Smartwatch with SpO2: Best SpO2 monitor wearables you can buy in India right now

Fitness freaks should invest in a smart wearable and here are some of the options you should check out.

  • SpO2 monitor wearables can measure blood oxygen saturation levels in real-time
  • The wearables are on par with clinical standards but should give you a fair idea of your oxygen level
  • The SpO2 monitor wearables in India come from popular brands such as Apple, Amazfit, Noise, GOQii, and Honor

Smartwatches/ fitness bands with SpO2 have been around for years, but it’s only now that they are gaining everyone’s attention. As COVID-19 infection affects the respiratory system, which results in a drop in oxygen levels, experts recommend using a pulse oximeter. The pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation in the body. It is said to be the fifth vital sign to check for, in medical terms. As a result, several smartwatch and fitness band makers have started incorporating SpO2 sensors into their products. While the SpO2 monitor wearables blood oxygen level measurement is not on par with clinical standards, they can help gauge how your body is absorbing oxygen and alert you to potential issues. Here are some of the best SpO2 monitor wearables you can buy in India right now. In addition to keeping your oxygen level in check, smartwatches and fitness bands can mirror your smartphone notifications and track the number of steps you walked, calories burned, among other parameters.

While a smartwatch/ fitness band with SpO2 gives you the convenience to measure blood oxygen level on your wrist on the go, it’s can’t be used as a medical device yet. It should be used for wellness purpose only. For accurate blood oxygen saturation results, invest in a conventional medical pulse oximeter. Here are some of the best medical pulse oximeter available in India under Rs 2,000 right now:

Whether you are using a pulse oximeter or a fitness band/ smartwatch with SpO2, try to stay as still as possible for the best chance of getting a good result.

Five things to consider when buying an SpO2 compatible smartwatch

  • Know your requirements before buying a smartwatch. Even at a modest budget, now you get sensors like SpO2 (blood oxygen monitor), heart rate, sleep tracker and stress tracker.
  • Built-in GPS allows you to travel in remote areas where network is unavailable. Ideal for those who trek/hike a lot and need a reliable navigation tool on their wrist.
  • Screen notifications are a big part of the wearable feature set. A bigger display on the smartwatch enables you to get more details of the chat, and also entertain your needs to play music, or other features from the wrist.
  • Wearables are meant to be worn all times, so having them with IP68 or any durable rating helps you wear it while swimming or in shower without damaging the device.
  • And finally, battery life is a big demand for users. So, make sure the wearable you buy delivers more than a day’s backup to avoid charging it regularly.

Best SpO2 monitor wearables

1. Apple Watch Series 7

We start the list with the most popular and the best smartwatch in the world, it’s the Apple Watch Series 7. The popular wearable now offers IP68 rating, which makes it dust and water resistant, allowing you to dip into the pool. Watch Series 7 display gets an overhaul, reducing the size of bezels on all sides. Having Always-On mode means you save more battery without compromising on performance and features. Watch Series 7 also comes with SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen monitoring, ECG for heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and a slew of workout modes. Like the previous version, Apple Watch Series 7 can be used to run apps, answer calls, and respond to messages. You can listen to music and podcasts with this smartwatch and leave your iPhone at home. Having the cellular variant allows you to activate e-SIM and use most of its features standalone. Buyers only have great things to say about Apple Watch Series 7. All the features work as advertised, and the 18 hour battery life is what makes Apple Watch different from others in the market. You do pay a premium, but it’s totally worth it.

2. Mi Smart Band 6

Moving to the other end of price spectrum you have the Mi Smart Band 6 from Xiaomi. This is more of a fitness band but has plenty going for it, especially with a bigger AMOLED display on board. The wearable has been upgraded to make it more reliable for most users. The new Smart Band features SpO2 tracking, stress and sleep monitoring, Women’s health tracker and a slew of Sports modes. The full screen display delivers more information on the main interface, and you straight away notice the brightness and colour richness offered by the AMOLED panel. And the goodness doesn’t end here, the Smart Band 6 offers 5ATM water resistant, so that you can go swimming or take a shower wearing it. The customised OS has been designed to deliver battery efficiency, which allows you to use the wearable for over 10 days with ease. Anybody looking for an affordable feature-packed fitness band goes for the Mi Smart Band 6 and most buyers have not been let down by their choice.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a strong contender, and the best option for Android users in the market right now. Samsung’s decision to go with WearOS offers more apps from Google Play Store, and features for the Galaxy Watch 4. It is a premium smartwatch with an SpO2 sensor along with support for blood pressure (BP) monitoring and electrocardiogram (ECG) readings with the Samsung Health Monitor app. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is compatible with Samsung Health and Galaxy Wearable apps from the Samsung app store. The wearable also has speaker and microphone which has been judged by users to be good enough to take voice calls. The watch has a Home and back button for navigation, along with the option to use the touch screen for navigation. The Super AMOLED display gets Corning Gorilla Glass protection and features Always-On mode. It comes with 5ATM + IP68 water resistance and includes rugged durability with MIL-STD-810G rating. There is also a speaker and a mic allowing for calls directly on the smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has both Wi-Fi and LTE variants. Wear OS has enhanced the app compatibility for users on the Galaxy Watch 4, and the battery life also improves, albeit marginally.

4. GOQii Smart Vital Fitness

Next option comes from India-based brand called GOQii which is the de-facto name in the fitness wearable space. For a low cost, you can get the Smart Vital Fitness watch that includes sensors like SpO2, heart-rate, body temperature and blood pressure tracker. The stylish watch features a square-shaped touch display which supports watch faces, and helps you with options like Find my Phone. Since the watch gets IP68 rating, you can wear it while swimming or taking a shower. Pair the watch with your phone to get message/call alerts and notification. But where GOQii really scores high is its personal coaching subscription that can be availed to sign up with your own coach who gives you diet, and workout routines and targets to achieve. All these features and still you can easily make the Smart Vital Fitness last for over a week. Accuracy of the sensors really worked for those who got this smartwatch and for this price there is enough going in its favour.

5. Amazfit Bip U Pro

Another reliable brand that is worth considering is Amazfit and its Bip U Pro comes across as a solid budget option. It is among the cheapest smartwatches with a SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen saturation. It sports a 1.43-inch colour TFT display with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for additional durability. Bip U Pro comes with 5 ATM water-resistance, allowing you to dip into the pool, and track activities. The watch comes with a 24×7 heart rate monitoring sensor, SpO2 monitor, sleep quality analyzer, and more. For women, there are menstrual cycles and ovulation trackers as well. But where Amazfit separates itself from the rest is the built-in Alexa voice support. Give voice commands to control basic features on the watch. and up to 9 days of battery life with “typical usage”. The Amazfit smartwatch also employs 60+ sports modes, which makes it the go-to fitness device in your wardrobe. Buyers have nominated Bip U Pro as the best budget smartwatch, which is also feature-rich and provides 9 days battery life to sweeten the deal.

6. Noise ColorFit Ultra

More budget options from local brands include the likes of Noise ColorFit Ultra It features a classy 1.75-inch HD display which supports touch navigation. The wearable includes useful sensors like SpO2 monitoring, heart-rate, stress, REM and sleep monitor. The screen facilitates voice calls, and smart notifications from apps like WhatsApp, SMS and more. Noise has included up to 60 different sports modes to help you with outdoor and indoor activities. It gets IP68 dust and water resistant, letting you dip into the pool or take a shower wearing the ColorFit Ultra. All these features packed inside and still it promises more than a week’s battery support, which is quite impressive for its price tag. Buyers love its premium build quality and lightweight nature, allowing them to wear for long hours or even sleeping without any discomfort. Additional features that have made it popular are camera control, and flashlight. Get the ideal smartwatch experience on a budget.

7. OnePlus Smart Band

OnePlus also has a fitness-centric Smart Band in the market which supports all major sensors like SpO2, heart rate tracker, sleep monitor and more. You can use it with Android or iOS devices, increasing its device compatibility lineup. OnePlus has added 13 sports modes like running, cycling, swimming and work out among others. And since it’s IP68 and 5ATM water resistant, let the water splash on the screen and still it will work. Don’t go by the size of the display, because it is more than adequate for features like call notification alert, customise watch faces to suit your mood, and get fitness details on your wrist. It has a wrist up to wake feature which works to good effect. The sensor readings are fairly accurate as well. The rugged fitness band texture doesn’t bother while wearing. And yes, 14 days battery life is any day a good offering.

8. realme Smart Watch S

Realme has offered its latest Smart Watch S in the market, which ticks most boxes for those wanting a fitness-centric wearable, and more. It gets all the essential sensors like SpO2 for blood oxygen level tracking and heart rate monitoring. The premium-looking watch offers additional water-resistant durability thanks to the IP68 rating and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection for the display. Realme has added 16 sports modes to let you diversify the health tasks daily. The Smart Watch S allows you to control music tracks and take pictures on the move. The display becomes your easy access to call and message alerts. Everyone found great value in buying this smartwatch, and the 2 weeks battery life ensures you don’t have to charge it regularly. The build quality also gets a big thumbs up from users.

9. OPPO Smart Band

OPPO is another Chinese name that makes a strong case with its own Smart Band in this segment. If you are not keen on splurging for a smartwatch, the brand is giving you a good alternative here. First up, you get a big 1.1-inch AMOLED touch screen which syncs your smartphone notifications to the wrist. Smart Band has SpO2 monitoring sensor, real-time heart rate tracker, and keeping a check on your sleep pattern. Smart Band gets 5ATM for dust and water resistance. It has 12 workout modes, including Fat Burn that promise to keep you fit and active. You can always the paired device to find your smartphone. Most people using the Smart Band call it flawless and affordable. Stylish is another credit given to the Smart Band. And finally, you get 2 weeks battery life, which takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge.

10. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

If you fancy something on the higher price range, Amazfit has got the new GTR 3 Pro up for grabs in the market. It gives you the perfect balance of a smartwatch with fitness features. It gets a circular-shaped AMOLED display that is striking and bright. The leather strap adds extra finesse to the wearable. Amazefit has added over 150 modes to get you hooked. The tracker part of the device includes SpO2 monitor, heart rate sensor and more. It gets Bluetooth support so that you can receive voice calls on your wrist. GTR 3 Pro comes with built-in GPS to help you go on long treks without bothering about network loss. Amazfit offers 5ATM durability which makes this watch water resistant. Besides all this tech features, people appreciate the software running under the hood. The sensors deliver accurate results, which is crucial for a smartwatch at this price. And yes, the 12 day battery is a definite bonus on the side. Buyers love its quality and willing to pay the price to own the GTR 3 Pro.