Editorial Policy

All members of the 91mobiles Editorial Team abide by the following tenets:
  • All editorial content published on 91mobiles is free of personal biases and unaffected by the commercial deals undertaken by the publication.
  • No device review on the website is paid-for or part of the sponsored coverage.
  • A significant portion of the 91mobiles business comes from affiliate and sponsored content. Such content does not affect the stories we cover (or decide against covering).
  • All paid-for content on our publication carries the Brand Story tag.
  • The sales and marketing teams are involved in banner advertisements on our publication. However, they exercise no control over what we publish or any aspect of the coverage.
  • Our team may, at times, attend events in which the travel and accommodation is paid for by the organisers. The stories concerning such events are accompanied by a disclaimer for the same, and the coverage is not influenced by the organisers.
  • The 91mobiles Editorial Team may, at times, attend events and conferences that are paid for by companies that the sales team has commercial engagements with. Our editorial coverage remains unaffected by such engagements.
  • We may earn affiliate commissions from the product links in some of our stories. The coverage is not affected by the commercial arrangements.