Sony WH-CH720N headphones review: premium audio at an affordable price

Japanese electronics giant Sony has always had forgettable naming conventions with its audio lineup (looking at you WH-XM and WF-XM). However, the listening experience has always been anything but. Sony’s WH-1000XM5, in my opinion, are still the best pair of headphones money can buy under Rs 30,000. But what about users unwilling to shell out such a premium?

The WH-CH series is a more budget-friendly offering from Sony with the same uninspiring naming format but keeping the premium experience alive. I have with me the Sony WH-CH720N headphones that can potentially get new users into the world of high-quality audio at an affordable price point. In this review let’s find out if that is actually the case.

Build and design

The WH-CH720Ns have a sturdy plastic build that feels pretty decent and can be expected at the headphones’ price point. Be that as it may, there is definitely a lack of clean aesthetics with the sharp circular design on the earcups and a bevvy of physical buttons and ports on the perimeter. In more ways than one, the WH-CH720Ns resemble their predecessor and I think Sony’s intentions are to have a clear distinction between its more affordable and premium offerings. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the company also does not include a carrying case with the WH-CH720N headphones, which can make it less convenient to transport them safely.

Talking a bit about comfort levels, the earcups use a soft memory foam material that feels quite comfy around my ears. The size is big enough to cover the ears, providing a reasonably good seal, while not being too overbearing. There’s no way to fold the Sony headphones to make them more portable. However, at about 190g, just having the cans hanging around my neck didn’t feel too much of a burden. The earcups themselves can swivel to about 90-degree angles and have an adjustable height for better positioning around your head. The headband also has a memory foam coating for added comfort. I quite liked the deep shade of blue on the WH-CH720Ns, certainly giving them a unique look although if it is not to your taste then the headset is also offered in white and black options as well.

I mentioned that there are a bunch of physical buttons present on the cans. Unfortunately, there is no touch response for interaction, and the buttons present do take some getting used to. There’s the ANC toggle on the right earcup along with the pause button which is flanked on each side by a volume key. At first, whenever I tried to pause any music playing, I inadvertently turned off the ANC and vice versa. It doesn’t help that there is no wear detection enabled that could play/pause music just by taking the headphones off. Once the learning curve is complete, the interactions with the headphones become much easier. The power button, which is also used for pairing, is on the left along with a USB Type-C port for charging and a 3.5mm jack for wired connections.

Companion app and features

Sony’s Headphones app is still as refined and user-friendly as ever. With some of the new updates on the app, you can earn badges for your listening time. There are things like Workplace and Home Listener which awards you a badge if you register your home and work location. You can also level up on the app with continuous usage for a certain number of consecutive days. It’s just little things like these that elevate the UI’s experience and honestly, other OEMs can certainly take a page out of Sony’s book. Apart from that you have the standard EQ presets and Sony’s Clear Bass level, which are both very handy. There are also system settings with a toggle that enables connection with two devices simultaneously.

Feature-wise the Sony WH-CH720Ns include the Adaptive Sound control, found on the company’s more premium headsets. Once activated on the Headphones app, the cans will learn about your travel routine and make adjustments to your hearing experience accordingly. For example, the WH-CH720N can track if I’m travelling on the metro and adjust the noise cancellation so that I can hear station announcements more clearly. Apart from that you also get the 360 Reality Audio Setup which analyses your ear shape and listening pattern. Correspondingly, the headphones will adjust the frequency output which again is a method to fine-tune the listening process. Finally, the handoff between any two devices paired with the headphones is quite seamless.

Sound quality and ANC

Let’s get into the meat of the matter then. How well do the Sony WH-CH720N actually sound? The short answer is — pretty good for their price. The 30mm drivers support a very wide frequency range, catering to pretty much every genre of music. Add to that the rather remarkable ANC on offer and you have an effective soundscape that immerses you in the music you are listening to. The Headphones app itself offers a DSEE upscaling toggle that makes a more than noticeable difference in the sound quality. In terms of the supported codecs, the cans have the usual assortment of SBC and AAC while connectivity is offered via Bluetooth 5.2. Having a wired option available also has its perks, namely you can operate the headphones even at zero battery although the ANC features will not be active.

By default, the Sony WH-CH720N headphones have a slightly toned-down bass, which can be adjusted using the companion app. While this default setting may not fully satisfy listeners of groovy hip-hop and similar genres that rely on a thumping sound experience, the headphones excel in reproducing other types of frequencies. The mids, as well as vocals in the high range, are replicated effectively, allowing for a pleasant listening experience across various music genres. The headphones capture the nuances of instruments and vocals with accuracy, providing a well-balanced sound signature that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

I generally prefer to listen to a lot of electronic music and classic rock. The headphones provide a very wide soundstage, giving distinction to each beat and instrument being played. For instance, Pink Floyd’s Breathe played during the band’s legendary Pulse tour, sounded even more surreal with the WH-CH720N than with any TWS I have used. AC/DC’s electrifying anthem Thunderstruck delivered a similar captivating appeal, coursing through the Sony WH-CH720N headphones. The powerful guitar riffs and energetic rhythm resonated with intensity, providing an immersive experience.

As for Queen’s iconic performance of Bohemian Rhapsody at the Live Aid concert, the Sony WH-CH720Ns effectively captured the pulsating cheers of the audience. The smooth beats, melodic layers, and subtle nuances of Deep House mixes from Anjunadeep proved to be supremely enjoyable on these headphones. If it hasn’t become abundantly clear till now, I think the Sony WH-CH720N punches above its weight class in pretty much every facet of audio immersion.

Call quality and battery

The call quality remains reasonably good even though the microphone placement is not the best. People on the other end of a call were able to hear me in a moderately noisy environment. However, if you are using public transport, the excess ambient noise may drown your own while taking a call. The transparency mode, I feel, doesn’t do a great job of supplementing outside noise.

Lastly, there is one more important thing to address, which is of course the battery life. Now Sony claims that the headphones offer up to 35 hours of continuous playback with ANC turned on and nearly 50 hours with it turned off. I have been using the Sony WH-CH720N for upwards of two weeks now and I have only managed to drain the battery once. It does take up to two hours for a full top-up but when the headset is juiced up, it will just last you a really long time. I usually had about four or five hours of listening sessions every day, which is already a lot but still, the headset kept going for more than a week.


Priced at Rs 9,990 in the Indian market, the Sony WH-CH720N headphones truly excel in delivering exceptional value for money. While there are other competitors in the same price range with similar features, Sony sets itself apart with its refined app experience. Nothing feels outward and every UI element on the Headphones app is geared towards utility with no unnecessary frills. You would be hard-pressed to find a better marriage of hardware and a companion app in the audio space.

Sony’s years of experience and mastery in audio engineering shine through the WH-CH720N headphones quite well. While personal preferences may vary, a few aspects of the headphones might be subjective drawbacks. These include the placement of buttons and a transparency mode that may not be as satisfactory as desired. However, for consumers seeking a premium audio experience without breaking the bank, the Sony WH-CH720N headphones are a compelling option to consider.

Editor’s rating: 4 / 5


  • Excellent companion app
  • Good audio experience for the price
  • Lasting battery life
  • Decent ANC


  • Could have used touch controls instead of buttons
  • Doesn’t come with a case
  • Transparency mode could be better