[UPDATE | Exclusive] Major Asian Apple partner preparing for iPhone, iPad launch

Update: As several folks have pointed out, at least one of the devices one this list is off-base: instead of taking another crack at the mini form factor, a separate source confirmed that Apple is poised to offer a larger size, non-Pro handset; an iPhone 14 Max. Therefore, other details here should likewise be viewed skeptically. Apologies for hopes raised, and then dashed.

One of Apple’s top-tier channel partners in the Asia-Pacific region has begun making preparations to sell a new mix of iPhones and iPads which Apple is poised to unveil at its traditional September launch event (rumored to fall on the 7th). That Apple will be introducing new devices next month is not all that newsworthy; however, the fact that this particular partner is mocking up pages for specific models, may help corroborate the expected products.

Apple is somewhat unique in that it does not distribute any promotional marketing material to its partners prior to major launches; by contrast, nearly every major Android brand seeds its ecosystem anywhere from weeks to months ahead of a product’s retail launch. Still, many of Apple’s partners are its wholesale customers, so they’re well aware of the basic details surrounding the devices they’ve purchased and need to market to their own retail customers (starting September 16th, according to reports).

With that in mind, we can be fairly confident in the accuracy of this Asian partner’s information – it’s one of Apple’s largest distributors in the market that it serves. And here are the seven devices it’s planning on stocking starting next month:

iPhone 14
iPhone 14 mini
iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPad 10.2 (10th generation)
iPad Pro 12.9 (6th generation)
iPad Pro 11 (4th generation)