina Kaif)......nnOne word--Sony does well in Music because its volume is on moderate level & ideal for ears rather than hTC's or plastics which may be harmful if raised to highest level...Not criticising but a personal experience..nnnThanks for reading..

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In reply to Saivenkat Reddy's review for ZR

The Pros ans cons of xperia Z and ZR cannot be compared as there is a 8k rs difference in them. Its like comparing grand with s3.nnBUSTING THE MYTHSnn*The screen of ZR is 4.6in 720p display which is more than enough for a 4.6in device. 1080p is for devices with 5in of more display.n*The internal memory of ZR is 8gb compared to 16gb of zr. but there is a memory card slot and for installing the heavy games on SD card there is a 3rd party patch available so we can install all the games on SD card.n*The hardware in both the phones is the same so ZR will perform more better bcoz of the lower 720p resolutionn*Yes the water and dust resistance is better than than of Z. Z can resist water upto 3.3ft for 30mins while ZR can resist water upto 5ft for 30mins.n*Many will feel 5inches too big and so 4.6inch is a perfect size for most people.nnCONn*Yes the front camera is less thats a real and the only con of ZR.nnAnd yes who cannot afford there is always an alternative and i.e, Canvas 4 and people should really support the Indian manufactures and so that they will grow and will eventually raise their company image and also the service about which people usually complain.

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The Product is Good, But Never Buy anything from this Seller

This seller is a cheater, they won't provide you the original bill with IMEI no, as a result you won't get Warranty. Service center will consider your handset is a stolen one. So be careful about this fact.

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