“Samsung is at the forefront of the mobile AI revolution” – In conversation with Samsung India’s Aditya Babbar

Samsung is currently basking in the success of its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S24 Series. We chat with Samsung India’s Aditya Babbar to talk about the new devices and how the brand is setting the tone for others, with AI taking centre stage.

Samsung is setting the tone for AI-first smartphones with the Galaxy S24 series. In your opinion, how can Galaxy AI improve the lives of users?

There is a lot of excitement about the Galaxy AI and S24 Series, and that’s why we are witnessing record-breaking sales of our latest flagship. AI is the most important technological breakthrough in over a decade and we are delighted that Samsung is at the forefront of the mobile AI revolution, leading to personal convenience, productivity and communication.

With Galaxy S24, consumers now have new ways to create, play, connect and find. Our new AI phone is exceeding consumers’ expectations with groundbreaking features such as Circle to Search, Live Translate, Chat Assist and Note Assist. Users are also enjoying the new way of editing with Photo Assist while using S24’s epic camera.

Samsung Galaxy S24

With the launch of Galaxy AI, Samsung smartphones will become the primary access point for AI technology. Our AI Vision is to empower users to break communication barriers, maximize productivity and unleash their creativity with Galaxy AI. We want to democratize the benefits of AI innovation for all users.

TM Roh, President and Head of MX business, Samsung Electronics, has said that Galaxy AI will be made available on 100 million devices this year. Please tell us more.

Galaxy S24 Series is just the beginning of mobile AI and with on-device AI features, our users can enjoy the latest generative AI features without concerns about privacy protection. As mobile technology continues to evolve with improved processing power, streamlined AI models, optimized memory and more, on-device AI features will continue to expand and further enhance users’ everyday lives. Including the Galaxy S24 series, we’re committed to bringing Galaxy AI to approximately 100 million Galaxy mobile devices worldwide this year. This will also amplify mobile AI usage and bring benefits to Galaxy customers that cannot be found anywhere else.

AI apps have been there for some time now, and some of the features that come as part of Galaxy AI are available as third-party apps. How does Galaxy AI stand out and how long can it continue to work as a differentiator for Samsung smartphones?

We have a strong heritage of delivering best-in-class experiences shaped by decades of consumer insights about smartphone usage patterns. Our legacy as the number one mobile phone maker will enable mobile AI usage and bring benefits to Galaxy S24 users at a scale that cannot be found anywhere else. To provide the best and most premium mobile AI experiences that address our users’ biggest pain and passion points, we have optimized our hardware and software based on our deep expertise in mobile innovations.

Samsung chose to go with Exynos chipsets in the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+. What’s the thought process behind this, and what has been the user reaction?

We consider many factors including supply availability and network specifications to determine chipsets for our market. Our endeavour is to use chipsets that will maximize the availability and efficiency of Galaxy innovations for users based on those factors. So far, we have received great feedback from S24+ and S24 consumers in India.

What’s next for Galaxy AI?

Samsung has unparalleled reach and a unique ability to integrate across multiple product categories. In this era of AI, users will continue to rely on mobile devices as the hub of their connected lives, and the Galaxy S24 series is just the beginning. Our immediate priority is bringing Galaxy AI experiences to our flagship devices, including the S series and Z series over the next few months. However, integrating AI into more of our product portfolio is a priority for us moving forward.

Which is the one Galaxy AI feature you find most interesting or useful personally?

I love the Live Translate feature and use it quite often to connect with colleagues across the world. I also can’t resist mentioning browsing assist, which helps me stay ahead by quickly summarising long articles I read on the go.

Your favourite tech icon?

I am inspired by TM Roh for the way he is driving mobile innovations for Samsung.