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Canon EOS 750D Related Question and Answer

Facing issues with Canon EOS 750D or planning to buy Canon EOS 750D? Get the answers of all your questions related to Canon EOS 750D
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  • Question about: Canon EOS 800D (Body) Digital SLR Camera

    Which DSLR is better between Canon 800D and Canon EOS 750D?


    Asked By Moti Ram | 1 years ago
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  • Question about: Canon EOS 750D
    Answered by Shaurya Shubham | 3 years ago

    Shaurya Shubham

    There should be no confusion between the two cameras .. as canon 1300d is the entry level camera from the canon and on the other hand 750d is the mid level camera .. so without any doubt 750d is a better camera if you have the budget then go with it . other wise if you want a great camera in low budget . then GO with 13000d .. always remember one thing its not the camera who takes the picture.. its the person behind every beautiful pic see.. 
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