HP Envy Move All-in-One 2024 review: a portable PC which is quite unique

What if you had a monitor that could do all of the things that your personal computer is capable of? And could be carried around with you too. In the limelight today, we have the HP Envy Move AIO (all-in-one PC), which does exactly that, comes with a 24-inch display, and thanks to a built-in battery, is portable too. While all-in-one PCs aren’t new, this unique form factor is uncommon. So, when one does emerge, it promises an interesting experience. Let’s explore that in this review of the HP Envy Move All-in-one PC.

You can check out our video review of the device (by Florence George):

Design and build

The HP Envy Move AIO measures 55.23 x 14.86 x 36.66cm and weighs 4.1kg. It comes in a Shell White colour, with a mesh covering the bottom panel of the display housing two B&O tuned 5W speakers. There’s a handle situated at the top of the rear panel for easy lifting of the device.

The device features two retractable feet at the bottom that automatically deploy when you set them down, and function as the device’s stand. They retract back into place when you lift the machine. You can also slightly tilt the machine to adjust the viewing angles. At the back, there’s a pouch designed to hold the paired Bluetooth keyboard. The port selection includes one USB Type-A, one USB Type-C/Display port 1.4a, and one HDMI-in 1.4b port.


The portable PC features a 23.8-inch IMAX-enhanced display with QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440p), 300nits of peak brightness, 99 percent sRGB colour gamut, and a refresh rate that goes up to 75Hz. The display does have some bezels surrounding it, but you quickly get used to that.

The touchscreen display offers a snappy touch response and enhances the browsing experience with its smooth performance. Its large real estate creates an immersive viewing experience, delivering impressive output for both content consumption and creation. The front-facing 5MP webcam also comes with a dedicated privacy shutter, so points for that.

The PC comes in handy in various scenarios. You can watch an IPL match while cooking in the kitchen, stream Netflix on the terrace with friends gathered around, or even get extra motivation for your workout with Rocky playing in the background. It can also come in handy for home learning, participating in video calls, and anything else you can use a PC for. 

Keyboard and trackpad

The all-in-one PC comes with a Bluetooth keyboard that, apart from the device itself, can also be connected to other devices like tablets and smartphones. The keyboard offers an excellent typing experience and has a built-in trackpad which is highly responsive.

The keyboard uses four AAA batteries for power, but there’s no backlighting, which is a bummer. There’s no keyboard stand either, should you wish to elevate your keyboard to a more comfortable position. This can be easily circumvented using some DIY solutions.

Performance and software

A 13th Gen Intel Core i5 1335U processor powers the HP Envy Move, paired with 16GB of LPDDR5 4800MHz RAM and 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD storage. The device runs Windows 11 out of the box. While it doesn’t pack a lot of grunt, it’s ideal for general day-to-day use, office work, and some light editing work.

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If you want a concrete idea of the device’s performance, consider these benchmark numbers. The AIO PC also serves as a casual gaming machine, delivering around 100FPS on Valorant (low graphics settings) and 40FPS on GTA V (normal graphics preset) at its native resolution. What is especially impressive is the machine’s quiet operation, even at maximum performance, and its low thermal readings. In our gaming test, the CPU temperatures on the device peaked at around 70 degrees Celsius.

The PC comes with Windows 11 pre-loaded, along with some privacy features to enhance your experience. Features like Walk Away Lock and Wake on Approach function as their names suggest, and protect the contents of the display from prying eyes.

Battery life

A 6-cell 83Wh battery powers all the day-to-day needs of the HP Envy Move. It comes with a 90W power adapter. The battery lasts roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes when the machine is used at its native resolution, which isn’t great but should suffice since the device is mostly supposed to be used indoors anyway. 


The HP Envy Move AIO is priced at Rs 1,24,999 in India, positioning itself as a unique offering in the market. While the novelty is definitely something to be appreciated, some people might find a regular laptop better for their requirements. Although the Envy Move is portable, laptops offer better portability, and they typically come in more compact form factors and with more affordable price tags.

On the positive side, the Envy Move AIO’s form factor resembles that of a monitor or compact TV, and it’s a self-contained machine capable of handling all your day-to-day tasks and more. Its portable design allows you to enjoy the content practically anywhere you want, while the substantially large display significantly improves the visual experience… which is something a regular laptop can’t offer on its own. This device works best as a shared PC system at home, ideal for both work and entertainment. 

Editor’s Rating: 7.5 / 10


  • Immersive QHD touchscreen display
  • Reliable day-to-day performance
  • Impressive dual stereo speakers


  • Seems a bit pricey
  • Limited ports
The device was originally reviewed by Florence George and this article is based on his evaluation.