Infinix Hot 40i: Revolutionising the market with India’s first 32MP selfie camera at Rs 8,999*

Those who shop for affordable smartphones always hold this idea that they will need to sacrifice on a lot of features in the lure of lower prices. The Infinix Hot 40i is out to change that, as it’s a phone designed to provide top-shelf features despite its incredibly low price of Rs 8,999* (inclusive of bank offers). Most notably, the handset features a 32MP selfie camera (first in this price segment), which will ensure you get detailed selfies that can stand out on your social media channels. With up to 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, there’s absolutely no compromise in the memory department. And it doesn’t hold back in the camera department as well, having opted for top-notch imaging hardware on its front and back. What’s more; the phone features the kind of design that turns heads all around you. Let us give you a deeper look at this phenomenal offering that will surely change your perspective on what affordable handsets can offer.

India’s first 32MP selfie camera

For many affordable phones, the focus is only on the rear cameras and their selfie shooters hence turn out to be duds. Infinix has transformed that trend by not only offering a 50MP dual rear camera setup but also opting for a 32MP front camera, which makes it the first in India to offer such a high-resolution selfie shooter. The superior resolution of this flagship-grade camera is not just conducive to large amounts of detail but its screen flash feature also ensures that low-light selfies feature dazzling quality. And a 90-degree field of view makes it an ideal camera for group selfies as well. Additionally, there’s even a Professional Portrait Mode for capturing breathtaking portrait selfies of you and your friends.

The phone’s 50MP rear camera setup comes with its own set of amazing features. Among them is the Super Night Mode, which uses advanced algorithms to capture brighter and sharper images in low-lighting conditions. On the video side of things, crisp 1080p full HD videos are possible alongside smooth 120fps slow-motion clips. Apart from all these, there are plenty of other photography and videography modes to explore on the Hot 40i and that’s what makes its camera experience a diverse one, which is quite uncommon in this price category.

Biggest memory in the segment

A major thing often lacking in the affordable smartphone segment is the choice of big memory options. Due to the low amounts of RAM, the multitasking capabilities of these phones take a huge hit. And the low storage means there’s a frequent need to dump your photos and videos onto other devices. The Infinix Hot 40i lets you overcome both these peeves. Not only does it come with 8GB RAM as standard but it also features the Extended RAM technology that lets you take the total memory up to 16GB by converting vacant storage. And there’s going to be a lot of vacant storage anyway, given that the device comes with 256GB of storage.

Moreover, Infinix has doubled down on this high storage space by giving it the UFS 2.2 treatment. This high-performance technology delivers much faster data transfer and write speeds. With quicker app starts and an overall speedy interface, the UFS 2.2 standard has a big impact on the user experience and distinguishes the Infinix Hot 40i from other handsets in the price segment.

Premium design

A phone’s design is also an integral part of its user experience and sure enough, Infinix hasn’t ignored that. The Hot 40i goes incredibly easy on your eyes and emits the aura of a premium handset. It achieves this with a number of factors, prime among them being a unique Starfall pattern on its acrylic glass back panel. The vibrant shimmers of this glowing back combine with its colour-shifting nature to render an irresistibly elegant appearance. This back panel is complemented brilliantly by the chrome-plated side frame, which gives the phone a premium grip.

The Infinix Hote 40i carries on its front a 6.6-inch panel with a refresh rate of 90Hz. This high refresh rate greatly enhances its visuals, offering an overall seamlessness to them. The animations feel doubly satisfying, while the scrolling is extra smooth. This display even gets a brilliant design touch in the form of the Magic Ring. The user interface forms a dynamic ring around the punch-hole camera that gives you handy information all the time. Details about the charging process, face unlock, voice calls, notifications, you name it! The overall premium nature of the phone’s design really does wonders for its user experience.

Other highlights

The Infinix Hot 40i gives you access to uninterrupted usage with its large 5,000mAh battery. Moreover, this power pack is complemented by 18W fast charging support that makes the most of the phone’s Type-C port for delivering quick charging speeds. Thanks to this phone’s reverse charging feature you can use its Type-C port to charge any other device of yours that needs some juice. Some other features of the Infinix Hot 40i that are worth mentioning are its super-fast side-mounted fingerprint reader and its IP53 rating that protects it from the occasional splashes of water it might encounter.

The Infinix advantage

Over the past few years, Infinix has established itself as a truly trustworthy brand. In fact, it currently boasts the second-largest service network in India, covering 1000+ towns across the country. The company’s commitment towards high-quality customer service is also evident in the Carlcare app that’s present on all its handsets. This app acts as a one-stop solution for all service-related needs. It lets you take a look at your phone’s warranty details as well as the progress of any ongoing queries. The Carlcare app is also incredibly useful for locating your nearest service centres, checking part costs, and more.

Grab yourself Infinix Hot 40i right now!

Coming back to the Infinix Hot 40i, it’s a wonder that a price tag this small has been affixed to such a phone. More than anything else, it promises to give buyers the kind of rich user experience that no other device in this price range can deliver. It can be purchased now at a price of Rs 8,999*(inclusive of bank offers).