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Xiaomi Redmi 2
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Xiaomi Redmi 2
Out of Stock
₹ 5,999
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awesome camera (481)
decent camera (36)
awesome front camera (15)
poor camera (19)
poor phone (140)
awesome battery backup (386)
average battery backup (29)
bad battery backup (63)
battery heating issue (11)
battery issue (38)
awesome display (227)
average display (2)
display issue (18)
bad display (2)
good voice clarity (8)
connectivity issues (35)
poor voice clarity (6)
average phone (1)
awesome phone (2933)
awesome budget phone (44)
value for money (475)
average performance (8)
amazing performance (76)
great sound (66)
hanging issue (364)
poor performance (81)
heating issue (1143)
poor microphone (2)
awesome performance (114)
poor front camera (1)
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Receive Faulty mobile twice in 20 Days

i received faulty piece so it wa replaced with a new one but when i open it it seems to be faulty again...there was big time network proeblem,i checked all the posibilities like using manula network and automatic network but none of it worked..i called flipkart to refund my money or replace but they refuse every time i was given false comitment and sai i will receive call but i just receive an sms saying that the case has been closed and the mobile can not be replace,,,whn i call flipkart iwas was asked to visit service centre to repair it....IT MEANS WE NEED TO BUY A BRAND NEW MOBILE AS STATED AND THEN RUN SERVICE CENTRE TO REPAIR IT AND TO USE IT...WOW...NO MORE FLIPKART AGAIN....

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Hardware Out of Out but Software Fails

30/3/2015nHardware : nCamera : Works fast. Best for the pricenProcessor : Fare enoughnBuild Quality : GoodnRAM : I have Only 898 MB don't know about rest 126 MB of ram. Free Ram available 150 MBnStorage : Out of 8 GB available only 5.75 Only. SD Card Support Up to 32 GB.nDisplay : Best for the pricenOTG : SupportednBattery : Last a day or more ( it has an explanation below ) nSoftware: BADnOS : Kitkat 4.4.4 & MIUI 6n* Apps not Movable to SD Card You cannot play big games having size more than 3 GBn* All data Stored in Internal Memory. Like (WhatsApp Images, Videos etc)n* I said "Battery Last a day or more" Why because MIUI Kills all app in background. You wont get Whatsapp Notification if not opened.n* Cant Listen to Music more than 1 min Killed in background.nTotally OS is a BAD.n* While scrolling facebook if you open link from facebook to other browser when returning facebook loads from first you have to scroll from first again. BAD.. nIts not for multiuser. Even i'm not getting Clash of Clans Notification. :(nI'm Suffering. nI give 2.5/2.5 for H/W and 0/2.5 for Software. nEven h/w got 2.5 i give only 2 start out of 5 because its not usable. Disappointed. nIf this bugs is fixed it may get 4 Stars. nn31/3/2015nTrue Caller Not Working.nScreen filter works but after 1 or 2 min you have to open again, coz app killed in background. n10/3/2015nnBy Reading my review don't decide to not to buy this product. its Good for the price point and its best quality of hardware it got. xiaomi made an mistake on the software part. and they even confirm working on this issue and give update fast as possible. I'm short temper like of a man I cant wait for update. nThank You :(

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Facing Heating issue

Best buy for this price range..! No doubt..!!!!nBut i m facing some heating issue on back side of phone under camera.nits continuously got heated even if its in standby mode.nAnother con is battery drains too fast, i received my handset yesterday i have charged my phone 4 times till now.ngoing to replace it.

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Excellent display but slow and lags

I have been using a Moto G Ist Gen. Last week it fell down and the display cracked. Opted to buy a new phone and zeroed in on Redmi 2 based on the good feedback for Redmi 1 from a friend. nPros: Excellent build qualityn Perfect size and form factorn Brilliant and crisp displayn Good battery backup - will last for atleast 12-14 hours with moderate to heavy usagen nCons: Slown UI transitions not smoothn When you press the home key from any other screen, a please wait is shown saying Loading Launcher. This happens alwaysn Camera app is not the best. It is slow to focus. Pictures are hit and miss. n Looks like the MIUI6 hogs all the memory. My phone is left with 100 - 120 mb almost all the time. nnI am now thinking of rooting the phone and installing a cynogen mod. It irritates me a lot because this was not what I intended, and have never done itn nXiaomi needs to sort out the performance and memory issues with MIUI6. I regret buying this already since I have been a Moto G user for the past one year, and that phone is super fast and fluid when compared to this

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Phone hangs frequently lot of delay in responce Back panel cheap qaulity like paper it is

after hearing so much about redmi 1; ..took the redmi 2 but this phone is very delicate .. and most importantly delay while opening any application lot of lag in response .. its acts like very old phone... and voice brakes frequently ndisappointed with product , even after troubleshooting there is no improvementnI would suggest not took any one....the back panel is just like paper think ness .. it wont sustain for ..surely it will damage the batter is its fallen nnWhy flip kart selling faulty devices .. each and every features faulty .. with no resolution from customer care... for every technical issues .. they asking to reset the phone ..waste of spending time on this waste phone.. wasted my time and money buying the phonenevery alternate day its asking for Activation MI services. .which is surely data security issue.. .waste giving feedback

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