DIZO Wireless Bluetooth headset review: neckband-style earphones that don’t break the bank

Here's our review of DIZO's first wireless headset

No sooner than a smartphone brand catches on, the company launches its very own sub-brand or ‘partner’ brand. The Indian tech industry is ripe with plenty of examples substantiating the same and recently, Realme announced a partner brand of its own. Dubbed DIZO, the latest entrant in the tech scene promises to bring smart IoT gear, feature phones, and smartphone accessories to the masses. The brand debuted in the country with the DIZO Wireless earphones and in this review, let’s see if they’re worth your bucks. 

Design and Comfort

The DIZO Wireless look the part of your run-of-the-mill neckband style headset. However, you can pick up the pair in a slew of different colours including Orange, Green, and Blue. Moreover, the earbuds are quite comfortable and come toting lightweight rubberised and plastic elements. As such, the earphones tip the scales at just 23.1g and consequently, can be worn all day long comfortably. I also like that despite their modest price, the DIZO Wireless doesn’t skimp on the bare essentials and ships with IPX4 certification. So, if you’ve been meaning to get a pair of gym-friendly headphones, DIZO’s latest will fit the bill. 

Coming to the controls, the DIZO Wireless features music keys on the neckband’s right-hand side. The setup comprises three toggles that offer ample tactility although I would’ve liked to see some texturised engraving to help set one button apart from the other. On the bright side, you can customise the functions invoked by single-tapping, double-tapping, or triple-tapping the middle button via the Realme Link app. Moreover, the earphones can be turned off or on by snapping the magnetic earbuds shut, or unclasping them respectively. 

Sound Quality and Battery Life 

The DIZO Wireless makes use of a pair of 11.2mm “bass boost” drivers (read dynamic) positioned inside each earpiece. The earphones can operate across a frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz, connect to compatible devices via Bluetooth v5.0, and support SBC audio codec. So, how do they sound?

No surprises here, the DIZO Wireless offers a bass-forward sound signature that should appease the masses. Unfortunately, the earphone’s low-end is rather untamed from the get-go and as a result, the bass output casts a shadow over other frequencies. What’s more, the earbuds introduce a lot of reverb when tackling sub-bass frequencies and the resulting concoction leaves a lot to be desired. The same was evident in Stormzy’s Vossi Bop and without tweaking anything, the intro bit sounded quite garbled.  

Thankfully, you can finetune the earphone’s sound signature by downloading the Realme Link app and using the ‘Bright’ sound preset. Now, do note that with the preset enabled, the beats don’t sound remotely as punchy, but you should be able to hear the vocals and other instruments much better. A fringe benefit of the same is that the earphones do some justice to songs from the rock genre too. Listening to Headstrong by Trapt, not only did I revel in the tighter beats from the kickdrums, but I could distinctly hear the strums from the electric guitar too. Of course, the imaging could’ve been better but I’m willing to let that slide, given the headset’s wallet-friendly price.

I should also point out that the earphones retained a solid Bluetooth connection to my paired devices. The buds ship with a low-latency mode, which the company claims is ideal for gaming as it limits the delay to just 88ms. That said, I would still advise buyers to use a wired headset when playing titles like BGMI or CoD Mobile. Moving on, I didn’t notice any audio-video sync issues when using the earphones to stream content off of OTT services like Netflix. The earphones offer a solid battery backup too and the pair lasted me well over nine hours off a single charge. What’s more, the unit ships with a USB Type-C port for charging, which is rather convenient. 

Coming to the call quality, the DIZO Wireless’ built-in microphone did a serviceable job of relaying my voice over to the other end. The microphone positioning makes it so that the unit sits directly below your mouth, which is great. 


The DIZO Wireless retails for Rs 1,299 and for the price, make for a compelling wireless headset. The earphones offer a comfortable design, long-lasting battery backup, and with a few tweaks, sound good too. What’s more, the pair ships with IPX4 certification and features a robust chassis otherwise as well. So, if you were looking for a neckband-style Bluetooth headset that won’t break the bank, the DIZO Wireless is a good shout.  

Editor’s rating: 3.5 / 5 


  • Sturdy, comfortable design 
  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • Sounds good with Bright preset 


  • Bass output leaves a lot to be desired