Xiaomi Garment Steamer review: pressing matters

Could Xiaomi be the only company in the world to offer both a steamer and a streamer? I’m not sure, but I’m reasonably confident it’s the only company to have both an electric car and sports shoes in its portfolio. Xiaomi’s range of devices is certainly quite broad, and the addition of the new garment steamer makes it even more so. It’s an interesting little device and I wanted to try it out ever since I first found out about it. And now that I have, I feel it’s a useful thing to have. Let me get into a little more detail.

First up, a confession. I haven’t reviewed a garment steamer before. Second, I’m not an expert in matters related to fashion, apparel, or fabrics. That said, I do have some experience in ironing clothes… though I can’t call it extensive.


Moving to the device itself, the Xiaomi Garment Steamer is a foldable contraption that opens up to a pistol-like shape, resembling a typical hair dryer. Clad in white, the device is lightweight (775g), and thanks to its foldable design, easy to carry around on your travels. At front is a ceramic soleplate with holes that emit steam.

The device is accompanied by a small translucent tank, which clips on to the back and provides fuel to the fire… or more appropriately, the water for the steam. The handle of the steamer has a button that releases steam when pressed. Of course, the steamer has to be plugged into power first. The attached power cable is not only thick and sturdy, it’s 1.9m long… which is good since it gives you ample room to steam your clothes when the device is tethered to a power socket. Speaking of, it uses a standard 5 amp plug, not the bigger and tougher-to-find 15 amp variety.

Specs and features

With a rated power of 1300W, the Xiaomi Garment Steamer gets ready for use within 26 seconds of switching on and claims a steam rate of 16-24g/min. It’s supposed to be safe for all types of fabrics and promises to remove odour from clothes, as well as kill germs while it’s at it. While garment steamers usually work vertically (with the clothes hanging from a hanger), Xiaomi’s offering can work horizontally too. The horizontal mode is useful for ironing clothes with stubborn wrinkles, and in that mode, you can even use it without steam too. The 160ml tank stores enough water to steam up to six clothes.


In my usage, I found the Xiaomi Garment Steamer to be quick, easy to use, and quite efficient too. The long cable is definitely quite useful, and I love the fact that there’s hardly any waiting time for the device to get ready for use. It throws out a steady flow of steam, tackling wrinkles on clothes quickly and efficiently. While I think it leaves a little something to be desired when it comes to ironing trousers, denims and cotton shirts, the steamer works extremely well on delicate clothes. The horizontal mode does come in handy, allowing you to iron clothes laid flat on a surface, but a regular steam iron should work better here.


I don’t think the Xiaomi Garment Steamer can replace a regular iron, but that is really the only niggle I have with it. It does a great job with delicate clothes and woollens and works quickly and efficiently. In fact, it’s actually a better choice over a regular iron as far as ironing delicate clothes is concerned. With other types of clothes too, it fares reasonably well. The Steamer should also work well as a travel partner, given how compact it is when folded, how quickly it heats up, and how efficient it is in doing its job. And there’s nothing like it if you just want to let off some steam, literally speaking. Yours for Rs 2,499.


  • Heats up fast
  • Long cord
  • Works well with most fabrics
  • Foldable design


  • Can’t replace a regular iron