Galaxy AI features now available on Galaxy S23: Cutting-edge features that completely change the way you’ll use your phone

Samsung has kept its promise and has released an update that brings its new Galaxy AI suite to last year’s flagship Galaxy devices. This means the Galaxy S23 series is now the beneficiary of the finest software additions to this year’s Galaxy S24 range. Available via the recently launched One UI 6.1 update, this release will empower Galaxy S23 users with plenty of novel ways to harness the unlimited possibilities of mobile AI. Before we tell you how you can download it onto your Galaxy S23 device, let us take you through the finest features that come along with the latest update.

Circle to Search

Running a Google search will never be the same again, thanks to Circle to Search. It’s the answer to anything on your phone that’s puzzling you. You could be watching a video and want to know what the scrumptious dish a particular character is eating is called. All you need to do is draw a circle around it and you’ll instantly be provided with the relevant search results. Or if you’re roaming around in a new city and come across a monument you know nothing about. Just point your camera towards it and use Circle to Search to gain all the information you need about it. The best part of this feature is that there’s no need to exit an app to get your relevant result. You can access it by merely long-pressing the Home button and circling the object you want to run a search on.

Live Translate

Live Translate is a feature that needs to be seen in action to be believed. It uses the power of AI to translate spoken language into text as well as voice-based communication, all while you’re on a phone call. That makes it ideal for people who work with foreign colleagues or the ones who travel a lot. With Live Translate enabled, you can speak in a language of your choice and the person at the other end will hear your words translated in their own language. And when they themselves speak, Live Translate will utter their replay in your language, while also providing you with text-based translations. It’s unbelievable how convenient the process is.

Chat Assist

Chat Assist is to text messages what Live Translate is to voice calls. Thanks to this feature, you can freely chat with someone who doesn’t understand your language, as every text of yours will be relayed to them in their language. And the same goes for the texts they send you. But there’s more to Chat Assist than just that. It also provides context-aware suggestions to improve your communication. With just one tap, you can convert the tone of your message from casual to formal, so it’s appropriate enough to be sent to your boss. You can even summon Chat Assist to check and fix any Grammatical or spelling mistakes present in your message before sending it across. It’s the perfect companion to improve your communication game.

Photo Assist

This aspect of the Galaxy AI can completely transform your photography experience. Photo Assist is home to the Generative Edit feature that lets you freely move around any subject in your photos. And what happens to the empty space that’s left behind? It’s magically generated to match the surroundings. Using this feature, you can even increase the size of your photo and have the empty space intelligently filled. You also get access to Edit Suggestion, which provides tailored suggestions for each photo to enhance its overall look. And these edits can be truly breathtaking, like removing reflections from glass, remastering the image, and much more.

How to update Galaxy S23 series phones to get Galaxy AI?

As we mentioned, the Galaxy AI suite can be accessed on your Galaxy S23 handset after getting the One UI 6.1 update that’s out right now. If a notification to download it hasn’t yet arrived, you can check for it manually.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Software update.
  3. Tap on Download and install.

The phone will then check for the update and provide you the option to download it. Get ready to enjoy these futuristic features today on your Galaxy S23 series smartphone. So get your hands on this incredible phone as soon as you can to experience the revolutionary Galaxy AI features.