Marshall Woburn III review: iconic sound

In the audio world, there’s hardly anything as recognisable as Marshall’s logo. The Woburn III wireless speaker from the brand isn’t really a new launch, but when I got the chance to try it out, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. And staying true to expectations, this device proved to be quite the rockstar. Let me elaborate.


The Woburn III stands as the torchbearer of Marshall’s wireless speaker range, and while it’s not portable since it doesn’t have a battery… can be moved around the house easily despite its large size. The design is almost as amazing as the audio quality on offer, and deserves special mention. On offer is a boxy, retro design, finished in faux leather and sporting a mesh and Marshall’s script logo at front.

On top is a brass-finished panel with dials and knobs, complete with a flick switch to power the device on. The knobs are surrounded by tiny lights to indicate the levels they’re set at. Overall, the fit and finish of the speaker is excellent and oozes class. It’s a classic design so similar to Marshall’s iconic guitar amps, fits into any kind of decor you might have at home, and ends up looking chic and premium regardless of where you put it.

App and connectivity

The ports and controls available on the top panel include a source button, a 3.5mm aux port, rotary knobs to control volume, bass and treble, a play / pause key, and a flick switch for power. At the back, you’ll find a two-pin port for plugging in the power cable, woofer port, an HDMI port for TV connectivity, and stereo RCA inputs. For wireless connectivity, you get Bluetooth 5.2, but there’s no Wi-Fi… and that, in my opinion, is pretty much the only chink in its armour. Well that, and the missing support for hi-res codecs like AAC and aptX. The speaker only supports SBC. Wi-Fi connectivity, possibly with AirPlay and Google Cast would have been great to have too, and support for Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant would have been the icing on the cake.

Marshall does offer a companion app which you can install on an iPhone or an Android phone, and use that to update firmware, switch between input sources, and set volume, bass and treble levels. There’s no multi band EQ though. The app also includes a night mode that reduces loud sounds, along with placement compensation to adjust sound out based on where you’ve placed the speaker — free standing or against a wall.

Audio quality

This is one area where the Marshall Woburn III shines. Its 90W sub, two 15W midrange drivers, and two 15W tweeters churn out sound that can shake the room, both with its loudness and punchy bass. More importantly, it’s a full, rich sound that doesn’t distort even at high volumes, and does justice to most music genres. While you won’t need to pump the volume too high, unless you’re having a party and / or aren’t concerned about the neighbours, the sound quality at low volumes is very good too. Even at low volumes, the bass has enough punch, and as you move up the levels, there’s no muddiness. Vocals are clear and devoid of sibilance as well. I enjoyed listening to a variety of tracks across different genres and can say without a doubt that the Woburn III won’t disappoint in terms of audio quality.


At Rs 59,999, the Marshall Woburn III is a bit pricey, but that really doesn’t come as a surprise… it carries the Marshall name and is positioned in the premium space. If you can stomach that price, the Woburn III is a solid addition to your home… thanks to the brilliant music quality and the ease of use it offers. Not just that, it can even enhance your room decor with its classy, iconic looks that scream premium… coming across as a speaker that looks as good as it sounds.

Editor’s rating: 8 / 10


  • Classy looks
  • Rich sound
  • Punchy bass


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Only supports SBC
  • Barebones app