Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023: Best deals on gaming monitors

It’s time to grab some amazing deals on gaming monitors as the Amazon Prime Day Sale has brought their prices down considerably. Your gaming setup is not complete with a stylish and high-tech monitor that not just offers high-resolution visuals but also provides high refresh rates. All the models listed below provide both and also add a number of advanced technologies that look to enhance the visuals of whatever game you’re playing on them. Without wasting any more time then, let us tell you more about them.

LG 27UP650-W

This 27-inch 4K UHD monitor from LG impresses with its DisplayHDR 400 technology, which allows it to produce a peak luminance of 400 nits leading to stunning levels of contrast and a spectacular overall visual capability. Its IPS panel offers a 99 percent coverage of the sRGB spectrum, making it an ideal buy for photographers and graphic designers as well. Additionally, it supports AMD’s FreeSync technology, which greatly reduces tearing and stuttering in your games.

Regular price: Rs 39,500

Deal price: Rs 26,049


Here’s another great 27 incher that’s on sale as part of Amazon Prime Day. Plus, it’s a curved monitor that brings in new levels of immersion in your games. This QHD 2560 x 1440 pixel gaming monitor features a 165Hz refresh rate and comes equipped with BenQ’s own HDRi technology, which enhances the standard HDR effect by detecting ambient light and adjusting screen brightness for the ideal viewing experience. The DisplayHDR 400 feature has also been integrated into the monitor, while it has even been blessed with built-in speakers with a subwoofer and a DSP chip.

Regular price: Rs 42,500

Deal price: Rs 30,989

Zebronics ZEB-S32A

A 32-inch gaming monitor is great if you own a console as well as a PC. This model from Zebronics offers 2K resolution visuals and a 165Hz refresh rate. It’s got a truly bezel-less design and a 1800R curved screen for added immersion. Zebronics has coated this gaming monitor with an anti-glare material that ensures clear and comfortable viewing by reducing reflections and eye strain. It features 280 nits of peak brightness and even supports AMD’s FreeSync tech. At its sale price, the Zebronics ZEB-S32A is looking like a truly great buy.

Regular price: Rs 53,999

Deal price: Rs 21,249

LG Ultragear 27GN95R

Here’s an eye-pleasing 27-inch 4K monitor from LG that excels at delivering a great experience in your games. Its display covers 98 percent of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, offers a 160Hz refresh rate and features a 1ms response time. It supports the Display HDR 600 standard, along with FreeSync Premium Pro and Nvidia G-Sync. And it’s also got a dual stereo speaker arrangement with Maxx Audio at its back. At an effective price of Rs 45,749, this LG gaming monitor is a great choice for your setup.

Regular price: Rs 77,500

Deal price: Rs 45,749

Acer Nitro XV272UX

The Nitro range from Acer features some breathtaking monitors, of which this is one. It’s got a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and is aided by the AMD FreeSync Premium technology. Its 240Hz refresh rate means that the high-framerate games will render beautifully on the screen. Equipped with the VESA Display HDR 400 technology, it promises high levels of contrast in your visuals. Acer has blessed this gaming monitor with its BlueLightShield and Flickerless technologies, which reduce the strain on your eyes during long playing sessions.

Regular price: Rs 86,700

Deal price: Rs 28,749


If you’re looking for a small monitor, this 24.5-inch option from BenQ should be the way to go. It’s got an FHD resolution, offers 280 nits of peak brightness, and refreshes at a rate of 165Hz. This gaming monitor offers intelligent clarity adjustment and brightness control, apart from emulated HDR to make the visuals in your games look stunning and clear. Lastly, the BenQ HDRi technology is also present, apart from other knick knacks like Motion Blur Reduction, Light Tuner, Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer, and more.

Regular price: Rs 24,990

Deal price: Rs 16,249

Samsung Odyssey LC24RG50FZWXXL

Here’s a true value-for-money offering that will serve your basic gaming needs. It’s a 24-inch FHD monitor from Samsung that bears a 1800R curve for added immersion. This monitor grabs a 144Hz refresh rate and supports the FreeSync technology. It features multiple Game Modes that optimally adjust black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness, and colour, depending on the genre of game you choose. And there’s even a Low Input Lag Mode onboard, which is meant to minimize delays between your input devices and display.

Regular price: Rs 32,300

Deal price: Rs 10,849

LG Ultragear 32GP850-B

Built for gamers, this LG monitor delivers top-notch hardware and a sleek design. It’s got a 32-inch screen with a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, while its refresh rate is capped at 165Hz. This monitor supports Nvidia’s G-Sync as well as AMD’s FreeSync technologies and its Nano IPS nature ensures that it gets an ultra-fast response rate of 1ms. The HDR10-rated gaming monitor delivers dynamic contrast and vivid colours with optimum levels of brightness. Its flexible stand allows you to easily raise, lower, tilt, and pivot the monitor according to your liking.

Regular price: Rs 53,500

Deal price: Rs 37,049

Lenovo G27c-30

Lenovo G-series monitors have always delighted gamers with their offerings and this one’s no different. It’s got a 1500R curvature that contributes greatly to the immersion levels of whatever games you play on it. It ticks other important boxes as well, like a 165Hz refresh rate, an FHD resolution, 350 nits of peak brightness, and a 99 percent coverage of the sRGB spectrum. Lenovo has even equipped this gaming monitor with dual 3W speakers that sit on its rear and offer basic audio to those who don’t have external speakers.

Regular price: Rs 23,690

Deal price: Rs 16,749

LG Ultragear 32GQ750 B0C8N5QMJ8

The final entry to this list of the best deals on gaming monitors during the Amazon Prime Day Sale is a rather premium offering from LG. It’s a 32-inch 4K screen with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. This HDR10-rated panel renders the visuals from your favourite games beautifully and even features Game Modes to adjust its settings according to the type of game you’re playing. It’s got a terrific stand that gives it a gorgeous appearance and also makes adjusting its height and angles incredibly easy.

Regular price: Rs 67,000

Deal price: Rs 48,749