Samsung set to lead India’s 5G revolution with all-new Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A23 5G

One thing that has defined Samsung’s presence in India over all these years is the quick permeation of its innovative technologies through this diverse market. Whether it was through the feature phones from the pre-Android era, the large Android ‘phablets’ that made big displays a norm, or the high-end foldable flagships that are now mainstream, the company has somehow assured market domination in every tech era. With the advent of 5G, as we turn one more leaf in the chapter on consumer technology in India, the South Korean giant has already dug its feet deep into the ground. And just recently, Samsung announced the launch of its next big 5G phones – Samsung Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A23 5G.

Let’s look at the company’s journey through 5G space before diving into the details of the new launches.

Building India’s 5G backbone

The arrival of 5G in India was inevitable, however, the only question was, when? Before this question could even enter the discussion, Samsung took a head start by launching 5G-capable handsets in the market. After being among the first companies in the world to launch a 5G smartphone in the form of the Galaxy S10 5G back in 2019, the company turned towards its Galaxy A series devices with an aim of democratising the new-age connectivity standard. The result was the affordable Galaxy A22 5G smartphone, which was launched in July 2021 with an attractive value-for-money proposition.

With its promise of two years of OS updates and support for 11 5G bands, the Galaxy A22 5G reaffirmed the Galaxy A philosophy of making innovation accessible to all. The phone was designed keeping in mind evolving consumer needs and those who bought the device are now able to enjoy the umpteen benefits of superfast 5G speeds, crystal clear video calls, uninterrupted network, and low latency gaming. But Samsung didn’t just stop at just this one device. Almost all the phones that the company launched in the following years have delivered on the 5G promise.

Samsung bets big on 5G and innovation

Samsung boasts of the largest ecosystem of 5G devices in the market and holds the highest number of patents in the field. It was hence not a surprise to see the firm betting big on 5G in India, especially when the technology was finally being launched for the masses. And as 5G permeates into more and more areas across the nation, Samsung keeps providing buyers with multiple smartphone options in all price ranges.

On top of that, its innovations in the field of 5G also prove its massive contribution to this sphere. Take, for instance, the Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) trait that it developed to enable both 4G and 5G to be simultaneously deployed and co-exist in a single carrier. It makes use of dynamic resource allocation to raise the levels of operational efficiency and deliver a smooth transition from 4G to 5G for operators. In the nascent stages of 5G adoption, such a technology will be a game changer not just for telecom operators but also for consumers.

Largest product portfolio in 5G

The footprint of Samsung’s 5G phones just kept on increasing since 2019 and it’s now among the largest in the country. Samsung has a 5G phone for every budget. But the Samsung Galaxy A series handsets have proved to be especially popular, across different price categories.

The affordable mid-range segment has the Galaxy A33 5G, which runs on the 5nm processor and delivers high-end features such as a 90Hz Super AMOLED display, a 48MP quad-camera setup and a large 5,000mAh fast-charging battery. In the mid-range segment, Samsung offers the Galaxy A53 5G, which brings with it a 120Hz Super AMOLED panel, a 64MP quad camera setup, and a 5,000mAh fast-charging battery.

And in the premium mid-range segment, Samsung offers the Galaxy A73 5G with its super high-end features that include a whopping 108MP quad camera setup. A 32MP front camera also makes its way onto the device, apart from a 5,000mAh fast-charging battery and a 120Hz Super AMOLED Plus panel. Apart from the brilliance of 5G, all these devices also feature several highly innovative features like No Shake Cam and Object Eraser. Furthermore, there’s no questioning Samsung’s dominance in the premium smartphone segment. All the devices from its foldable Z-series as well as the flagship S-series offer high-speed 5G connectivity to their users.

The next chapter

Samsung 5G featured

Samsung has been on a mission to ensure that 5G smartphones with excellent features all around should be made available at all price points. As a big step in this direction, Samsung has launched two new 5G phones in the Indian market through its extremely popular Galaxy A series. Part of the brand’s #AmpYourAwesome campaign, the Galaxy A14 5G and the Galaxy A23 5G handsets bring along some premium segment features to the masses. With their stylish exteriors, these phones seem set to be popular choices among youngsters in India.

Galaxy A14 5G

This latest #AwesomeGalaxyA 5G offering by Samsung is cool, stylish and ready to #AmpYourAwesome with its super-fast Octa-Core processor. It allows you to multitask like a pro and experience enhanced gaming. Its 6.6″ FHD+ display offers an immersive experience and amps up your entertainment. And one can do all that and never run out of battery as Galaxy A14 5G comes with a 5000mAh battery that can last up to 2 days.

The #Awesome5G smartphone also offers the intuitive One UI which allows consumers to customize call backgrounds, create avatars for contacts and what not. And the 50MP triple camera setup is just perfect for capturing all of your wonderful moments.

Pricing for the Galaxy A14 5G starts from ₹14,999, inclusive of cashback offers, and the phone is available in beautiful colours of Dark Red, Light Green and Black.

Galaxy A23 5G

This awesome smartphone brings you the iconic No Shake Cam, which allows users to capture blur-free shots and shake-free videos, allowing you to #AmpYourAwesome. It also comes with a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate to ‘amp up’ your scrolling experience. Samsung Knox provides multi-layered security, protecting your phone from the minute it is turned on. The Snapdragon 695 chipset powered by 5G makes the phone fast and efficient while the 5000mAh cell at its heart offers a long-lasting battery life. The Galaxy A23 5G can be yours starting at ₹20,999, inclusive of cashback offers and it is available in Blue, Silver, and Orange colours.