Street Fighter 6 Review: Back To The Glory Days

We all remember playing our favourite fighting game in arcades or older consoles, and Street Fighter 6 is the latest title in the franchise that aims to capture that feeling. While Street Fighter 6 might look like a modern fighting game, it does an excellent job of making it accessible for new and returning players alike. Veterans of fighting games will like that Street Fighter 6 is still challenging if they wish to test their skills, while new players can also enjoy the title using friendlier control schemes.

Street Fighter 6: Controls & Gameplay

Ryu standing in front of streaks of colour in Street Fighter 6
Newcomers will find a range of new features that will help them get accustomed to Street Fighter 6‘s controls and learn the basic mechanics to become a lethal fighter. The new control scheme has been developed keeping beginners in mind as it is much simpler to use and execute big moves. However, if you’re a veteran, you can always use the ‘Classic’ control scheme if you find the modern controls a bit too easy.

Since fighting games are all about using muscle memory, the Classic mode ensures veterans feel right at home, removing the need to learn new control schemes. However, if beginners start to feel they can begin to utilise the classic control schemes, there is a ‘Hybrid’ control scheme they can use to make the switch gradually.

Regarding Street Fighter 6‘s gameplay, the fighting mechanics are extremely responsive and reminiscent of the older Street Fighter titles that players are used to. Even though the title may have modern graphics, it still feels like a Street Fighter game at its core.

A custom character roaming Street Fighter 6's open world

While I spent most of my time fighting foes, Street Fighter 6 also offers other modern features, such as an expansive open world. In the World Tour mode, you can create your own character and challenge returning characters around the world to become the ultimate Street Fighter. In this mode, you will also experience an enjoyable story centred around your character’s journey to becoming a top fighter. Additionally, in this mode, you will be able to complete side quests, fight with random NPCs to practice moves and unlock Tour Masters such as Ryu or India’s Dhalsim.

Street Fighter 6: New & Returning Fighters

JP from Street Fighter 6 New Character
Any fighting game wouldn’t be compelling if it didn’t add new fighters while also offering favourites from the past. Thankfully, Street Fighter 6 boasts many new characters, such as JP, Jamie, Lily, Manon, and others, while also including iconic characters, such as Ryu. It is probably the most balanced fighter lineup in a recent fighting game that appeals to all kinds of players.

While iconic characters in Street Fighter 6 look like their previous character models, it is worth pointing out that the new fighters have also received the same level of attention. Each character’s animation, move sets, and overall look have been hand-crafted. This is quite encouraging, as many fighting games often do not pay much attention to new characters.

However, in the case of Street Fighter 6, not only do the new characters look vastly different from each other, they all have unique gameplay quirks that players must master. With different combos, attack range, and movement intricacies, learning new characters is part of the challenge players must overcome.

Street Fighter 6: Graphics & Performance

Street Fighter 6 is by far the most exciting fighting game to release in recent memory, partly because of how it looks. Street Fighter 6 is full of contrasting colour that breathes new life into the franchise. Most character models look highly detailed, while NPCs in the open world are at par with other games.

Chun Li annd Ryu Fighting in Street Fighter 6

As for performance, Street Fighter 6 works phenomenally in Performance Mode and is the preferred setting players on consoles should use for the PlayStation 5. Since fighting games require precision and good timing, it is prudent to play the game with the highest number of frames possible. In Performance Mode, Street Fighter 6 runs super smooth at 60 FPS; however, if you wish to have your game look pretty, you can always play Street Fighter 6 in resolution mode at 30 FPS.

Street Fighter 6: Final Verdict

A colorful glamour shot of fighters from Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 might just be one of the most feature-packed fighting games of all time and poses a threat to other titles like Mortal Kombat. With meaningful features, beginner-friendly accessibility options, and various modes, Street Fighter 6 is one of the most enjoyable games of 2023.

Rating: 4.5 / 5


  • Intuitive Combat
  • Awesome Modes
  • Expanding Roster
  • Beginner Friendly


  • World Tour Story Could Have More Depth