Samsung Jet 90 Complete cordless stick vacuum cleaner review: the Swiss Army knife of vacuums

We check out Samsung's premium vacuum cleaner

DIY home cleaning is an activity that assumed greater importance for many of us in the last couple of years, for obvious reasons. Needless to mention, cleaning solutions like vacuum cleaners took off in a big way, and it’s quite surprising that electronics giant Samsung took so long to bring its own offerings to our shores. Well, they might be late to the (cleaning) party but Samsung vacuum cleaners are here now, and just like most others we’ve seen so far, make use of the cordless stick form factor to help you get rid of the dust and debris scattered in your abode. I got a chance to check out the top-end model in the series that comes in the form of the Jet 90 Complete and came back impressed. I think this device has quite a few things working in its favour, so let me touch upon those first, before moving on to the aspects which could have been better.


  • When I got the Jet 90 out of its large box, the first thing I noticed was how classy it looked. Full marks to Samsung for the design. The brushed metal finish on the vacuum cleaner and matching accents on the main brush attachments give it a premium look. Now I can’t say I’ve seen many vacuum cleaners, but I can still say with reasonable certainty that the Samsung Jet 90 Complete’s look would be unmatched in the premium league. 

  • The package includes almost everything one would need to clean the house, making it quite versatile. The main cleaning tools are the Turbo Action Brush meant for hard floors, carpets and stubborn stains, and a soft action brush for regular cleaning, but you also get a mini motorised tool for furniture, a crevice tool for tight spaces, a combination tool for small areas and corners, and a flexible tool attachment as well. 

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  • The telescopic extension pipe’s length is adjustable across four levels, giving you a lot of flexibility to clean as per your requirements and comfort.
  • One of the most interesting and useful inclusions in the box is the Z Station. This is basically a charging-cum-docking stand that can be placed in any corner of the house, and you can just slide the vacuum cleaner into the slot on top to store and juice up the device. The base of the Z Station even has a slot to charge an extra battery too, but Samsung only includes one in the pack. Not only is the Z Station a very handy solution for storing and charging the vacuum cleaner, it even has slots to attach and store all the main attachments that come along with the device, effectively turning into a Swiss Army knife that can handle all sorts of cleaning requirements.

    With other vacuum cleaners, storing the attachments can be an issue, and you might end up spending a few minutes trying to find the right tool for the specific cleaning job at hand. But with the Samsung Jet 90, the Z Station acts as a convenient base that allows you to pick and choose what you need and get started right away.  

  • With 200W suction power and nine cyclones, the Jet 90 Complete is a powerful sucker, gobbling up dust, in eluding smaller particles you never knew were there. The device offers three modes: min, mid, and max. The max mode drains the most battery and is quite noisy as well, but thankfully, you’d find the mid mode adequate for most cleaning requirements. Worth mentioning that the mid setting is the default one in use each time you turn on the cleaner. 

  • The device is easy to use as well. There’s a large button on top to power it on or off, with + and – buttons below it to increase or decrease the suction power. Small lighting indicators show the currently selected mode, and the large cleaning brushes have flexible heads so you can manoeuvre the vacuum cleaner around easily on the floor. 

  • The battery is removable, which means you can purchase an extra one if you want, and charge that using the slot on the Z Station. The attachments and brushes are easy to clean as well, while the dustbin is spacious (0.8L) and can be rinsed out with water as well.  


  • The user manual mentions an optional wet cleaning attachment / brush, but as far as I know, Samsung isn’t selling that in India. Most Indian households put special emphasis on wet cleaning, so this could be a missed opportunity. 

  • Removing the dustbin is a bit fiddly, and it needs a couple of steps to come off… which could be a tad inconvenient, especially if you need to do it often. 

  • The vacuum cleaner lasts about an hour on the min setting, but only about 25-30 minutes on mid and just 5-8 minutes on max. A longer run time, especially for the oft-used mid mode, would have been more than welcome. The 3.5-hour charging time doesn’t help either. 


The Samsung Jet 90 Complete is priced at Rs 49,999, which puts it in the premium league and in direct line of sight of options from Dyson. The Dyson V12 Detect Slim (review) comes to mind, which is priced higher than the Samsung Jet 90 but features a nifty laser system to highlight dust particles and a bin that’s super-convenient to empty too. However, the Samsung Jet 90 Complete seems more powerful and more versatile, while its Z Station charging and docking station is extremely convenient too. I think it’s clear why Samsung includes “Complete” as part of the Jet 90’s moniker, and the cleaning gadget does seem to do justice to its name. Worth considering if you need a capable cleaning solution for your home. 

Editor’s rating: 4 / 5 


  • Premium look and feel
  • Handy storage and charging station
  • Effective cleaning
  • Versatile


  • Pricey
  • Misses out on wet cleaning
  • Battery life could be better
  • Dustbin is a tad inconvenient