Google bans apps which display lockscreen ads

“Developers will no longer be allowed to monetise a user’s lockscreen”

In-app advertisements are not uncommon in free apps, but there are various applications that push ads to a user’s lockscreen. Google has finally taken action against such apps, and has now implemented regulations which prevent applications from displaying ads on the lockscreen.  

Google policy ads

According to Google’s developer monetisation page, unless the sole purpose of the app is related to lockscreens, the app can’t push advertisements to monetise this aspect of a user’s smartphone. In layman’s terms, a photo editing app cannot add a new lockscreen which is bundled with ads to a user’s smartphone. However, if the application is related to lockscreens, then the developer can monetise the application with on-screen ads. 

The latest policy comes as a welcome change and will surely put a stop to developer’s looking to make easy money by infesting a user’s lockscreen. 


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