Noise Pure Pods review: all about fit and comfort

Touted to be India’s first Open Wireless Stereo (OWS) earbuds, the Noise Pure Pods adopt an open-ear design that strays away from the norm. The wireless audio category has been extremely popular in recent times and one can find devices with different features at different price points. However, the open-ear form factor of the Noise Pure Pods makes it stand out from the crowd and works better for certain use cases. Let’s get into some more details.


The Noise Pure Pods come inside a case that’s much larger than what we’re used to seeing with regular TWS buds. Thanks to its curved, pebble-shaped exterior that bears a smooth finish though, it’s not too hard to slip the case into a pocket though. Of course, the bulge would still probably show. A Type-C port is placed towards the front of the case, along with tiny LEDs to indicate battery levels. Pry the case open, and you’ll find the buds lying inside. The Pure Pods utilise an ear hook design and a smooth outer finish. There are no rubber tips here.

Interestingly, the ear hooks can be removed, and the buds can be attached to a plastic neckband included in the box — if you prefer using a neckband-style pair of buds. The only caveat here is that attaching the neckband takes some doing, and after it’s attached, the buds can’t be inserted into the case for charging. You’d need to detach the neckband to place the buds back into the case. Still, the option to use the Pure Pods neckband-style is quite welcome.


Equipped with 16mm Neodymium Dynamic drivers, the Pure Pods employ air conduction to deliver sound instead of sticking into your ears. Instead, they rest on top of your ears, with the hooks supporting their negligible weight and ensuring a secure fit. In fact, the fit is extremely comfortable, so much so that they can worn for hours on end without any fatigue or discomfort. Moreover, the fit is quite apt for those into running and fitness, since there’s hardly any risk of the buds coming off and falling. The same applies to those using public transport as well — the Pure Pods stay faithfully on your ears while you’re jostling for space inside the metro.

Other features on offer include Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, IPX5 water resistance, and quad mic ENC. Touch controls are available too, and using tap gestures, you can adjust volume, accept or reject calls, and control music playback. This works reasonably well too.

Sound quality and battery life

The Noise Pure Pods offer astonishingly good audio quality overall — the sound is clear and without any distortion. Of course, there’s hardly any bass, and the buds don’t get too loud. Despite that, sounds leaks out as well. I must admit the audio experience isn’t as immersive as one would get with regular TWS earbuds. On the positive side, the comfort level offered by the Pure Pods is unmatched, and there’s none of that caged-in feeling some folks get with in-ear earphones. The call quality is decent, as long as you’re in a quiet environment.

The battery life is quite exemplary as well, with Noise promising up to 80 hours of playtime, and up to 180 minutes with a 10-minute charge. In my experience, the battery is quite good, so one might not need to pop the Pure Pods into the case often if you’re using them with the neckband.


For their asking price of Rs 2,999, the Noise Pure Pods offer an interesting proposition. Sure, they might not offer as immersive an experience for music and movies as TWS earbuds, but the comfort they offer is superb. The sound quality is pretty decent as well, and those into fitness would appreciate the secure fit as well. Given these positives, I don’t think Rs 2,999 is too much to pay, and the Noise Pure Pods should be worthwhile purchase for those who don’t find conventional buds comfortable and are looking for a suitable alternative.

Editor’s rating: 7.5 / 10


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Secure fit
  • Decent audio quality
  • Good battery life


  • Audio lacks depth
  • Doesn’t get very loud
  • Bulky case