Top reasons to buy the Galaxy AI-powered Samsung Galaxy S24 series right now

It’s safe to say that January belonged to the Samsung Galaxy S24 range, which was unveiled to much fanfare and created immense hoopla due to its unique features. These powerhouse devices have managed to capture the imaginations of smartphone buyers across the world and are now available for purchase with attractive offers. With the introduction of Galaxy AI features, the Galaxy S24 series now offers unprecedented features that will make your life easier than ever. Whether it is communicating with someone speaking another language, editing photos, or improving the presentation of written text, these new AI features will change the way you use your smartphone forever. As we can’t hold our excitement any further, lets dive into the top reasons why you need get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S24 series phone right now.

Circle to search – Easiest way to find what you’re looking for!

The Galaxy S24 series comes with Circle to Search. Powered by Google, this feature can be summoned by long-pressing the Home button no matter what app is open on the screen. You can then circle anything on the screen and have the AI pull up appropriate information about it in an instant. Think about it. You’re watching a movie and see a pair of shoes being worn by a character. You can now just circle the shoes and the phone will tell you what brand they are so you can buy them whenever you want.

Galaxy AI brilliance – Future is here!

All three Galaxy S24 series phones are home to the Galaxy AI suite, which transforms the smartphone experience in a huge way and demonstrates the brand’s giant leap towards a new era of AI phones. This suite delivers innovative and practical features that are set to change the way we communicate, create, and discover things. Take the Live Translate trait for instance, which allows you to break down the language barrier like never before. It gives you real-time translations of what the person on the other end is speaking and that too, in text as well as voice form. Chat Assist is another brilliant feature. When you’re messaging someone, you can summon it to change the tone of your chats and improve your communication skills.

Also part of Galaxy AI is Note Assist, which turns the note-taking experience into a simple and organized one. With just one tap, Note Assist can add formatting to your typed text and even provide an easy-to-review summary of it. And then there’s the whole new world of photo editing that’s opened up by Photo Assist. It uses AI to let you copy and paste objects anywhere within a photograph and even makes suggestions for quick edits to improve your images.

Stellar video capabilities – Capture memories like never before!

The Galaxy S24 Ultra ships with industry-leading camera hardware and while it’s a given that it can capture truly breathtaking photos, it also excels at video recording. In fact, the phone can record 4K videos at 60fps on all its cameras. That’s a great capability to have especially for content creators and amateur filmmakers. They can even take things up a notch by shooting 4K videos at a whopping 120fps to get that smooth slow-motion brilliance. And then, of course, it can also capture 8K videos at 30fps. One of the best uses of this feature is for extracting high-quality images out of any 8K video you’ve captured.

S Pen supremacy – Best productivity tool at your service

The S Pen is now such a standard part of the Galaxy S series that it’s not even advertised as much as it should be. The Galaxy S24 Ultra can lodge this accessory, which lets users write, tap, and navigate with ultimate precision. It’s a great tool for aspiring artists, as its precision controls let them create splendid artworks in a matter of minutes. The S Pen has plenty of other uses as well. It can be used as a remote shutter for your camera, letting you capture selfies or group photos easily, while it can even be used as a play/pause button for your media. Taking down quick notes using this accessory is an absolute treat and so is navigating the phone’s interface with the Air Commands feature that lets you perform several functions by just hovering the S Pen above the screen.


The Galaxy S24 Ultra transforms the photography experience with its 50MP telephoto camera that offers Nightography Zoom. Even in challenging lighting conditions, the phone’s camera setup is capable of delivering 5x optical zoom and 10x optical quality zoom. Photos captured using both these options look professional-grade and are virtually indistinguishable from the ones captured using the phone’s 200MP main camera. Apart from allowing you to go close to your subjects without moving, the 5x zoom lens also helps you capture portrait photos and portrait videos with incredible depth. Fans of portrait photography hence have a lot to look forward to here.

Strong Titanium build

Despite being incredibly sleek, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is extremely durable and part of the reason for this is its Titanium build. Known for its high strength, Titanium also offers incredible non-rusting properties. This strength, combined with Corning Gorilla Armor and an IP68 rating, makes the Galaxy S24 Ultra an extremely durable phone.

Top-notch performance and Bypass charging for unprecedented gaming experiences

With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip at its heart, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is one beast of a performer. Needless to say then, that it’s a godsend for those who crave uninterrupted gaming experiences. No matter how advanced the games are, you can expect splendid graphics and peak framerates in them. Moreover, the SoC’s support for ray tracing makes things look doubly beautiful. It takes the visuals to the next level with hyper-realistic shadows and reflections that immerse you even deeper within the games. At the same time, the phone’s Vapor Chamber, which has doubled in size, ensures that there’s controlled dissipation of heat so that the graphical performance remains unaffected even after long gaming sessions. But that’s not all.

Imagine playing your favourite high-end games without your phone losing any battery life. That’s what Bypass charging achieves. When activated, you can connect your Galaxy S24 Ultra to a charger and instead of using the battery, the phone will use the wired power to fuel your games. In this situation, your device is running directly off the grid, with no battery included in the process. This means that despite playing hours and hours of games, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will retain all the juice in its battery. Moreover, this also leads to lower heat generation and the usage of fewer battery cycles, increasing the overall life of the power pack.

Fresh One UI 6.1 features

The hidden force behind the Samsung Galaxy S24 is One UI 6.1. It brings with it plenty of new additions that further enhance the user experience. Among them are all the Galaxy AI features we’ve mentioned above. Others include powerful spelling and grammar checking, live transcriptions in the Voice Recorder app, Super HDR photo viewing in Gallery, generative wallpapers, and more.

Phones that stand out from the crowd!

The special NFC Synced Cases that are sold alongside the Galaxy S24 Ultra instantly snap onto the back and change the wallpapers and themes to match their design. And they do this with a neat little animation that makes you want to keep snapping them off and on all the time. It’s a small yet extremely innovative addition to the Galaxy experience.

Samsung Galaxy series – Flagship phones for the ages!

The smartphone industry is used to Samsung setting new benchmarks every year with its flagships. However, nobody expected the huge leap forward that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has managed to take. The premium handsets come dressed in some unique colours that lend themselves to whatever your preferred style is. The Galaxy S24 Ultra can be purchased in beautiful Titanium Blue, Titanium Green, Titanium Gray, Titanium Black, and Titanium Violet options. On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ can be purchased in Amber Yellow, Onyx Black, Marble Gray, Jade Green, Sapphire Blue, and Cobalt Violet colours. Irrespective of your colour choice, these handsets look brilliant and will take your breath away. If you were on the fence about buying these phones earlier, we have now shared ample reasons for you to understand that the Samsung Galaxy S24 series sets new standards in every possible way and can be described as the epitome of innovation and an absolute must-have for fans of Android smartphones. Those interested can purchase the Galaxy S24 series phones right now at as low as Rs 3,334 per month.