The vivo-ZEISS alliance in the upcoming V30 Pro ushers in a new era of mobile portrait photography

Excitement among smartphone enthusiasts regarding the launch of the vivo V30 series is at its peak right now. A big reason for this is that the brand’s collaboration with ZEISS is all set to be extended to the V series with the V30 Pro. So far, the exceptional mobile imaging qualities of ZEISS have been accessible through vivo’s X series smartphones, with the X60 series introduced in 2020. Now that it has been confirmed that the vivo V30 series will carry forward this legacy through its Pro variant, a lot more people will have access to the top-end mobile photography standards characterised by this collaboration. Ahead of that, let us recount the history of this partnership and take you through how the breakthrough smartphone technologies developed by ZEISS have revolutionised the smartphone industry.

The ZEISS legacy

ZEISS, which has more than 130 years of expertise in pioneering mobile imaging, cinematography, and photo lens development, has recently brought its groundbreaking technologies to phones. With the V30 Pro, ZEISS is ready to push the boundaries of optics on compact portable devices once again. 

In fact, the SLR camera lenses from ZEISS are the epitome of high-quality workmanship, outstanding light intensity, and immaculate bokeh. These imaging systems, used in professional cameras, offer extremely precise and intuitive manual focus in comparison with standard autofocus lenses. But the ZEISS brilliance isn’t just limited to hardware. In the recent past, the company has actively worked with both manufacturers and photographers to come up with unrivalled image-processing algorithms that work like magic behind the scenes. These algorithms make themselves known through intense noise reduction and even the expansion of the dynamic range. And needless to say, this influence also extends to the accurate capture of colours. All this has meant great news for low-light photography and nowhere has this impact been more visible than on the vivo X series smartphones that have embraced the ZEISS technology.

The vivo-ZIEISS journey

The vivo-ZEISS partnership began in 2020 with the launch of the first jointly developed photography powerhouse, the X60 series. With the imaging system co-engineered by the two companies, smartphone buyers were treated to exemplary performance in portrait and low-light photography. 

And then the vivo X70 series saw the introduction of four more ZEISS Portrait Styles that allowed users to add some more classic flare to their portrait shots.

The vivo X80 saw an evolution of that dedicated chip, with the vivo V1+ chip now calling the shots. A lot of focus was laid on videography this time around and a result of the same was the ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh mode that led to dream-like videos thanks to the unique anamorphic effect it produced. The vivo X90 Pro, which featured a ZEISS camera with the largest sensor, took the ZEISS brilliance from past flagships and took major leaps in terms of night-time videography. And the vivo X100, which was launched this year, brought the focus back onto portrait photography with major strides in the field with ZEISS Multifocal Professional Photography.

After blessing the vivo X series phones with exceptional imaging capabilities, this collaboration is now set to elevate the photography chops offered in the mid-premium range with the vivo V series. Let’s talk about what this means for the upcoming V30 Pro.

A leap into the V series

The introduction of the vivo V30 series feels like a watershed moment in the democratisation of top-notch smartphone camera experiences. With the ZEISS collaboration, the V30 Pro will bring along the prowess to click professional portrait shots from your phones like never before.

Thanks to this partnership, the V30 Pro will come with ZEISS Natural Colour, which provides realistic and natural colours to images. If you’re someone who prefers realistic images over artificially boosted ones, this feature is made especially for you. Apart from this, you also get two sets of ZEISS custom borders that will provide a professional look to your images. The ZEISS blue logo adds a distinct touch, satisfying users’ desire to showcase on social media and elevate their status. With the ZEISS Professional Portrait Camera, you will be able to take professional-grade portrait shots with just one click. Not just this, the collaboration will bring along six ZEISS portrait styles.

Word on the street is that the launch of the new vivo V30 series in India will take place early next month. That’s a long wait for fans but given the hysteria that’s already surrounding the devices owing to the ZEISS collaboration and other revelations regarding its specs, there’s quite some enjoyment in this waiting period as well.