10 best laptop bags to carry your laptop safely in 2022

  • Most bags come with water repellent design
  • These have multiple storage slots, both inside and outside
  • Anti-theft design is part of the trends with some of the bags listed below

Bags are an essential part of our lives. We use them to carry our daily items such as laptops, books, pens and even wallets. So, it is has become important to go for the best bag to keep the expensive and delicate electronics items secure. You have quite a few laptop backpacks available in the market these days, which serve the purpose. These have multiple pockets, a special laptop sleeve padded up for safety and the use of durable materials to prevent water from entering into the bag. We have decided to list down some of the best laptop bags you can buy in 2022.

Things to consider while buying a laptop backpack

There are many laptop backpacks available in the market, but most of you want a bag that delivers on most fronts, and not just limited to work purpose. Here are some of the details to consider while buying a laptop bag.

  • Focus on comfort: Bags are generally carried at the back and going by your body dynamics, you must choose a bag that can handle your ergonomics. Make sure you check the size, height, and overall weight of the bag, which includes both empty and loaded. You should also take into account the padding and straps, which help distribute the weight. Because just in case you decide to travel outside and lump additional stuff inside, the last thing you want is a sore back from all the weight.
  • Materials matter: Laptop bags are generally durable, but it is important that you keep a close eye on the build quality of the bag you want to pick. Water repellent fabrics are popular in this segment, which ensure the water does not seep through the zip or the cloth. Durability should be prioritised from all corners. So that even if the bag catches some dirt you can easily wipe it off with a dry cloth.
  • More pockets, the better: Bags are all about convenience, and pockets are big part of the lure for buyers. Buying a laptop bag with more than three pockets should be the norm. You need small pockets for items like wallet, pens. The bigger sleeve can easily fit a 15.6-inch laptop and keep it secure. You also need quick access pockets with zip on the outside and a side pocket for bottle or umbrella.

Best laptop bags to buy in India

1. Wesley Milestone

The first option we’d suggest for buyers is the Wesley Milestone, which is one of the cheapest bags you can get in this range. This unisex bag gets a pure colour touch and has a zipper to keep the items tightly secure. Wesley has used snow yarn polyester fabric to make the bag. It gets a soft handle and adjustable shoulder straps that let you carry it with ease. You can easily pack in a 15.6-inch laptop. You also get two side pockets to keep water bottles, along with the main compartment and front pocket. Wesley has thoughtfully made the Milestone bag by keeping it eco-friendly, lightweight, as well as durable, using water-resistant material for longer life. These features ensure your laptop is secure within the bag. Buyers love the Wesley Milestone for its compact design, durability and good looks as well.

2. American Tourister Casual Backpack

American Tourister is an obvious choise to consider for laptop bags. And no wonder its Casual Backpack is a popular pick among buyers. Yes it costs you more but the features, quality and its durability make it a no brainer in most cases. The outer part of the bag is made of polyester and you get it with 32 litre storage capacity that includes three compartments. American Tourister has included a two-way zipper on the bag so that you never find it hard to open the case. The brand has added padded back support, ensuring you don’t feel the weight of the bag while moving around. It also gets rain bag cover to help you prevent water from seeping through inside. You also have two mesh pockets that can accommodate a 1 lite bottle and umbrella during your travels. People prefer the Casual Backpack for its looks, space offered inside, additional resistant to water and the brand itself.

3. Mi Business Casual Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Xiaomi is also among the options you have in the market for a reliable laptop backpack. The company has included a padded laptop sleeve of up to 15.6-inch for secure storage. It also has an anti-theft pocket, which is hard to locate for others. The Mi Business bag is made of 600D durable polyester, and comes with IPX4 rating which keeps it secure from water splashes and rain drops. The brand has given a simple yet ergonomic touch to its design by adding thick cushioning on the shoulder and the back panel, making it easy to carry. The bag also comes with multi-level organiser to help you keep small items like keys, pen, ID card and more. It total you have three compartments along with side pocket to keep items. Like other Xiaomi products, this bag has also become the best choice in its price range for buyers. All they can say is, go for it!

4. POLICE 30 Ltrs Laptop Backpack

Police is another brand that buyers have opted for in this range. You notice the giant Police branding at the top and the overall look and feel of the bag is very stylish. The brand assures this bag is tear and abrasion resistant, so your rough usage won’t damage it. You get durable zipper that won’t break easily and the cushioned back support is an essential for travellers. You can snug fit laptops of all sizes inside the specific compartment and the water-repellant keeps rain drops from entering inside. The bag definitely feels a lot lighter for its feature set and comfort is a big part of its design and construction. But people recommend this Police bag for its durability, which is hard to find in this price range. Many have given it four star rating for the quality and features.

5. Arctic Fox Slope Anti Theft Backpack

If you need something more than just a bag, Arctic Fox has got its 24 litre laptop backpack in the market. There are two big highlights about this bag. Firstly it get an anti-theft design touch, which means the zippers are hidden, making sure nobody can access the pockets while travelling. Secondly, you have a slot to place a powerbank and use the built-in USB interface to charge mobile, tablet or other devices on-the-go. The brand has included Arctic Fox raincover bag to give 100 percent protection against rain, and even the fabric used to make the bag offers water resistance. It has a slew of pockets inside that allows you to keep a 15-inch laptop with ease. There is a bottle pouch on the side as well which is quick to access. Buyers love the durability offered by this bag from Arctic Fox and they reckon it is one of the best you can get in this range, along with its set of features.

6. GODS Ghost Laptop Backpack

GODS Ghost is another popular choice among people and we can list out the reasons for its success in the market. This rugged bag get an anti-theft design, which makes sure all the items stored inside cannot be easily accessed. It has efficient organiser to help you keep document, hard disk, cables and more without creating any mess. The bag also comes with a special sunglass compartment at the top, and laptop sleeve to store it securely. GODS has equipped the Ghost bag with air-mesh ergonimic straps that make it comfortable to tug the bag along for long durations. It has been with water repellent fabric to keep the items inside safe from any damage. But even after all this, the bag has a definite style that appeals to the buyer. And that’s what most people who got the GODS Ghost bag say, not only is it good looking, the anti-theft design is useful and the bag is spacious to store multiple items and a laptop.

7. Scarters Groove

Moving on, you have the Groove from brand called Scarters which offers all the basics that you need from a laptop backpack. It is slightly pricier but that comes with the benefit of premium fabrics used for design and giving you comfort as well. The splash-proof nature of the Groove means you can easily clean the dirt with a simple dry cloth. The inner line of the bag gets laptop sleeve with proper protection to keep the electronics secure. You also get a quick access laptop pocket which means you can take out the machine without fully opening the bag. It has special pockets on the side for smaller items like phone and wallet. Then on the outside there is a side pocket to store bottle or other things. Groove brings class to the table for most buyers and they are happy to pay the price to own this bag, which is also functional and durable at the same time.

8. Arctic Hunter Anti-Theft Water Resistant Laptop Bag

Another choice that we have for you comes from Arctic Hunter. This unisex bag has been built using high quality water resistant polyester fabric along with sturdy bottom pad and adjustable shoulder straps. It offers 24 litre storage space and you can keep laptop up 15.6-inch quite comfortably. Arctic Hunter has also made it with anti-theft design in mind, and the waterproof guarantee comes through use of fabric and tight zip lock to keep water from entering inside. The brand has added a custom lock setup for additional security which can be easily reset. You also have an external USB charging interface that works by connecting through a powerbank from the inside. The 180-degree unfolding angle means you can open it like a suitcase to snugly fit all the items inside. Security becomes the prime reason why buyers pick the Arctic Hunter bag over other options in this price range, and their selection is worthy in every sense.

9. HP Odyssey L8J88AA Backpack

User recommended

HP has its Odyssey series backpack in the market that we can suggest for buyers. It gives you the perfect balance of style and durability in a compact design. HP has included a full foam padded zipper pocket to carry laptops and the use of scratch and water resistant materials makes it an ideal daily use bag. The brand also has given it a side pocket to keep the beverage can/bottle with quick access to the item. Extra padding has been provided on the strap and shoulder handle for comfort that is required when travelling. You also have two key clips to hang the sunglasses or any small item. Buyers give the value for money tag, most are fully satisfied after long use, and extremely comfortable otherwise.

10. Lenovo Casual Laptop Backpack

Best option

The last product we have for you to consider comes from Lenovo. This stylish bag gets a water repellent design, lets you easily fit a 15.6-inch laptop inside the padded sleeve and has been made using durable fabric. Having adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panel means you can carry it all day without any discomfort. Lenovo has also included small zip pockets for smaller items, so that anyone from daily commuter, college student can use the bag. It has enough space inside to accommodate all the basic stuff you carry every day, and the design gives it a professional look, making it apt for office goers as well. For this budget, you are getting a solid, reliable and a sturdy laptop backpack that meets all your needs and more. Buyers also love its quality for the price, and recommend this for people who carry laptop with them all the time.