Unleash your creativity: AI-powered video editing on Intel® Core™ Ultra-powered laptops!

A vital tool in any creator’s arsenal is their laptop. These devices need to be powerful enough to handle various tasks and work quickly. Intel® processors have been powering the laptops of many established and aspiring creators. With their latest Intel® Core™ Ultra series of processors, the brand is taking things to a whole new level. The new processors enable several AI tools that can help creators improve productivity. How do they do this? They do so by speeding up render times, automating certain tasks, improving general performance and much more!

The new Intel® Core™ Ultra processors have a whole lot going on inside them. For starters, the processors feature a new NPU (Neural Processing Unit) alongside the CPU and GPU. The NPU tackles low-power AI tasks, reducing the CPU and GPU workload. The inclusion of the NPU makes these processors incredibly efficient when performing AI tasks. This is why laptops powered by the Intel® Core™ Ultra processors can be termed “AI PCs”. 

The new processors also offer impressive levels of raw power. The series currently offers up to 16 cores and 22 threads of performance. It also takes the Performance Hybrid architecture that has been used for the past few years and builds upon it. Alongside the Performance Cores (P-Cores) and Efficiency Cores (E-Cores), Intel® has introduced Low-Power Efficiency Cores (LP E-Cores). As the name would suggest, these cores are extremely low power and are ideal for simple background tasks.

There are already over 100 ISVs that offer AI based on Intel’s platform, which leverages the possibilities provided by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors. These include popular apps designed for creators, such as Adobe Premier Pro, Wondershare Filmora and Audacity, which offer a suite of AI-based features that can increase overall creativity by making it easier to bring their vision to life and become a creator like no other. Let’s quickly take a look at these three apps and the AI features they offer. 

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premier Pro is an app that should be familiar to any content creator. The developers have added several features that utilise AI to boost productivity. It includes Scene Edit Detection, which can automatically detect scene changes. It separates the video into smaller clips, making editing easier. Auto Reframe can intelligently keep the subject centred while adjusting the footage to the desired aspect ratio. It is beneficial for social media creators who might need to adjust videos for different social media platforms. Finally, there is Transcription, which automatically transcribes audio. It’s beneficial to generate captions for the video. 

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is another popular name in video editing. Its AI feature is called AI Portrait special effects. This feature can intelligently select and track subjects while applying visual effects. It offers over 20 such visual effects, including Motion Tracking, Clone Ghost, and Multicolour Trailing. This not only makes it extremely easy to add effects to videos, but it also gives creators new ways to tell stories.


Any content creator will tell you that the right audio track can make a world of difference when it comes to videos. Which is why adding the right audio cut is just as important. And for that, you need a good app. Audacity is an extremely popular music editing app with music creators due to its open-source nature. It includes Music Separation and Transcription, which are aimed at providing an efficient and enhanced audio editing experience. Music Separation can automatically separate music into separate instrument tracks, while Transcription can automatically transcribe vocals. However, the most remarkable feature of the lot is Audio Generation, which can create brand-new audio or change the style of existing tracks through text prompts. So all users need to do is define the length of audio and the type of music they want, and the AI can create those from scratch.

Now that we have examined how AI apps can benefit creators, here are some Intel® Core™ Ultra-powered laptops they can use to fully utilise AI.

Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5

The Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5 is an excellent option for anyone looking for fantastic value. This particular laptop is powered by an Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 185H processor with 16 cores and 22 threads of performance and a max clock speed of 5.1GHz. This is then aided with 32GB LPDDR5x RAM and 1TB storage. All this means that the laptop has more than enough performance for even the most demanding of video editing tasks.

The laptop’s display features a large 16-inch 2.8K OLED panel with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. It also covers 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut and VESA Certified Display HDR True Black 500 to ensure greater colour accuracy. Other features include two front-facing 2W HD Stereo speakers with support for Dolby Audio to ensure audio quality is just as good.

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Lenovo Yoga 7

This 2-in-1 laptop features a compact 14-inch WUXGA OLED touchscreen panel with a 360-degree hinge, so users can flip it around when needed. This display supports Dolby Vision HDR and is VESA Certified Display HDR True Black 500 for increased colour accuracy. It is also quite light at 1.49kg, which means that creators should also be able to hold it in their hands for longer before getting tired. The Lenovo Yoga 7 is an excellent option for creators who prefer a stylus.

Aside from this, the Lenovo Yoga 7 also packs an Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 125H processor with 14 cores and 18 threads and a max clock speed of 4.5GHz. This is then aided with 16GB LPDDR5x RAM and 1TB of storage, which should be more than enough for most creators. 

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ASUS Zenbook Duo OLED

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then the ASUS Zenbook Duo OLED is the way to go. This laptop features two 14-inch FHD touchscreen OLED panels connected via a hinge. Depending on the configuration, users can use the two screens as one giant screen, two separate windows, or even a traditional laptop by turning one of the screens into a touch keyboard. When paired with a Bluetooth keyboard, creators can enjoy a multiscreen experience anywhere.

Powering this laptop is an Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 185H processor with 16 cores and 22 threads of performance, along with a max clock speed of 5.1GHz. This is then aided by 32GB LPDDR5x RAM and 1TB of storage, so creators can edit even the most demanding video.

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It should be noted that all three of the laptops mentioned above are Intel® Evo™ certified. This means that creators can purchase them with confidence in the knowledge that they will offer an excellent user experience and come with certain features like long-lasting battery life with quick charging, ensuring extended use when on the go. Additionally, Instant Wake technology promises to wake the laptop from sleep in under a second, allowing users to get to work quickly. These laptops also provide enhanced wireless connectivity, supporting up to the Wi-Fi 7 standard for faster and more stable connections, which is very important when uploading videos. Lastly, the processor features a security engine to authenticate select system firmware, ensuring greater security.

In conclusion, the Intel® Core™ Ultra series processors elevate creators’ laptops with advanced AI capabilities and exceptional performance. Thanks to their rich features, impressive performance and versatile form factors, Intel® Core™ Ultra-powered laptops are set to help push the boundaries of content creation.