Galaxy S23 available at starting price of Rs 44,999 during Flipkart Big Saving Days sale, limited-time offers ending soon

When it arrived early last year, the Galaxy S23 created quite a flutter market with its cutting-edge hardware and class-leading software. And even after more than a year, it continues to shine bright in the market due to its stellar attributes that haven’t aged one bit. Take its high-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip for instance, which produces breathtaking performance during the heaviest of operations, or its exceptional camera setup that returns pro-grade results under all kinds of lighting. Recently, Samsung sweetened this deal further by pushing out the One UI 6.1 update that gives the Galaxy S23 access to the top-notch Galaxy AI features. During the upcoming Flipkart Big Saving Days sale, the Galaxy S23 will be available a starting price of just Rs 44,999, making it a stellar deal that can’t be missed. Here’s a look at all the Galaxy AI brilliance that can be found in the Galaxy S23.

Live Translate – Say goodbye to language barriers!

Live Translate is like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. It works during phone calls and translates spoken words so that both parties understand each other while speaking their own language. This is incredibly useful for those who work with people from other nationalities. And it’s also quite a boon for travellers since breaking the language barrier can be the pathway to newer, more beautiful experiences. Live Translate provides voice as well as text-based translations in real-time. You say what you want to say, and the device immediately relays it to the other person in their language. In turn, whatever they say, reaches you in your preferred language as voice and text. It’s an incredible asset to have on your smartphone.

To showcase the capabilities of this amazing feature, Samsung recently released a video that featured a conversation between Kalyan Krishnamurthy (CEO, Flipkart Group) and JB Park (President and CEO, Samsung Southwest Asia). In the video, the Live Translate ensures seamless communication between Kalyan and JB despite both talking in their preferred languages.

Circle to Search – Searching was never this easy

Circle to Search has revolutionised the way we run Internet searches. Its faster, doesnt require any typing, and can be used without leaving any app thats open on your phone. As its name suggests, you just need to circle the object (scribbling also works) you wish to find more information about and the phone will bring up all relevant results for you. Thus, the need for switching between apps is eliminated and the time youd spend trying to describe the visual is also saved. Circle to Search even works on text, so you can just circle the word you wish to find the meaning of. No matter which app youre in, you just need to press and hold the Home button to activate Circle to Search and get your results swiftly.

Photo Assist – Become a Pro with just a tap

With Photo Assist, you can completely forget the tediousness involved in photo editing. This Galaxy AI feature is a complete game-changer in that regard, as it allows you to effortlessly apply AI-powered edits with just one tap. Yes, its Edit Suggestion feature analyses your photos and offers personalised recommendations to make them even more beautiful. These suggestions can be anything from removing glass reflections to transforming the sky’s colour, thus adding more flair and professionalism to your pictures. And then theres Generative Edit, an innovative tool that allows subjects in your photographs to be repositioned freely. Wondering what fills the void left behind? The software seamlessly generates matching surroundings to fill the space. Moreover, this feature allows you to expand the dimensions of your photos, with the added space smartly filled in. Photo Assist is an amateur photographers dream.

Chat Assist – Personal assistant for all your communication needs

Chat Assist is meant to transform and enhance chat-based communications and is hence an incredibly important tool for working professionals. When youve written a message, you can summon Chat Assist to instantly change its tone to match the one thats needed. Thanks to this, an informally written casual message can turn into an utterly professional text worthy of a slick reply. And no need to mention, all your typos will also be taken care of. But theres more. Like Live Translate, Chat Assist also helps you breach the language barrier by translating texts. Thanks to this, both parties can write in their own languages and yet communicate freely with each other.

Offer bonanza – Get your hands on Galaxy AI today!

As if the brilliance of the Galaxy S23 wasnt enough, its being augmented further by the advent of these Galaxy AI features. As we mentioned earlier, as part of the upcoming Flipkart Big Saving Days, the Galaxy S23 will be accessible at a starting price of just Rs 44,999. A top-tier flagship phone at the price of a mid-range handset? Not sure anyone would be able to resist that deal.