Vivo V30e vs OnePlus Nord CE4 battery comparison: which 5,500mAh phone wins?

Both the Vivo V30e and OnePlus Nord CE4 are equipped with a 5,500mAh battery, ensuring long battery support on paper. But how do they fare in real-world usage? Which smartphone delivers better optimisation for prolonged battery life on a single charge? Which phone charges faster? We attempt to answer these questions in this Vivo V30e (review) vs OnePlus Nord CE4 (review) battery comparison through a series of tests, including PCMark battery, video playback, gaming, and charging:

PCMark battery test

Starting with the PCMark battery test, the Vivo V30e scored 14 hours and 56 minutes with 80 percent brightness and 50 percent volume. With the same settings, the OnePlus Nord CE4 achieved a slightly superior result – 16 hours and 2 minutes.

Winner: OnePlus Nord CE4

30-minute Video playback test

For the video playback test, we streamed a 30-minute video at maximum supported resolution with 50 percent brightness and volume levels on both devices. Vivo V30e and OnePlus Nord CE4 both had their battery life reduced by 3 percent following the test.

Winner: Tie

Gaming test

The Vivo V30e and OnePlus Nord CE4 also offer similar battery management during gaming. Their battery percentage dropped by roughly 6 percent after playing COD, BGMI, and Real Racing three with moderate settings for half an hour each.

Winner: Tie

Charging speeds

When it comes to charging speeds, the OnePlus Nord CE4 wins the round handsomely with its 100W fast charging speeds. The handset takes just 35 minutes to fully recharge from 20 to 100 percent. In contrast, the Vivo V30e lags behind, requiring closer to an hour to achieve a full charge from the same 20 percent battery level, owing to its slower 44W charging speeds.

Vivo V30eOnePlus Nord CE4
Charging time: 57 minutesCharging time: 35 minutes

OnePlus Nord CE4


Despite the difference in the PCMark battery test, the OnePlus Nord CE4’s and Vivo V30e’s battery performance remains similar. They both deliver identical battery drain results while streaming videos in FHD+ resolution and gaming, ensuring a day-long battery life on heavy to moderate usage. The only major difference between the two devices is their respective charging speeds. The OnePlus Nord CE4 charges faster than its rival. Therefore, if you prioritise swift charging, the OnePlus would be the preferable choice.