NoiseFit Origin review: a step in the right direction

Noise does contribute significantly to my flooded inbox, given how frequently it launches new devices and sends out press releases. Its latest smartwatch, however, attempts to up the ante and take a relatively more premium route as compared to most options we’ve seen from the brand thus far. Labelled as the NoiseFit Origin, this wearable boasts a new EN 1 processor that promises smoother performance. Priced at Rs 6,499, it also offers a new UI termed Nebula, along with all-around improvements including a new health suite. Let’s see how well it fares overall.

Design and display

With its contour cut, stainless steel circular case, the NoiseFit Origin does look premium. The brown leather strap helps add to that, at least in terms of the overall look. That said, the strap could do with some improvement in terms of the quality – on closer inspection, it feels a tad rubbery, the buckle seems flimsy, and the length of the strap is a bit short as well. This however, seems to be the only niggle, as the rest of the design sticks to the premium theme. It’s an easy fix too, as the 22mm band can easily be replaced with any conventional strap of the same width. What’s more, Noise sells the Origin smartwatch with a choice of magnetic and silicone bands too, if you don’t want the leather option.There’s a range of colours too – Jet Black, Silver Grey, Midnight Black, Mosaic Blue, Classic Black, and Classic Brown.

The metal case features a functional crown on the right, along with a multifunction key placed lower. It’s water resistant up to 3ATM. The distinctive gears on the sides of the case and on the crown, the markers on the bezel, and the display that’s raised above the base, giving it a 3D look, helps accentuate the premium look. The 1.46-inch, 466 x 466 AMOLED display with 60Hz refresh rate can go up to 600 nits in terms of brightness, and remains quite readable even when out and about in the harsh sun. The colours look vibrant, and there’s support for AoD as well.


On offer are the usual assortment of smart and health features. There’s Bluetooth calling, notification mirroring, over 100 watch faces for customisation, alarms, weather, stopwatch, pomodoro, reminders, calculator, music playback control, etc.
For health and fitness, the feature set includes steps, sleep, heart rate tracking, SpO2, female health features, stress monitoring, support for over 100 sports activities, one-touch measurement of key parameters, etc. On the flip side, the Origin lacks an ambient light sensor for controlling screen brightness, and there’s no built-in GPS as well. The latter does seem like an odd miss, given how said feature has now trickled down to budget smartwatches too, and its absence means the user needs to have a paired smartphone on his/ her person to be able to track their runs and other outdoor workouts.

UI and app connectivity

Featuring a swipe-driven interface and aided by the rotatable crown, Nebula UI is simple to use and doesn’t need any learning curve. Moreover, the UI is fairly customisable, and apart from watch faces, you can customise widgets, and even how the app drawer appears. The crown can be rotated to scroll through lists and menus, and is a useful addition, though it does feel a tad bit hard to rotate, and needs you to use two fingers. The UI uses vibrant colours and gradients for elements such as onscreen buttons, and while I can’t say they’re all to my liking, overall, I don’t have any gripes here.

The NoiseFit app handles pairing, syncing and management duties, and first-time users might find it a bit cluttered. That said, one soon gets the hang of it, and it serves as a handy reference dashboard for all your health and activity data, along with giving you access to the watch’s settings, watch faces etc.

Usage, performance and battery

While I didn’t really face any issues with the previous watches from the brand that have adorned my wrist in the past, the new processor and the Nebula UI do provide fluid usage, without any lag or jitter.

The captured data seems satisfactory and within the margin of error – no complaints there. The app helps provide an insightful look at historical data and corresponding insights, which can become useful indicators of your health, especially over the longer term. The Bluetooth calling feature could help in a pinch, though I think the speaker on the watch could have been louder. Moving on to the battery life, it delivers about 5 days worth, give or take, which is not too shabby.


The NoiseFit Origin, carrying a tag of Rs 6,499, seems priced on the higher side, especially considering it misses out on features like built-in GPS. The leather strap could do with some improvement as well. On the positive side, the smartwatch features a nice, capable screen, and a design that looks premium and could get you some second looks as well. It ticks more boxes than it misses and Noise has done well to offer ample options in terms of colours, bands etc too. The EN 1 processor and Nebula UI combo is snappy too, while the battery life is quite respectable. Worth a closer look if these aspects appeal to you.

Editor’s rating: 7 / 10


  • Premium design
  • Nice display
  • Smooth UI
  • Useful features


  • Priced on the higher side
  • Leather strap can be improved
  • No GPS

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