Aspects that matter most while buying a laptop in 2024: 91mobiles survey

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, a student, or a working professional, a laptop has become a necessity to get many things done on the go. Keeping this in mind, 91mobiles recently conducted our yearly Laptop Buyer Insights Survey in which we asked over 3,000 respondents about their buying preferences and the various aspects they look at before purchasing a laptop. With the final data in our hands, here are some insights from the survey.

Performance is of high importance for laptop buyers

  • When looking for a new laptop, a whopping 77 percent of the survey respondents say performance is the most important aspect. This is followed by battery, storage, and display.
  • Speaking of performance, it’s the processor of the laptop that matters the most, say 67 percent of the survey takers.
  • Similarly, RAM capacity, SSD, and benchmark scores are crucial aspects to 10.8, 9.6, and 6.9 percent of respondents, respectively.

Screen technology is important while evaluating a laptop’s display

  • When evaluating the display of a potential new laptop, 45.8 percent of the survey takers are highly interested in the type of screen technology it carries.
  • The second most important aspect of a laptop’s display is the screen resolution which is sought by over 22 percent of the people.
  • 19.6 percent stated that they would check the display size while the remaining would look at the screen refresh rate of the laptop before making a buying decision.

Intel leads the charts in brand awareness

  • Intel is the most recognisable processor brand among the participants with over 89 percent of people acknowledging that they have heard of it.
  • Roungly 37.5 percent of the respondents were aware of AMD. Interestingly, only around 36.1 percent of people were aware of Apple-made processors.
  • Meanwhile, Qualcomm and MediaTek also seem to enjoy a certain level of brand awareness among the audience in the laptop market.

Intel CPUs and GPUs are popular among buyers

Intel is the most preferred brand for laptop processors with more than 60 percent of people stating they would like to purchase an Intel-powered laptop in the future.

  • Surprisingly, per the final survey data, respondents are almost tied between Apple and AMD processors.
  • Just like its laptop processors, Intel GPUs are the go-to choice of people with 64 percent of survey participants claiming that they would pick it over NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

Webcam and speaker quality are the most sought features in a new laptop

  • Great webcam and speaker quality are the most important features that people look deeply at before making a laptop-buying decision.
  • However, a good portion of the survey respondents seek hybrid or convertible laptops which allows them to use the machine as a tablet or a standalone screen.
  • Moving on, 27.2 percent of people say that some sort of biometric authentication is a must-have feature on their next laptop.

Hybrid and convertible laptops are gaining popularity

  • The popularity of laptops with hybrid and convertible form factors is on the rise as 30.4 percent of survey takers consider it a must-have feature compared to last year’s survey in which about 27 percent of people gave utmost importance to a laptop’s form factor.
  • Similarly, webcam and speaker quality is now preferred by more people compared to last year. This could be because more people are engaged in video calls than ever before.
  • The preference for a privacy shutter on a laptop’s webcam has also increased over the past year.

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